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T/Dr Eugénie Rowson, renowned homeopath (UK), Natural Health Practitioner Johannesburg, author, founder of The Remedy Shoppe and champion of alternative remedies. Vibrational Medicine is the newest and most innovative system of healing medicine available today and is growing in popularity amongst natural health practitioners worldwide…

Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational Medicine has evolved from our clear understanding of homeopathic medicine, but it is not the same. For hundreds of years homeopathic medicine has been made by taking an original substance from nature and leaving it to soak in an alcohol & water solution…

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Homeopathy - Homeopathic Medicine Shop OnlineThere’s a remedy for that! was started in 2008, by T/Dr Eugénie Rowson, mother of five with over 20 years of hands-on, self-help homeopathy experience. Eugénie (Genie) is author of the best seller self-help homeopathy guide There’s a remedy for that! and runs a busy practice in Johannesburg, as an Ethnomedicine Practitioner using Vibrational Medicine and Biofeedback.

In January 2011 Eugénie opened a retail outlet in Bryanston, Johannesburg to make their products more accessible to the general public. The Remedy Shoppe is now situated at Eugénie’s practice in Douglasdale, Johannesburg and is run by Simon Rowson, Eugénie’s husband, who has been a longtime follower of Homoeopathy and Vibrational Medicine! The Remedy Shoppe’s remedies are proving to be extremely popular as people take greater responsibility for their health through self-help natural healing. The company’s state-of-the-art online shop offers hundreds of remedies and formulas for nationwide distribution.  These are made to order and dispatched ex Johannesburg by Courier.

The company has recently undergone a rebranding exercise and has positioned its products under the new, exciting and more progressive banner of Vibrational Medicine.

All products are made electromagnetically and the company offers two ranges of the most popular potentised remedies to treat hundreds of everyday ailments. The range is unlike anything available on the market today – all remedies come in a handy, easy-to-use and fast-acting mouth spray, which are ideal for use by infants, children, pregnant mums, adults and even pets! Most importantly, the range represents a complete self-help system of medicine, which is affordable for consumers across the spectrum.

Eugénie’s obsession is to make her extensive mouth spray range of Vibrational remedies available worldwide so that ordinary people everywhere (especially mothers), as well as natural health practioners can become confident in using and offering safe, affordable, natural and highly effective Vibrational Medicine to heal hundreds of everyday ailments.

Homeopathic remediesEugénie Rowson

Author:  There’s a remedy for that!
Founder: The Remedy Shoppe

Vibrational Medicine is simple & easy to use, affordable, effective and safe for the whole family. Our unique products are made electromagnetically using the vibration of hundreds of choice remedies, flower remedies and tissue salts and colour remedies manufactured in a 200c potency using sophisticated technology.

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