Migraine miracle after harmful flu vaccination


I was suffering from an extreme reaction to the flu shot. After 4 days of migraines, chills and nausea I visited Eugenie…


My daughter is a totally new little girl!

Hello Eugenie

I must thank you – I brought my daughter to you three weeks ago for weight loss, weak immune system (lots of antibiotics in the past), recurring tonsillitis. You picked up that her body is acidic, she has candida, and we have been feeding her GM foods! We followed all your instructions to change her diet and have given her your remedies religiously. She’s a totally new little girl more…

Acne, pimples & spots formula

Hello Eugenie,

My face cleared up so nicely within a week after seeing you! 


The Lower back pain formula works!

“I have been experiencing really bad lower back pain and started taking the Lower back pain formula two days ago, and can now stand up and move around with much much less pain!! Another few days, and I’ll be pain free. Thank you Eugenie and The Remedy Shoppe!”

Suzanne Martin


Your stress remedies really work!

Good morning Eugenie

I just want to update you on the spray for stress, I think most of the problems/sickness I have is caused by stress and your remedies are really helping me, my chest is opening up and bloatedness also has come down and for some reasons the swelling of my feet is almost gone [a problem I have had for years]!

Your remedies travel well

Hi Genie

My husband and I have been on the Island of Madeira on vacation for 5 weeks and are going back to South Africa in a weeks time. I came well stocked with your remedies and have had to use several of them for various ailments including, frozen shoulder, flu, and bruises.


Vibrational Medicine saved me from brain surgery – Sandra

“Miraculous” – that’s the only word that can describe what Virational Medicine has done for me. Not only has it saved me from an unbearably dangerous brain surgery (I was due to have the balance nerve in my brain cut!


Vibrational Medicine fixed a problem that baffled doctors

For over a year my son (4 years old at the time) was struggling with intense pain in his right leg. Doctors were baffled and we kept leaving the hospital with no answer and a child in so much pain he would wake-up at night screaming.


Blepharitis – Dry Eye formula solved it!

I have had a problem with my eyes for some time. Weeping all the time. The eyes, red and it felt swollen in the eye socket.  Reading and working on the computer was almost impossible.  I used eye drops every day and eventually went to the eye specialist. The diagnosis was “Blefaritis”.  The specialist said that I will have to learn to live with this as they have no solution.  I was flabbergasted!


No more seizures

Dear Eugenie,

This is such a wonderful story:

Our driver came to me, desperate, because his 12 year old daughter had developed epilepsy and was having more than 10 seizures per day. She had not been treated before, and so was therefore on no medication at all. She had an appointment with you approximately 2 months ago.


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