Natural Remedies

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Natural remedies probably sounds as incomprehensible to you now, as electricity and light bulbs sounded to people way back then! Nonetheless, it’s true – and it works! Vibrational Medicine is the newest and most innovative system of natural healing medicine available today and is growing in popularity amongst natural health practitioners worldwide. It is well understood that the human body is AT LEAST 100 times more sensitive to energetic stimulation than it is to chemical stimulation. Vibrational Medicine or energetic medicine uses instructions from nature to bring about perfect healing and offers a greener, safer, more effective way to improve your family’s health, boosts the immune system by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms and strengthen one’s natural resistance to dis-ease.

Featured Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies

Baby Trio + 1 Pack

3 essential natural remedies for new mums, plus a free remedy…

Teething troubles formula
Vaccination support formula
Colic & reflux formula
Free: Sweet dreams & calming formula

Natural Remedies In South Africa

Winter Trio + 1 Pack

Three essential natural remedies to protect your family against colds and flu this winter, plus a free remedy…

Cold, flu & viral infection formula
Tonsillitis & sore throat formula
Earache, inflammation & infection formula
Free: Cough formula – wet, phlegmy cough

Natural Remedies UK

Women Trio + 1 Pack

Three essential women’s remedies, plus a free remedy…

Nux Vom
Kali Phos
Free: Limited edition Peace & Serenity formula

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