Say Goodbye to exam nerves…

Every home should have a good selection of remedies on hand for use during these stressful exam times. All my children have enjoyed the benefits of homeopathic remedies before and during tests and examinations, which help them to feel relaxed, capable, confident and clear thinking. Learn more about these with our great range of remedies available to you from The Remedy Shoppe.

The symptoms of stress are caused by the hormone adrenaline which prepares the body for the flight and fight reaction – a certain amount of which is beneficial and assists us in ‘winning the race’. However, it may also bring on negative feelings, emotions and even physical symptoms which may include anxiety, apprehension or nervous dread, brain fog, weak memory, fear, anger or irritability, over-active mind, sweating, the urgent need to urinate, sleeplessness and even exhaustion.
There are several remedies available to help you and your family survive exam time. These can be taken every half an hour in extreme cases. Hint – Mums and dads – you can also use this remedy for any kind of panic attack or anxiety (and even road rage!)
Remedies to consider
1. Lycopodium, the #1 remedy for exam stress and performance anxiety.

Eugenie Rowson discusses the benefits of her Vibrational Medicine namely Lycopodium with Shado Twala of SAfm
Click here to listen to a podcast of this live interview (from 16:10).

Also known as “homeopath’s cocaine”, Lycopodium gives the feeling of being capable & confident, self-empowered and independent – being “on top”. This well-known homeopathic remedy can boost self-confidence, esteem and competence and motivates, naturally!
Lycopodium assists with anticipatory fears, concentration, confused thoughts, mental blocks, procrastination and hesitation, lack of self-belief and confidence – all of which are commonplace before exams, presentations, meetings, speeches, interviews and the like. This remedy is great for any kind of performance anxiety.

2. Lycopodium is available in the Exam stress & performance anxiety formula – an easy-to-use mouth spray.

3. Aconitum – your typical ‘panic attack’ remedy and homeopathy’s Rescue Remedy. To be used for a sudden and intense feeling of fright, panic, anxiety, worry and foreboding. Accompanied by oppressed breathing, racing heart, palpitations with stitching pains in the chest, flashes of heat, sweating. Panic tends to be worse at night.

4. Argentum Nitricum – headless chicken type of behaviour – when you panic or worry about a forthcoming event. For a highly emotional state where fears are running high.

5. Arsenicum Alb – anal type of behaviour – for great fear, anxiety or panic accompanied by restlessness and exhaustion. Disturbed by untidiness, disorder or confusion. Oversensitive to pain, noise and odours. A godsend for anxiety accompanied by an upset tummy.

6. Gelsemium – ostrich type of behaviour – especially helpful for anticipatory fears and panic before an event or interview. The person feels emotionally and physically numb with fear and can’t get motivated.

7. Rescue Remedy Mix – a combination of Bach flower remedies to promote calm and reduce panic in any emergency or traumatic situation

South Africa; rated as the unhealthiest country on earth…!

March 2019  – A new global health ranking has identified the most unhealthy countries in the world.
The ranking is based on 10 measures: healthy life expectancy, blood pressure, blood glucose (diabetes risk), obesity, depression, happiness, alcohol use, tobacco use, inactivity (too little exercise), and government spending on healthcare.
Countries most people consider to be idyllic, such as Saint Lucia and Barbados, ranked poorly, which comes down to poor diet and lack of exercise.
A new global health ranking has identified the world’s healthiest – and most unhealthy – countries in 2019.

The Indigo Wellness Index, compiled and led by Richard Davies at economics consultancy Bloomsbury Economics and published by investment business LetterOne in the new journal Global Perspectives, is one of the most comprehensive to date, covering 191 countries across the globe.

The Index created a series of rankings based on 10 key measures, ordering the countries from the weakest performers (ranked 1) to the strongest (ranked, for example, 191).

The 10 measures were healthy life expectancy, blood pressure, blood glucose (diabetes risk), obesity, depression, happiness, alcohol use, tobacco use, inactivity (too little exercise), and government spending on healthcare.

It then calculated a ratio to asses how close each country is to the best score overall – the worst score is 0, while the best score is 1.

South Africa was ranked the most unhealthy country on earth, while Canada came out on top as the most healthy country.

The latest statistics from the World Health Organisation show that South Africans have a 26% probability of dying from cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, or chronic respiratory disease between ages 30 and 70.

The WHO also found that more than 28% of adults were obese – the highest obesity rate among sub-Saharan African countries

Read: Most South African babies born this year won’t see the 22nd century – here’s why
Scroll down to see the most unhealthy countries in the world, ranked in ascending order.

Note: Countries where data was missing on more than one measure (including South Sudan, Palau, Niue, Tuvalu, Cook Islands, Bahamas, Equatorial Guinea, and Libya) were excluded from the final index, which features 151 countries, 68 of which had all 10 measures available, and 83 of which had 9 measures available. The final ranking accounts for over 95% of the world’s population.

=18. Samoa — 0.41. Blood glucose levels, obesity, and binge drinking put this Oceanic country into the top 10.
=18. Dominican Republic — 0.41. High levels of depression, drinking, and blood pressure gave this Caribbean nation an identical score.
=18. Egypt — 0.41. Less government spending on healthcare, higher diabetes risk, and obesity levels gave Egypt its spot tied for 18.
=16. Jamaica — 0.40. The Caribbean island of Jamaica scored poorly across a number of measures, including obesity, state spending, smoking, depression, and blood glucose.
=16. Latvia — 0.40. Blood pressure and binge drinking were to blame for Latvia’s place in the top 20.
=14. Trinidad and Tobago — 0.39. Depression, blood pressure, and blood glucose received poor scores for this dual-island Caribbean nation.
=14. Serbia — 0.39. This Balkan country scored poorly due to lack of exercise and alarming blood pressure scores.
=12. Ukraine — 0.38. Depression and blood pressure were the categories that scored poorly here.
=12. Lithuania — 0.38. The same two categories — depression and blood pressure — also put this European country in the tied 12th spot.
=9. Georgia — 0.37. A number of categories stood out for Georgia, including diet (high levels of obesity and blood glucose), depression, and binge drinking.
=9. Iraq — 0.37. Inactivity, low life expectancy, lack of state spending, low levels of happiness, and high levels of obesity were the most concerning factors here.
=9. Haiti — 0.37. Haiti scored poorly on happiness, state spending, and life expectancy.
8. Central African Republic — 0.36. Life expectancy and state spending were the standout categories for this Central African country.
7. Armenia – 0.35. This Asian country is the seventh most unhealthy due to its blood glucose, blood pressure, and depression scores.
=5. Barbados — 0.34. It may seem idyllic, but this Caribbean country had alarming scores across a wide range of categories, including blood pressure, depression, obesity, inactivity, and binge drinking.
=5. Micronesia (Federated States of) — 0.34. Obesity, drinking, and low government spending on health put Micronesia in tied 5th place.
4. Bulgaria — 0.33. Sunny Beach may look like the perfect holiday spot, but its home of Bulgaria is the fourth most unhealthy in the world due to blood pressure, depression, and drinking.
3. Kiribati — 0.31. Obesity is the biggest concern here, putting the Oceanic country in third place.
2. Saint Lucia — 0.29. Binge drinking, blood pressure, and blood glucose scores made Saint Lucia the second most unhealthy country in the world.
1. South Africa — 0.28. Scoring poorly on all measures, its scores on obesity, drinking, and life expectancy in particular that make South Africa the most unhealthy country in the world in 2019.

Source: Business Insider South Africa.

Alison Millington , Business Insider US
Mar 19, 2019, 03:38 PM

GM foods and poor diet are having a big impact on our health – don’t leave your health to chance and become another statistic. Book a personal appointment with Eugénie Rowson for a full analysis, biofeedback testing & treatment which will include specialized remedies to assist you. Call 0827712292 or The Remedy Shoppe 0764108262. 

No pain, no gain, no healing!


 So what is pain? Does it really exist? It can’t be scanned, scoped, measured in the blood, viewed under the microscope or projected on a big screen. It can’t be seen or touched!

Mainstream medicine places so much value on such tests and yet covers up the most important message that the body is giving.  It advocates pain killers which work by suppression (which means to : camouflage, overpower, subdue, smother, hide, control, dominate, overcome, muffle, stifle, silence) and these come with a lot of nasty side effects. Pain killers do not encourage healing – in fact they may well interfere with healing. Pain is not the cause of the problem … it is the body’s alarm system. How ridiculous is it to keep your hand on the hot stove whilst you swallow another pain killer? Well that is exactly what’s happening in the case of millions of sick people worldwide … no healing – just suppression.

Of course there are times where suppressive medicine (in the form of pain killers) is absolutely necessary, for example, during surgical repair after an accident – in this case the pain killer is allowing the repair to be done.  However, where healing is needed – don’t take suppressive medicine! The body-electric which is made up of trillions of electromagnetic impulses, responding appropriately to the particular pain signal and the rest of the body sends the best help.  Because pain is not a mistake, and is recognized as part of a necessary healing process, Vibrational Medicine actually encourages pain, making the pain more efficient and effective, and speeds it along towards its natural conclusion – restoration of order and health!

The most important thing about pain is that it is very real to the sufferer and can be expressed and described by the sufferer in the most absolute, certain and detailed way! Ask a person to describe their pain and you’ll be amazed at the diversity of narratives!

“…Shooting, throbbing, tearing, pulling, radiating, gnawing, drawing, prickling, electric, exploding, pressure, burning, icy, aching, stabbing, scraping, needling, cutting, piercing …”

The sufferer’s description of the pain is very important in the field of Vibrational Medicine and the nature and characteristics of the pain will indicate the best remedy to stimulate healing.   Healing can only be encouraged – it cannot be forced!

So pain, pain go away (and don’t keep coming back)! 

We have hundreds of formulas to encourage the healing of all sorts of acute and chronic painful ailments (which most people usually suppress on going). Our most popular ones are:

Pain & inflammation formula

Joint pain & stiffness formula

Lower back pain, sciatica & stiffness formula

Menstrual pain & disorders formula

Neck & shoulder pain formula

Headache & migraine formula

Injury rescue formula

Growing pains

Bone pain, fracture & injury formula

Foot & heel pain/plantar fasciitis

Carpal tunnel syndrome formula

Abdominal cramps & spasms formula

Colic & reflux formula

Cystitis & UTI formula

Digestion disorders & IBS formula

Earache, inflammation & infection formula

Gastro : Nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, cramps

Hemorrhoids formula

Shingles formula

Teething troubles formula

Toothache & abscess


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What do so many learning difficulties have in common?


What do so many learning difficulties and childhood psychological issues such as ADD/ADHD, OCD , autism, bipolar, hyperactivity, dyspraxia, depression, anxiety,  bed wetting have in common?

To the desperate parents of so many thousands of children diagnosed with a learning or psychological disorder, I must draw your attention to the crucial findings of Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride who, in her fascinating book :  Gut + Psychology Syndrome (GAPS), explains that most of these disorders relate to the poor ecology of the gut/digestive system (which makes up 80% of our immune system) and consequently impacts on the psychology of our children resulting in issues diagnosed as :










Tourette’s syndrome

Bipolar disorder

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Eating disorders


Childhood bed wetting

She brilliantly shows how most of these disorders that are so prevalent today are brought about by repeated use of suppressive “anti” medicines such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, anti-pyretics, antihistamines, as well as GM foods and poor diet, which disorder the gut flora and have a direct link to the behavioural and psychological disorders in our children that seem so insurmountable. The GAPS theory is that many conditions that affect your brain are caused by a leaky gut, which is a term used to describe an increase in the permeability of the gut wall which then allows chemicals and bacteria from your food and environment into your blood and lymphatic system and then on to the rest of the body.    It claims that toxins can affect your brain’s function and development as well as a myriad of other health disorders including allergies.

All of the issues can be assisted through improved diet, probiotics etc, elimination of toxins, antidoting the past toxic foods and meds through the incredible influence of Vibrational Medicine which has hundreds of valuable remedies for removing the conditions and imbalances which harmful microbes enjoy; restoring every aspect of digestion and healing many dis-eases naturally – without harmful side effects.

This is important knowledge!

In summary, it is  quite clear therefore that a disorder in the  Gut-Brain balance ie the biochemical signaling that takes place between the gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) and the central nervous system (CNS) can bring on so many symptoms at an emotional, mental and physical level.  All interventions to help the child should certainly be complemented by the recovery and maintenance of a healthy Gut biome.

To this end I have developed several remedies to help :  


Allergies formula

ADD/ADHD formula

Anxiety, worry & fears formula

Confidence / self esteem boost formula


Digestion support formula

Gut flora repair / probiotic formula

Immunity boost formula

Memory, concentration & mental focus formula

If your child if has a history of repeated suppressive medicines, or is currently taking an acute or chronic suppressive medicine I encourage you to see me for a full health evaluation, dietary advice and supportive remedies/treatment.  My recommendations and remedies are complementary to all therapies and treatment.

Please research more about Gut & Psychology / “Gut-brain” axis link and know that if you continue to suppress your child’s illnesses instead of encouraging  healing with natural medicine, and in particular today’s most sophisticated system of Vibrational Medicine, you can expect bigger problems in the future!  For full evaluation and support please book a consultation.

Shocking case of severe eczema, healed naturally in only 2 months!

A desperate mother brought her 13 year old son to me recently. He presented with the most shocking and severe case of eczema that I have ever seen and I struggled to hide my horrified reaction. The skin areas at the front of his neck, groin, as well as elbow and knee bends were raw and bleeding and he told me that they oozed so much sticky liquid at night that his knees and elbows would be so glued together in the mornings that he “can’t walk properly until they tear apart”.

The itching was so severe that he would scratch these areas violently – especially at night – so that they were continuously raw and bleeding. He told me that the kids at school would tease him because he often could not walk or move properly due to the pain of his skin sticking to his clothing.

The boy’s mother reported that she has spent more than R20 000 recently taking him to different specialists to no effect. He has been given strong suppressive antihistamine drugs since childhood and they had tried all the usual prescription and OTC (over the counter) drugs and topical suppressive meds including cortisone and antibiotics to no effect. In fact, his symptoms had progressively worsened over the years. She was fed up and had stopped all suppressive meds.

The mother said she was now absolutely desperate, that his school marks were continuously dropping and that he was not doing well both academically and emotionally. I was able to determine that the boy was highly emotional, angry, permanently irritable, restless, aggressive, agitated and confrontational, tired and frustrated with low self-esteem, confidence and poor attention span. (some typical “ADHD” symptoms)

I ran some biofeedback tests on the boy to gain more underlying information; made up three specialised remedies of Vibrational Medicine; asked the mother to give him more organic foods if possible (though financial constraints were obvious) and asked her to come back in three weeks for a follow up.

IMG-20180823-WA0018     IMG-20180823-WA0017     IMG-20180906-WA0071

After 2 weeks she reported that the symptoms seemed worse. I encouraged her to persevere and explained that this sometimes does happen after many years of suppression of symptoms. Since symptoms are the body’s deliberate efforts to heal itself, my remedies are designed to actually ENCOURAGE SYMPTOMS TO COMPLETE THEIR DESIRED EFFECT ie the body has to be supported in the battle (by Vibrational Medicine) to achieve a victory (restoration of health) .

20180826_101336  IMG-20180826-WA0012  IMG-20180916-WA0004
A week later I saw the boy for a follow up appointment– ran biofeedback tests again; checked his skin symptoms – which seemed to have improved a little – gave three specialised remedies (including this time a remedy for extreme anger – which I believed was influencing his ability to heal and why he was scratching so violently at night).
Two weeks later … the mother said his school marks had improved by 3% and that he was doing well. His eczema was also improving.

See Testimonial : Eczema healed!
Two weeks later… I received a message from the mother and photographs: the boy’s skin was clear (totally healed).

IMG-20181106-WA0003   IMG-20181106-WA0002

Other skin disorders that I have assisted with on a regular basis :

Carbuncles, boils, abscesses
Chloasma (Melasma)
Cold sores
Contact dermatitis
Eczema – all types
Hives/ urticaria
Tinea Vesicolor
Toxic epidermal necrolysis

Life In the fast lane ? You need Nux Vom !

f68d04dc28e3d275ac290310b376d173                            nux vom

Nux Vom is an incredible natural remedy for all the ills of life in the fast lane – this just about describes most of us in the Gauteng area! When I ask my patients what score they would give their stress level – those from Gauteng mostly respond immediately with “ 7 out of 10” – those from the Cape always seem confused by the question and then say “ oh, I see ..1 or 2” ! It’s awful but true that stress can change our personality – do you sometimes remember yourself as a much nicer person – I certainly do! Nux Vom can help you restore a sense of proportion in your life and those around will love you for taking it! Nux Vom can be used to restore order to the mind, emotions and body including :

• Hurried – can’t stand to be kept waiting
• Fault finding – do you do the “5 second scan” when you get to the office or arrive home to find all the problems that you must reprimand or berate someone for!
• Very irritable – easily agitated and annoyed
• Intolerant of noises, light and certain odours – intolerant of everything!
• Stressed beyond belief!
• Impatient
• Frantic about time running out and keeping to deadlines
• Don’t suffer fools lightly – beyond frustrated and angry with slow (possibly slouching) and lethargic people. Even friendly people are irritating to you if they are slowing you down or holding you back!
• Do the “Sunday drivers”*, drive you mad! (ie : those who drive or live their lives “slowly, as for leisure or sightseeing purposes”) – great Road Rage remedy!
• Suffer from headaches; neck and shoulder pain & tension
• Jaw clenching or grinding your teeth
• Irritable bladder – frequent urination
• Diagnosed with dyspepsia or GERD (gastro intestinal reflux disorder), Irritable bowel (IBS) or suffer numerous other digestion disorders; constipation or diarrhoea, reflux, bloating, abdominal cramps & spasms. Constant use of anti-acid meds, headache meds, liver support meds; anti spasmodics.
• Desires stimulants eg: Caffeine – possibly in copious amounts. May also desire spicy foods which upsets the poor digestion even further!
• Fast lane diet – no time to worry about what you are eating – the poor body must just get on with it and sort it out!
• Sleep disorder – can’t switch off, and then wake between 2-4 am – can’t get back to sleep so you get out of bed and start working!
• Workaholic
• Always hungry
• Possibly needing an alcoholic drink (or four) to relax you in the evenings
• Itchy skin rashes
• Suffer from low libido or sexual dysfunction – too tired for that!
Get a bottle of Nux Vom and feel like your good old self again. Available in a handy mouth spray bottle – EASY & QUICK TO USE – and you won’t waste time feeling better!

The Go-to remedy for exhausted women – Sepia!


My favourite women’s remedy; and I always say that if I could take only one remedy with me to a desert island, it would definitely be Sepia. Ironically enough, though, I wouldn’t need to take this remedy with me, because this is the one remedy that I would be able to make myself because it is made from the ink of the cuttlefish, and is a thick brown dye that was used in the olden days by artists and photographers for painting and photography.

It is a wonderful women’s remedy (for all ages and for any time of life – including pregnancy). Just imagine the emotions of a woman stranded on a desert island – loneliness, depression, a need for company, moodiness – yet loving the solitude; lots of fears – of losing control, of going mad; lots of tears and irritability, anger, feeling worn-out and unable to cope; feeling like giving up; dislike of the cold (while sleeping under a coconut tree!).

In this hectic world where women have to do a juggling act with all the demands of family, work and home, I know there are millions of women out there who would benefit from Sepia.

Sepia will help with numerous weaknesses, disorders and ailments, and you can choose it even if only one of these descriptions matches how you feel :

• lots of emotional issues and moodiness, including sadness, depression, overwhelm, tearfulness, irritability; aggressive moods; she is easily offended, snappy,angry and argumentative (especially with husband and children and other family members) – This amazing women’s remedy has also saved many a relationship and marriage.
• feels over-burdened, desperate, unable to cope – that she is losing her mind – with a desire to run away from it all!
• indifferent to her loved ones; is averse to her job and everything that infringes on her sense of independence and identity;
• Fear is also a prominent emotion – the fear of going mad, of having some incurable dis-ease, or of impending doom!
• totally exhausted after prolonged stress and strain – tired and worn out, especially in the afternoons;
• swelling of the knees;
• restless legs;
• varicose veins;
• nauseous, with an intoxicated feeling – especially in the morning, before eating or when smelling food;
• constipation with abdominal bloating;
• heart palpitations;
• increase in blood pressure
• headaches with dizziness,
• hair loss;
• prolapsed organs including bladder and uterus with a clutching pain or bearing-down sensation in the bladder, vagina and uterine area;
• irregular periods that may be either late and light, or early and profuse with violent stitching pains in the vagina or vaginal pain or dryness;
• recurring cystitis; weak bladder (worse for coughing or sneezing)
• poor sleep – restless and unrefreshing;
• low libido and cannot stand to be touched;
• feels invigorates by exercise and possible loves a glass of wine (or three!)
• aches and pain in the hips, lower back and thighs; hot flushes with sweating;
• intolerance of the cold, feeling of chilliness, poor circulation, with cold hands and feet; (Raynaud’s dis-ease)
Goodness me – why would you not want a bottle!
(Easy to use mouth sprays – Take six times daily to get you back to your “normal” happy self!


Exam stress & performance anxiety – best 8 remedies

Exam stress

Exams, exams, and more exams – it’s the final hurdle for many students and their last chance to make their mark. With this great responsibility and pressure, comes lots of anxiety, self-doubt, overwhelm and even a feeling of losing it!.
Help yourself and loved ones to be calm, focused, confident and positive during this exam season – these 8 easy-to-use mouth spray remedies will assist with all the mental, emotional and physical trials – let the best formulas from The Remedy Shoppe do the rest of the work for you – naturally of course! Combine your own selection for maximum effect ..

  1. Lycopodium – Homeopath’s Cocaine for :
    • Motivation
    • self-confidence and courage
    • memory
    • concentration, mental clarity
    • self-esteem
    • performance anxiety, stage fright
    • hesitation, procrastination
    • self-doubt
    • anticipatory fears
    • fear of failure, fear of making mistakes
    • apprehension about forthcoming events
    • getting things done, hesitation,
    • constant fear of breaking down under stress
    • little things annoy, extremely sensitive (the family/friends are walking on egg shells!)
    • apathy, lack-lustre attitude
    • poor memory and failing brain power.
    • confused thoughts, mental block, getting words muddled up and mistakes in writing
    • mental fatigue
    • eloquence – fluency in language & expressiveness
  2.  Exam stress & performance anxiety formula
    For symptoms of exam stress, stage fright, performance anxiety, nervousness before a speech, presentation or practical. Promotes calm, clear-headedness, focus and mental clarity. Best used before and during the exam/ test/ etc. Some of the single remedies that make up this excellent formula include :
    Argentum Nitricum – (headless chicken behaviour) for a highly emotional state where fears are running high; anticipatory fears or apprehension; fear of forgetting your pens or calculator; fear of forgetting everything you have learnt; fear that you will not get to the examination location on time and feel overwhelmed with panic. You feel that time is running out and you must do everything in a great hurry.
    Gelsemium – (ostrich behaviour) especially helpful for a anticipatory fears before exams or interviews when you feel emotionally numb, can’t get yourself motivated to study or you feel inappropriately unconcerned about studying or the exams coming up and respond by burying your head in the sand like and ostrich! Perhaps if you ignore it, it will all go away?! Useful where fear is accompanied by trembling, muscular weakness, diarrhoea and the urgent need to urinate from emotional excitement or nervousness.
    Kali Phos– an essential brain, nerve, heart and lung nutrient and one of the greatest nerve remedies. For mental and/or physical exhaustion with anxiety brought on by excitement, overwork or worry. Improves symptoms such as anxiety, melancholy, panic, nervous tension, heart palpitations; shortness of breath, anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, mental & physical exhaustion, possibly accompanied by poor memory, irritability and dizziness. A great remedy for students.
    Mag Phos – helpful if you feel tired, lethargic and can’t think clearly. Also great for a tummy ache.
    Every home should have a good selection of remedies on hand for use during these stressful times. I remember one morning when one of our children was in headless chicken mode (which can be recognised by behaviours indicating high-speed panic, get out of my way, there’s too-little-time!) Three of our other children and I were already in the car ready to leave for school, waiting for the headless chicken who was due to sit the first of her year-end exams. She suddenly burst out of the back door, flew into the car and slammed the door on her youngest brother’s finger! The scream was bone chilling and we all flew OUT of the car in instant panic!
    So then we all rushed into the house to get help … Injury Rescue formula for the poor victim (includes Arnica and Hypericum for crushed finger nerves); a bandage and lots of sympathy of course; Grief, shock & trauma formula for the emotionally disturbed witnesses! And … before we finally got the show on the road, there was a huge scolding plus a very large dose of Argentum Nitricum for the headless chicken!
  3. Memory, concentration & mental clarity formula
    Improves both short- and long-term memory, concentration & mental clarity, promotes mental focus, information recall and clear thinking. Helps to improve a short attention span, especially during stressful situations. An excellent remedy to use when studying and writing exams or in preparation for a speech, presentation, practical, etc.
  4.  Confidence & self-esteem boost formula                                                                                                                          This formula helps to promote confidence and improved self-esteem in young and old alike. Helps with feelings of self-repression, self-doubt and lack of personal power. Promotes peace of mind, self-acceptance, self-approval, revitalisation, joyfulness, interest in life, and belief in oneself.
  5. Calm, joy & golden light
    Great for Moms & Dads! For highly emotional, tense, stressed-out states, where people are or ‘living on their nerves’. Encourages emotional calm, gives a sense of sunshine and joy. Soothes and encourages enthusiasm for life. Promotes a sense of relaxation. Helps one to feel positive and balanced. Calms an over-active mind.
  6. Anxiety, worry & fears formula
    This formula helps to relieve and overcome overwhelming and deeply ingrained feelings of anxiety and worry, unfounded fears, insecurity, apprehension, fear of the unknown, nervousness and phobias. Promotes enthusiasm, a sense of fun, emotional calm and wellbeing, revitalisation and joyfulness.
  7. Stress exhaustion & burnout formula
    For symptoms of exhaustion, burnout, mental and physical fatigue and exhaustion after prolonged stress. Assists with feelings of being overwhelmed, low energy levels, exhaustion and burnout. Improves adrenal function and the ability to cope with and respond to everyday stress. Promotes a sense of enthusiasm and renewed interest in life, and helps to restore emotional stability.
  8. Sleep easy formula
    This brilliant formula helps relieve symptoms associated with sleeplessness, insomnia and an overactive mind at bedtime or during the night. Gentle enough for infants, strong enough for hyper-stressed students and exhausted parents. This formula contains a combination of remedies known to have a soothing effect on the nervous system and is particularly indicated to assist with restless sleep; anxious dreams and much tossing about; sleeplessness caused by much mental activity and night terrors. Well-suited to the over-tired, overworked, exhausted or the over-anxious, who simply can’t switch off and rest.

Everybody’s headache is different

No pain, no gain, no healing! by Eugenie Rowson

A headache is generally understood as a pain somewhere on the head, and most people turn to a “one size-fits-all” medication for help, such as paracetamol, aspirin, codeine or ibuprofen, regardless of the nature of the headache. Not every headache and migraine is the same – Vibrational Medicine recognises that there are hundreds of different types – learn more about this and the self-help, natural healing of headaches & migraines with our great range of remedies available to you from The Remedy Shoppe.

Some headaches and migraines have a known cause such as emotional and physical stress, eye strain, dehydration, toxicity, alcohol, lack of sleep, tiredness. However, others seem unrelated to any particular circumstance or trigger. Regardless of whether the origin of the headache or migraine is known or not, Vibrational Medicine has a remedy to match every imaginable head pain.
Some of the most common descriptions of head pain or headache may include: pressing, throbbing, tearing, burning, electric, neuralgic, shooting, stabbing or bursting, and may have a specific location such as, worse on the left side, worse on the right side, frontal, occipital; or may be described as “like a wind through my eye”; like the top of my head is exploding”, “like a band around my head”, “like a tight cap”; “with a pressure behind my eyes”, “with stiffness and pain in my neck”; “moving from my neck over to the top of my head”; “with a shooting pain from my ear through my jaw”, “with a prickling sensation on my scalp”. Headaches may also be accompanied by nausea, dizziness, seeing sparks or flashes, great thirst, irritability, grief, a need to be left alone or a need to lie quietly in the dark.
Certain headaches are made worse by lying down, worse for movement, better for tying a tight band around the head … and lots, lots more. For every one of these descriptions, Vibrational Medicine has a tried-and-tested remedy! The body communicates its disorder and dis-ease through the symptoms that we see and feel, just as the artist expresses his ideas on the canvas. If we don’t like the expression of the artist, should we cover up the painting – as with suppressive medicine, and leave the artist to produce another one exactly like it, or should we correct the artist?

Each headache description relates to an underlying disorder, yet we don’t necessarily need to know what causes it in order to fix it. For example, a headache that feels like a “tight cap” usually relates to kidney toxicity and indicates that the remedy Berberis Vulgaris is needed. However, you don’t need to know this. You simply need to find the remedy that matches your description of your headache … and both your headache and your kidneys will be treated!

Vibrational Medicine works by stimulating the body’s healing mechanisms. It is safe and free of side effects, and therefore an excellent self-help option. Above all, it really works! Always choose a remedy that most closely matches the description of your headache, migraine or head pain, associated symptoms and possible related causes if known.

Here are a few excellent headache remedies to get you started. If you are not sure which remedy to choose, try our Headaches & migraines formula which contains a combination of these remedies :

Berberis Vulgaris – for a squeezing headache that feels like one is wearing a very tight cap around and over the whole head. Pain may be accompanied by a general feeling of listlessness and apathy and possible vertigo and fainting. Headache feels worse for standing, walking, bending forward; worse for any movement and worse after exercise.

Bryonia – headache begins in the back of the neck and moves to the front of the head, remaining over the forehead and eyes. Head feels like it is bursting or splitting, is very sore to move and eyes feel painful and worse for the slightest movement. May feel dizzy and even nauseous, with a great thirst for long drinks. Headaches symptoms may be accompanied by great irritability – this is known a the Grumpy Bear remedy.

Gelsemium – for a headache which makes you feel dizzy, weak and heavy-headed; or it feels like a band around the head; a dull heavy ache with heaviness of the eyelids; pain in the head extends from the temples to the ears or chin. Neck and shoulder muscles may also be sore.

Glonoinum – a very effective remedy for a pulsating, throbbing headache accompanied by extreme irritability. Accompanied by throbbing in the ears. Cannot tolerate anything hot near the head – a cool, damp face cloth might help. Excellent for a headache after sitting in the sun too long.

Nat Mur – for the typical migraine-type headache; can be severe and varied and may be throbbing, beating, pressing or hammering in nature; it is either frontal or one-sided. May be accompanied by nausea and vomiting with a need to lie quietly in the dark and sleep. Headache may begin with tingling in the tongue, lips or nose. May have been caused by emotional upset, delayed eating, eye strain, dehydration, or too much heat or sun. Might also feel giddy and off balance. Eyes feel very sore to move and you may see fiery zigzags in front of the eyes.

Nux Vom – great option for headaches that result from modern-life excesses; the typical hangover-type or over-indulgence headache. Headache is frontal, seated over the eyes or at the back of the head and neck. Brain feels like it is swirling. May be worse in the morning (especially if over-indulgence is the cause). Accompanied by hypersensitivity and irritability, impatience, light sensitivity of the eyes and an intolerance of noise or odours.

Racemosa – an excellent remedy for headache / migraine type symptoms that come on before or during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Pains are electric, shooting or throbbing with exploding (pressing outward sensation); brains feels enormous; often accompanied by spasms in the neck and shoulder muscles and emotional agitation.

Headache & migraine related causes and associated symptoms :

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Headache & Migraine formula
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Numbness tingling and neuralgia formula
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Headache remedies work wonders!
My husband won a competition in November where you sent us 2 headache remedies
– they were great & have really helped him as he’s stuck behind a computer all day so often suffers from tension headaches & neck tension. We really appreciated this! Kind regards, Tracy
Migraine miracle after flu vaccination
I was suffering from an extreme reaction to the flu shot. After 4 days of migraines, chills and nausea I visited Eugenie……with the hope of finding a solution to the unbearable and altogether debilitating pain. Less than 24 hours later I had completely recovered. Being a sceptic prior to my visit, I can now confidently recommend her remedies to others who are tired of the unhelpful and more than likely harmful medicine that is readily prescribed…
James Dawson

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