Home Kit sprays…a life saver

Your Home Kit sprays have really helped us here in Dubai…they’ve been a life saver for both us since moving to Dubai

L Dubai 21 Oct 19

Feel better today than I have felt this month

Think we are on the right track – definitely an improvement – actually feel better today than I have felt this month – I’m over spraying and took them till just before bed – keep ya updated

M Johannesburg 12 Oct 19

She’s like a new dog

I just wanted to say a very big “thank you”…our Maltese poodle was totally & utterly losing the plot and driving us so mad that we wanted to send her away!…you recommended that we give her Tyrosine and the difference is like chalk & cheese…she’s like a new dog; this morning she’s been playing with the ball and she is happy and lovely to have around. The difference is remarkable, and a very big Thank you for saving our Maltese.

J Johannesburg 4 Oct 19

No problem with his ears…

His swimming yesterday went perfect, no problem with his ears

C Johnannesburg 20 Sept 19

Pain cleared within 20 minutes with Menstrual Disorders formula

Thank you so much for your menstrual disorder remedy. My 13 year old sufferes with severe period pain. Just this morning when she was doubled over in pain she had 2 sprays of the remedy and the pain cleared within 20th minutes. No pain killers required. I can’t tell you how relieved I am to see her coping so much better.

2 Aug 19

…couldn’t believe how the granny recovered

Oh I also wanted to tell you, remember a few moths again when my maids granny got cholera in Zim and I sent up your gastro formula? Well my maid was telling me that at the time the nurse actually put a small amount of the remedy in the granny’s drip. She recovered overnight from then. And the nurse also asked my maids mom if they could keep the remedy because they couldn’t believe how the granny recovered. I thought that was so interesting to put the remedy on the drip. It certainly worked.

E Johannesburg 25 Jul 19

The stramonium is absolutely definitely working

I have such amazing news. When I picked up C from school yesterday she was very upset. 2 of the boys in her class has killed a beetle. That’s not great bit the fact that she was so upset she was crying because what if it was a mommy beetle is amazing. This is the child that would have pulled the legs off a beetle or killed it herself. She also doesn’t want to watch the never ending story because the horse dies. Tears and everything. Such emotion. The stramonium is absolutely definitely working.

E, Johannesburg 25 Jul 19

You deserve so much credit for saving people from the poison.

I see in the latest hpathy online magazine there is a book review. The woman is the daughter of a farmer and writes about how glyphosate is making us sick. I’m reading it and thinking you knew all of this years ago and people refused to listen. How many people will listen now. I suppose the world is seeing it. You deserve so much credit for saving people from the poison. They need to do an article on you and your work.

22 July: E, Johannesburg

My husband is feeling a massive difference with the remedies.

Hi Genie. Thought I would pop you a message to let you know that my husband is feeling a massive difference with the remedies. Thank you

22 July : J, Johannesburg

Much better today, running around…

After your remote treatment and remedies (Cold, flu & viral – Digestion and Liver support – Sinusitis, rhinitis, post nasal drip) yesterday, M is much better,  running around.\

JN – Johannesburg 12 July 19

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