I truly believe she could cure absolutely anything

Myself and my family have visited Eugenie Rowson a number of times and never once been disappointed. One particular occation was for my little girl who is now 3 years old. We had been to the dentist and told she had a cavity behind a front tooth. 2 days later she had terrible pain and I realised she had an abscess. The dentist could only offer antibiotics. I decided against that route. The next day her tooth started moving out of its socket the abscess was getting so bad. And in a lot of pain. I took her to Eugenie for some scio and we were given a remedy to reduce the abscess. By the next morning the tooth had receded back into its socket. We continued the spray every hour for at least 6 hours of the day. The following day the pain was gone and the tooth was back in place. The dental work was then done and there was no sign at all of infection. This was only one visit. She has cured this same child of chronic ear infections, leaky gut and behavioural problems as well. She is my first port of call for any health problems in my family. I truly believe she could cure absolutely anything.
Emma Groves, 36 year old mother of two.

Dentist couldn’t believe the difference…cyst virtually gone!!!

2017/04/01,  Hi Eugenie apologies for messaging you on a Sat. R (13) has a huge cyst in her lower right jaw that is compromising her second molar. Orthodontist has referred us as a matter of some urgency to a maxillofacial surgeon for possible surgery! Was wondering whether you could assist us “more naturally”? We see the surgeon on Mon morning for an assessment and treatment plan. Maybe we could see you after that? Kindest regards S

2017/04/01, Cyst is in bottom picture on left hand side. Huge “gap” between molar and rest of her teeth IMG-20170426-WA0002

2017/04/01, The Remedy Shoppe: Hello S…absolutely, I can help.

2017/04/26, Hi Eugenie it’s 3 weeks since R saw you for the cyst in her jaw pushing on her molar. We had a quick X-ray this morning; although the tooth is still impacted, the cyst has shrunk remarkably!!! Dentist couldn’t believe the difference!! Told her all about you!! Will send a pic or two to show you the difference. She’s heading in to surgery this afternoon to remove the tooth. Thank you so much for what you’ve done for her! My husband was amazed! Maybe now he’ll make an appointment to see you re his asthma and sinuses ?✊…..


2017/04/26, S G – Dental X-ray 2 months ago….large cyst pushing molar to the left

2017/04/26, S G – Orthodontic X-ray 3 weeks ago (bottom pic on the left) – cyst large and growing


2017/04/26, S G – Dental X-ray…..cyst virtually gone, just a little left over the actual molar on the left ?


2017/04/26, 14:41 – The Remedy Shoppe: Hello S.. wonderful news. Thank you for trusting in me and my remedies. ?Most health disorders, no matter how serious, can be corrected, if only people will give it a try! Thank you so much?

What an amazing experience…..!

What an amazing experience, I’ve learnt so much and really look forward to a change of lifestyle and an improvement in my health

I’m a new Woman!

Saw Eugenie for a consultation 2 weeks ago and since then difference is amazing, I’ve really started to feel so much better, and I’m using her remedies regularly…I’m a new Woman!


Absolutely cured my family….

Eugenie Rowson is the best homeopath I’ve even met. Absolutely cured my family. I highly recommend her and The Remedy Shoppe for all your homeopathic and tissue salt remedies. E.

You are the best

Hi Genie. Hope u r well. Just 2 let u know My hand is much better, sleeping much better. Ur remedies r definitely a “Genie” in a bottle. U r the BEST. Its like magic 4 me. Thx. I am praying
that u open rooms in the south very soon. We need someone like u this side. I will promote 4 u. Pls. Pls think about this.

Her reflux is cured!

Good morning Eugenie! Hope you are doing well. I just wanted to thank you for helping me with my baby girl Alecia. Her reflux is cured with the organic formula and your remedies. Regards. L V

Thank you for saving his toe…..!

Hi Genie, I just want to show you want a miracle worker you are! This is Brads toe yesterday before you saw him
And this is now
I cannot thank you enough for saving his toe
Thank you so so much



9 Sept – Hi Genie, please let me know what you think – I’m panicking!!











16 Sept – Hi Genie!! I’m so proud of you!!! Look at this mornings toes!!!







His toe nail is even pink!!! thank you so so much
I can only thank you!! Saved my boys toes – so so happy

19 Sept – Thanks so much Genie and you are so right, had I not come to you he may have easily lost his toe!! I’m just going to carry on how we have been treating it with sprays until it’s completely healed. I just needed this Dr to take the pins and stitches out when they need to be done!! I’m truly grateful for natural healing and your treatments!!







29 Sept – Hi Genie, he’s happy said it’s going to be a long process but that it will get better! So I am quietly smiling

30 Sept – You are such a star Genie his toes look so good today








3 Oct – Hi Genie, this is what his toes look like this morning! Dead skin starting to come off!

IMG-20170202-WA0034 IMG-20170202-WA0033 IMG-20170202-WA0030


The swelling is down and the dead skin is coming off – I think we over the worst
I think so – I’m so so happy Genie – such a massive relief      Thank you

So so happy

6 Oct – Very happy to report – his toes are going to be so fine!! Pins and stitches are out and no more crutches!!

IMG-20170202-WA0045 IMG-20170202-WA0044 IMG-20170202-WA0043 IMG-20170202-WA0042


10 Oct – Hi Genie – look at these awesome toes!!








That’s exactly Genie!! I am so grateful to you – thanks again for everything you did

IMG-20170202-WA0054 IMG-20170202-WA0051 IMG-20170202-WA0050


2 Feb 2017 – The shape is not great but he’s pain free and happy days – he has lost his 2nd toe’s nail, but he’s a happy boy!!!  Thanks again Genie

You are a little miracle worker




I’m so happy with the results!

Hi ! How’re you ? Well Eugenie i just want to let you know how greatfull i am of you & your medication . I don’t know where I would be today without you , i really don’t . i’m so happy with the results , i also pray that god doesn’t remember you anytime soon . Today i can listen to my body & respond correctly & that’s because of you . when I came to see you on monday i had an irritated eye but guess what , as soon as i took the mouth sprays i felt better that day &the redness in my eye was gone

. I’m spreading the word about you & your medication . Please keep up the great work . I can’t wait for my next appo . Good Afternoon !

Amazing results!

Hi Genie

Just wanted to share with you how your remedies never cease to amaze me. Chiara was battling with reflux when she was 8 or 9 weeks ad would spit up a lot after every feed and get really upset when she did. I gave her your Colic and Reflux formula and within a day it had eased. She is now so used to the remedies that all I have to do is shake the bottle and she turns and opens her mouth!

Lots of love


Colic & Reflux formula

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