“…a very unique and stimulating experience, thank you so much.”

Hi there Genie: Just a short note to say how much I appreciated the opportunity to meet with you on Monday this week. It was a very unique and stimulating experience, thank you so much. I’m looking forward to following your advice and recommendations with respect to hopefully rapidly improving my various health issues, and getting back to feeling my normal self! I left your office with a positive outlook, and will most certainly continue to seek your support for me and my family in the near future. Sincerely, A.

3 Dec 2019 – Ft. Worth, Texas, USA

Peeling feet completely healed

Hello Genie, I just wanted to thank you for your treatment and brilliant remedy you gave for C’s peeling feet. We’ve tried so many treatments, medications and therapies; none were able to help, but your treatment and remedy worked! Thank you.

JM – Johannesburg 29 Oct 2019

Severe case of Fever Blisters / Herpes simplex…healed in only 6 days!

After 1 appointment with Eugenie Rowson this patient took her remedies (Immunity Support formula and Fever blister, Cold sores & mouth ulcer formula) for an outbreak of severe fever blisters/Herpes simplex and was healed naturally without suppression and any nasty side effects!

Learn more about the self-help treatment of fever blisters/Herpes simplex and get started right away with our great range of remedies available to you from The Remedy Shoppe. Alternatively see Eugenie Rowson for a full consultation, tests, treatment & remedies:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 3 – afternoon

Day 4:

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Day 4 afternoon:

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Day 6 – all gone

My “shingles” pain much better now thanks!!

After one consultation with Eugenie and using her remedies…..”my ‘shingles’ pain much better now thanks!!”

K – Johannesburg 31 Oct 19

I still haven’t found a nice Doc like you!

Hello lovely Genie. I hope you’re great! I still haven’t found a nice doc like you. We went to one who was so mean, and haven’t gone back! A has come down with something. Are you able to please do a hair analysis and treat him….. Much love C.

29 Oct 19 – C Boulder, Colorado USA

Home Kit sprays…a life saver

Your Home Kit sprays have really helped us here in Dubai…they’ve been a life saver for both us since moving to Dubai

L Dubai 21 Oct 19

Feel better today than I have felt this month

Think we are on the right track – definitely an improvement – actually feel better today than I have felt this month – I’m over spraying and took them till just before bed – keep ya updated

M Johannesburg 12 Oct 19

She’s like a new dog

I just wanted to say a very big “thank you”…our Maltese poodle was totally & utterly losing the plot and driving us so mad that we wanted to send her away!…you recommended that we give her Tyrosine and the difference is like chalk & cheese…she’s like a new dog; this morning she’s been playing with the ball and she is happy and lovely to have around. The difference is remarkable, and a very big Thank you for saving our Maltese.

J Johannesburg 4 Oct 19

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