My catarrh has virtually gone

29 October – After many years of problems with Catarrh; blocked nose/sinuses and a temporary loss of smell, J booked a remote consultation with Eugénie for both both herself and her dog B who was suffering from a dry cough.

After changing their diets to organic foods and using the remedies recommended by Eugénie we received the following feeedback

My catarrh has virtually gone. I can breathe through both nostrils. now. Blossom mutch better. Still has the cough occasionally, usually when she gets up suddenly. Think I need to hoover. Got parts of hoover out and washed as I didn’t think it was picking up well enough. Butcher knows me now and put me meat aside every week. I mix mostly with organic potatoes and other veg plus free range eggs and organic whole milk and yoghurt for some variety for her. Thanks x

J – England 21 Nov 2020

I can’t believe the remarkable progress that S has made…

S, a six year old girl had been struggling at school; distracted, hesitation, difficulty listening and following instructions, dreamy, spacy, and poor literacy. Educational Psychologist recommended she go to a remedial school.

Her Mother gave the following feedback after 3 consultations with Eugénie…

“Just a little update from Sienna’s Speech & Language Therapist on her progress, which I thought I would share with you. It most certainly isn’t from just the “home program” and mostly your work and remedies Eugenie…so a HUGE Thank you to you 💐🙏😘”

“I wanted to let you know that your work With S at home and the implementation of the home program has made the HUGEST impact! Truly! I can’t believe the remarkable progress that Sienna has made. In this week’s session she was able to sound out and read three letter words – a few weeks ago that would never have been possible.

This week I started working on her ability to manipulate sounds in a word (e.g. Taking away the first sound and substituting it with something else) and it’s coming along nicely. Even that would have been too difficult a few weeks ago but she’s managing so well with it now. The hard work is most certainly paying off!

A Johannesburg 23 Nov 2020

Swelling/lump on neck below chin

R contacted Eugénie about her Husband’s “blocked saliva duct” / lump and swelling below his chin – After 1 consultation with Eugénie and 2 specialised remedies, a week later the swelling had reduced significantly…. see below  

1 November 2020 – Hope you having a good weekend
Have had a little challenge with S …
take a look …
Can you help him to get this blocked saliva duct / gland sorted out ??

9 November 2020 – Want to show you progress a week later with S…soooo relieved and soo grateful. His sinuses have also improved What do you think ?

There’s still a small pocket but nothingggggg like it was ..

R Johannesburg 12 Oct 2020

ADHD /Behavioural disorders/Language difficulties/ Autism spectrum…

After our last few consultations with you remotely (by distance; we live in Cape Town) regarding our 4 year old son’s difficulties, we are seeing some nice and steady progress.

We are noticing that he is actually getting more and more calmer; he is no longer really having some of those tantrums that we reported the first time, where he used to cry, showed obsessional behaviour. He has generally calmed down and we’ve noticed that now he can actually concentrate for longer; he sits in front of the TV and actually watches the cartoons and concentrates without fidgeting, or getting up and running around. This has been so encouraging for us as parents to see and we’re also noticing that he generally is more and more ” present “. However, we need to persevere with your treatment because he is still struggling quite a lot with with Confidence. Sometimes when I speak to him he responds but replies so softly that we have to prompt him to speak louder. He also takes a long time to respond when being called. We have also noticed that his language, his verbal communications is really improving and he is speaking in fuller sentences – he used to just pull us to draw attention to what he wants.
We still need to also focus treatment on another area of concern. When M comes back from school he gets into a kind of a short hyperactive frenzy when jumps up and down on the sofa and mumbles things to himself. We try to calm him down but this behaviour repeats often.

J – Cape Town 19 Oct 2020

“…feeling so much better. With lots of energy & a positive outlook regarding my health”

Thank you so much for your kind heart and assistance. Please be so kind to and convey a message to Eugénie. I am feeling so much better. With lots of energy & a positive outlook regarding my health. Eugénie is awesome and portrays her positivity in blessing others with the same. Thank you so much, God bless.

Z – Johannesburg 14 Oct 20

I’m truly great full thank you very much!!

Hello Eugenie
Thank you for your message from the shop! That’s fantastic 🙏 I will definitely like to come through and have a look see, when I am next through at Cassy, we can both come 😊
I just received your package 👌🙏 I’m truly great full thank you very much!!
Have a lovely day

L – Johannesburg 29 Sept 20

Thank you again so very very much you are a true blessing to this planet.

Thank you again so very very much you are a true blessing to this planet.
Thank you so much. If there are any additional remedies you think we may need besides the ones you have made up please add them and I will pay the extra. Thank you again so very very much you are a true blessing to this planet. Thank you

A – Johannesburg 15 Sept

Thank you so much, feel SO much better.

Hi Eugenie,

Thank you so much, feel SO much better.
Learnt my lesson, no more trying weird stuff. Just organic food and your remedies!!!
Gosh, what a horrible few months I’ve had. Feel so much better!!

Fiona – Johannesburg 11 Sept

Cant believe how much better her shoulder is looking

27 Aug – Had a stroke and affected her left side. She is very unstable on her feet and keeps collapsing… Fell and bruised shoulder

Remote treatment – remedies sent

28 Aug – Remote treatment – Remedies sent including Grief, Shock & Trauma / Injury Recovery / Muscular sprains inflammation pain

31 Aug – Her shoulder is really sore but giving her your remedies, not sure if there is a break. Dr said that if there is a break there’s nothing they can do. Been taking your remedies and much brighter, more mobile but shoulder giving a lot of pain

1 Sept – Physically Mom feeling so much better. Shoulder this evening wasn’t too bad.

2 Sep – Can’t believe how much better her shoulder is looking

4 Sep – Shoulder much better

Remote treatment – no remedies

J- Johannesburg 4 Sept 20

Mum has improved on the Memory, concentration & mental clarity remedy

Good morning Doctor, i wanted to let you know my Mum has improved on the Memory, concentration & mental clarity remedy. The Macular degeneration i think will take much longer but its a good start. My sister will order refills of the remedies soon.

Thank you so much for your help. Kind regards

A – Johannesburg 3 Sept 20

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