Swollen feet are pretty much back to normal and not so sore to walk on

Hi Genie. To my dismay I see my message to you never went so I’m trying again! Just wanted to say that M is so much better. Back to his normal self!! His swollen feet are pretty much back to normal and not so sore to walk on.
Just wanted to thank you.
All good wishes C

C – Johannesburg 23 Aug 20

I am feeling a lot better since using your remedies

Morning, just wanted to let you know, I am feeling a lot better since using your remedies
My headache is gone, my shoulder is a bit better every day
I am getting my first delivery of organic meat from the butchery today
I want to go shop for veggies over the weekend
It is going to be a slow process moving over and finding places to shop at but I know it will get easier
Thank you!!!

T – Johannesburg 21 Aug 20

“Immunity Trio….within 3 days, happy and healthy!”

Good morning
My sister lives in the UAE and was sick for a long time. Checked for COVID-19 twice came back negative.
I sent two of my Trio Packs https://theremedyshoppe.co.za/product/immunity-trio-1-pack/ to her and within 3 days! Happy and healthy. She must have had a virus of sorts… the short version of the above is: thank you!!!

Can I order 5 x trio packs again for us…Thank you

L – Johannesburg 19 Aug 20`

I have never been back to a Medical Dr again…..

I have been on The Remedy Shoppe medicines for numerous years now and will highly recommend them. Since I started taking this medicine, I have never been back to a Medical Dr again. The medicines cover a vast range of ailments and are very effective. I even have my dog on this medicine which saves me Vet fees.

M – Johannesburg 19 Aug 20

“…no more calf pain or headaches”

Hi Genie, thanks for treating P. He’s feeling so much better. No more calf pain or headaches😊

A Johannesburg 3 Aug 20

Cat’s eye infection/inflammation healed in two days

Louis the Cat is so happy now that his eye infection /inflammation healed so quickly, only using Eugenie’s Eye Infection & Conjunctivitis Formula which can be used for Adults, children, infants and Pets! Just spray onto a favourite snack or into water. No more suffering, no toxic medicines with nasty side effects. What a pleasure, thank you to the Remedy Shoppe!

James – Johannesburg 2 August 20

Feet swellings have come down, Breathlessness improved

Hi Genie. I just wanted to ask your advice regarding my Dad and whether he could perhaps come and see you. He recently had an Angiogram and another stent was put in to one of his veins, but still remained a bit short of breath and a week ago very short of breath with chest pain (angina of sorts). He then saw his cardiologist and had ECG etc. The cardiologist does not want him to go into Milpark for another Angiogram, unless absolutely urgent, because of COVID, so he’s treating him with medicine. He is feeling a bit better, but is still breathless if he exerts himself and very tired by the end of the day. Feel like we’re caught between a rock and a hard place, but wondered if he should have one of your treatments and see if anything else is causing the breathlessness? Thanks so much.

E Johannesburg 1 July 20

Hi Genie
Just reporting back.
Feet swellings have come down
Breathlessness improved.
Do I continue with what you have prescribed at same dosage ?

M Johannesburg 27 Jul 20

My back pain is so much better….

J from Johannesburg was suffering from severe, deep back pain which started suddenly one evening – after 1 remote consultation and using the prescribed remedies her pain had improved significantly in 24 hours…

Hi Genie,

Thanks for the treatment yesterday, I am feeling so much better. Thanks!

Jenny Johannesburg 12 Jul 20

This is the first time no asthma medication in probably 20 years!!!

This patient had been suffering with chronic Asthma for many years, using various inhalers and other medications. After 2 consultations with Eugenie and using her remedies he has improved dramatically…..https://theremedyshoppe.co.za/product/asthma-wheezy-cough-formula/

Hi Genie, just some quick feedback. I have been off all asthma medicine for a week now. So off avamys, ventolin and symbicord. And therefore also off daktarin. Felling good and coping with lungs. Conjunctivitis still bad but not serious. Thank you👏👏👏👍👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏. This is the first time no asthma medication in probably 20 years!!! Thank you again

S Johannesburg 17 Jul 20

Absolutely the best healing and good health for our whole family.

Hi Genie, Thanks so much for your message and of course with absolute pleasure I would love to chat to anybody that I can that I could possibly help with. I’m just so thankful that I did the treatments last year and stuck with it and compared to what the medical doctor’s prognosis and treatment and everything for me was it really was just absolutely wonderful to do your treatments and get off my all my medication and everything else. So thank you; it’s been just over 14 years in April since I first started seeing you so yes it really has been absolutely the best healing and good health our whole family.

J – Johannesburg 30 June

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