Is there a remedy for pre-diabetes?

Q: What would one take for pre-diabetes?


Suffering from tonsilitis with throat ulcers

Q: Eugenie, I have been battling with chronic tonsilitis for ± 12 years. I am now 40 and the ENT specialist has suggested tonsilectomy but at this stage in my life I am too terrified! I really SUFFER with little ulcers on my pallet and back of my throat. I also have a little growth on my epiglotis. Any suggestions to ease this would be greatly appreciated.


Is there a remedy for a thickened yellow toenail?

Q: Hi, I have been looking for a remedy for thick hard big lightly yellowed toenails … fungal-related I think.  This is very hard to sort out and on the medical side the solution is expensive and lengthy.  Any proven ideas?


Recurring ear infections

Q: Hi, I am totally distraught after tremendous efforts to get my son of nine months better after recurring ear infections. He also suffers from allergies i’m told. And his eczema has also started to flare up. My two elder kids also seem to be allergy sufferers, often runny noses and coughing. Need help, please!


Moms are tuned in

For everyday ailments, you can be your own best physician by treating yourself with Vibrational Medicine, since you (more than anyone else) are in tune and sensitive to the negative changes in your own body and mind.


Spotlight on coughs

With the flu season sneaking up on us, we have decided to put together a series of articles on common winter ailments. This week the spotlight is on coughs and how to treat them with homeopathy. 


Tummy rash at that time of the month

Q: My daughter gets a rash on her tummy when she has her period, it’s below her navel … She is 15. Our GP wants to put her on the pill as he says its hormonal but I would prefer something natural for her.

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Take Thuja 200c 4 – 6 times a day, which is the first remedy for any type of tumor, anywhere in the body.


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