M did a 180 degree turn after half a day of your sprays every half hour

Mother booked a remote consultation for her 15 year old son with the following difficulties:

Recently been on school camp, and travelling to various tennis tour / tournaments

eating poor food (not organic) on tour
big pressure to perform as a Gr 9 in 1st Team Tennis
given nexiam for inflammation
on mid term break came down with a cold
started with a cough, felt as if his diaphragm was painful
couldn’t breathe properly
very tired
sore limbs, aching
couldn’t sleep
totally flat, anxious
needs focus concentration etc for exams – adrenals very high, then crashes.
After 1 remote consultation with Eugenie and specialised remedies M felt so much better “M did a 180 degree turn after half a day of your sprays every half hour!!”

Stress & Exhaustion – Stress, exhaustion & burnout

Anxiety, worry & fears – Anxiety, worry & fears

Exam stress et – Exam stress

Memory & concentration –Memory & concentration

Digestion difficulties – Digestion & Gut flora recovery

Cold & flu symptoms – Cold & flu symptoms

M- Johannesburg 27 Oct 21

No more neuralgia/tooth or jaw ache.

Hi Genie. I am doing so well thank you . No more neuralgia/tooth or jaw ache. And my skin has completely recovered so thank you!
Ps have found out in January I have to have another minor surgery on my front tooth to “expose “ the implant so I think I will eat needing your help again then.

G – Johannesburg 29 Oct 21

Severe Alopecia Areata / hair loss treated successfully after 1 consultation & specialised remedies

8 year old girl was suffering from serious progressive Alopecia Areata (large area of hair loss) with no options from modern medicine other than suppressive meds with nasty side effects.

After an in-depth evaluation by Eugénie Rowson, she determined that the child’s thyroid was dysfunctional and being disordered by a popular device. Eugénie advised that she should stop using this immediately. This device is causing widespread harm to the health of so many people, including children.

Severe Alopecia / hair loss – before treatment

After only 1 consultation and specialised remedies her hair grew back.

K – Johannesburg 7 Sept 21

We are so blessed to know you and have you support and assist our bodies the way nature intended

You are an earth Angel Genie, we are so blessed to know you and have you support and assist our bodies the way nature intended
We love and appreciate you sooooo much…

M – Johannesburg 3 Sept 21

“Diagnosed with a massive stroke, told he may never walk again. But he did! He is absolutely normal now.”

Eugenie Rowson (British Homeopath & Natural Health Practitioner) has been a huge part of my family’s health journey for the last 14 years; my daughter now 12 yrs old has never seen a mainstream doctor; my son is 16 and hasn’t been treated by one since 2 yrs old. I’ve had chronic, crippling mastitis healed in a couple of hours – only using Eugenie’s remedies. My daughter has had a severe recurring skin rash which cleared up in a day or two, amongst many other family ailments – all healed with Eugenie’s remedies available through her practice and The Remedy Shoppe in Joburg.

In November 2020, my partner J fell seriously ill and his health spiralled to such a poor state that he ended up being diagnosed as having had a stroke. He had many scans, blood tests etc. and I was told it was a massive stroke and that he would have a long journey to recovery and that he may never walk again. He was in a [well known] Johannesburg hospital, (restrained to his bed) for 23 days & nights and virtually inaccessible due to tight Covid protocols. I got very few answers from the doctors or nurses.

Eugenie’s was brilliant. She treated J almost daily, spending an hour at a time using biofeedback to stimulate healing of his paralysis, neurological disorders, confusion, and all the stroke symptoms he showed. Once J was able to swallow, he was moved to a Rehabilitation centre. He then started taking Eugenie’s specialised remedies and was up and walking the next day! At Rehab, they decided he needed more meds and gave him ritalin, antidepressants and sleeping tablets, on top of the “cocktail” he was already taking from the hospital, (despite my requests to keep drugs to a minimum). I learnt that some of the suppressive meds he was taking can cause side effects which were almost identical to the symptoms he was showing! This fact was however, disregarded by the hospital and the Rehab centre.

J left Rehab after 11 days as he was already physically strong enough to go home to be with the people he knew and loved, where we were told that he was more likely to regain memory and rebuild the neural pathways that had been damaged by the massive stroke.

Two days after he got home, he was virtually running everywhere (I even took some videos because it was unbelievable!) However, when he had dizzy spell and collapsed, I called the physician at the hospital and told him that J was running around and had collapsed. He interrupted me and made me repeat what I had said… he said it was a miracle that J was walking, and said his entire team of Neurologists at the hospital had said he’d likely never walk again. He still had dizziness, confusion, brain fog, terrible itchiness, confusion, language difficulties, chronic memory loss to the extent he didn’t know what home was, hallucinations and terrible dreams and absolutely zero appetite. He lost 22kg.

J chose to wean himself off all the medications and after 3 months, was off everything except for natural supplements recommended by Eugenie as well as her specialised remedies.

J is now physically strong and does cross fit daily, he eats like a horse and has gained muscle. He is stable, free of any addiction (including smoking 50-60 per day), suffers from very little stress and anxiety and is almost completely independent. He sleeps well at night and has a nap in the day still but doesn’t have the chronic fatigue that so many stroke survivors suffer. We are both so grateful to Eugenie (and Simon, her husband who manages The Remedy Shoppe) for the support they provided, and for getting us through this enormous challenge. J now sees her once every 2 months, just to make sure everything is still in balance.
I have no doubt that this story would have been a very different one, had it not been for Eugenie Rowson and The Remedy Shoppe

C – Johannesburg 16 July 2021

I was highly impressed with our session earlier today

Good evening Eugenie

Thank you so much for today. You’re a blessing. Thank you and May God bless you abundantly.

I’m sorry for this late intrusion, but I was highly impressed with our session earlier today and have been raving to everyone I’m in contact with.
I wanted to know if I could make an appointment for 5 of my family members after each other?
I’ll await your response hereto.
Thank you again.

N – Johannesburg 26 Aug 21

l spray the Headache/ Migraine formula spray of yours, only once or twice, and the headache feeling is gone!

And then I haven’t taken one single pain medicine since last week Sunday. I if I feel my head starting to get heavy with that migrain, headache feeling starting, then l spray the Headache/ Migraine formula spray of yours, only once or twice, and the headache feeling is gone! So I’m so excited you have no idea. I haven’t had a migraine at all this whole week and I have not taken one single pain tablet this whole past week, for the first time in a very long time. Thank you so so much!.

B – Johannesburg 1 Aug 21

Injured with a hockey stick, recovered overnight using Injury Recovery remedy

J got hit with a hockey stick yesterday on the nose…it was late so didn’t know if I had any sprays for him…well I used this one from when he had his teeth pulled… wow is all I can say. NO black eyes & looks good. Swollen of course & tender..? first picture was last night & then this morning

D – Johannesburg 28 May 2021

He feels better than he has for months and is looking better too.

T started on the homeopathy treatment at 4.00 pm. yesterday. He took the dosage every hour until bedtime. He feels better than he has for months and is looking better too. I’ve only ever used homeopathy on A, when she was a baby for persistent ear problems, which cleared and never came back. It definitely works and I will be using it going forward. Awaiting nutritional products from YL, to support T’s heart, liver & kidneys, which we used to great effect years ago for him. It’s only since he stopped, that his health deteriorated.
Damn prescriptive drugs are poison. They treat the symptom & not the underlying cause.
Thank you D, for introducing me to Eugenie. You are a blessing.
I’m actually feeling a sense of relief now. The whole drama has been exhausting. ????

H – England 6 May 2021

My Pug Tyson has been seizure free ever since consulting with Eugénie

My pug Tyson began having seizures in 2015. They would leave him feeling dazed and out of sorts. I took him to see Eugenie who explained that the diet he was on full of GMO’s and glyphosate was contributing to his seizures. Upon her recommendations I changed his food to her organic dog food recipe and treated him with the remedies she made up for him, and I am happy to announce that Tyson has been seizure free ever since! I am ever grateful to Eugenie for her constant support, incredible knowledge and her compassion when dealing with health and healing 

B – Johannesburg 12 March 21

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