Frequently asked questions about Vibrational Medicine

How does Vibrational medicine work?

Vibrational Medicine stimulates the body’s own immune system and healing mechanisms. By strengthening our own natural self-healing forces, we can overcome illness or dis-ease, and bring balance and order to the body and mind.

How should I store a Vibrational remedy?

Remedies should be kept in a cool, dark place, protected from sunlight and are best stored in dark glass bottles.

ottles or containers must be firmly or tightly closed to prevent the loss of alcohol through evaporation, which causes the remedy to deteriorate. Remedies should be kept away from strong-smelling substances such as perfumes, essential oils, mint, menthol, camphor, eucalyptus, soaps, garlic, spices, etc. Storing remedies in the medicine or bathroom cabinet or kitchen cupboards is not a good idea.

Remedies should also be stored away from electrical or battery-operated items such as the microwave, TV, hair dryer, fridge and especially cell phones. A bedroom cupboard is often the best bet.

NOTE: Our remedies are made to order and have a Best Before period of 3 months after opening.

Who can use Vibrational Medicine?

For every-day, minor complaints and common ailments, Vibrational Medicine is suitable for everyone – adults, children, infants and pets.  It is always advisable to seek the help of your healthcare practitioner.

How soon should I use a Vibrational remedy?

A Vibrational remedy can be used at any stage of illness, but the sooner the better. If conventional medicine has already been used (such as an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antihistamine, antidepressant, antidiuretic, antihypertensive, antifungal, anti-acid, etc.), which functions by suppressing the symptoms, then the immune system is likely to have been compromised.

In this instance, it may take a little longer to excite the immune system to heal those particular symptoms as well as any side effects or toxicity that may have been caused. Do not just stop taking any medicines prescribed by your doctor. Only stop a prescribed medication under your doctor’s supervision.

How do I choose a Vibrational remedy?

For the inexperienced users, we recommend that you select a remedy from our Symphony Range of combination formulas.

Whilst the more discerning user i.e. those experienced in self-help homeopathy, may prefer to select a remedy from our Maestro Range of single remedies.  Consider the symptoms, keeping these points in mind:

The location of the pain, discomfort or disorder on the body the sensation of the symptoms, i.e. what it feels, looks (including colour and texture), sounds, smells or tastes like the modality, which is the condition that makes the symptoms feel better or worse, e.g. weather, temperature, position, time, place, movement, etc.

  1. Use all your senses and powers of observation to determine what is strange, rare, peculiar, different, unusual or a change from the norm.
  2. Choose the remedy that best describes the symptoms. Try to choose only one remedy but if the choice is difficult, then a maximum of three can be chosen and taken at the same time, provided they are not listed under Remedies that disagree.

REMEMBER: There is no wrong remedy.  You can only err by not trying and therefore not assisting the body to heal.

Please refer to the Book There’s a remedy for that! for a list A – Z list of common ailments.

Which remedy potency (strength) should I use and how often?

Our remedies are made in a 200c potency:

This is our preferred potency for most acute ailments. It is recommended that you take a remedy hourly on the first day, and thereafter, four to six times a day until symptoms improve or change. However, the more acute the symptoms, the more often you should take the remedy.

Reduce how often the remedy is given as symptoms improve, and stop taking the remedy when symptoms have disappeared

How much remedy should I take?  What is the best dose?

Always follow the directions on the bottle.

What should I expect after taking a remedy?

If the symptoms suddenly worsen at the beginning – this is called initial reaction and is a brief flare-up or aggravation of existing symptoms shortly after taking a vibrational remedy. The remedy excites and acts as a catalyst to the immune system which strengthens and focuses the body’s healing mechanisms on the symptoms. This is an indication that the right remedy is at work.

If the remedy works – the symptoms or condition will improve. Initially you will feel an improvement in general wellbeing, followed by an improvement of physical symptoms. As a general rule, acute (sudden and severe) ailments respond more quickly; while minor, less acute or chronic (long-term) complaints take longer to improve. If the symptoms change – stop using the current remedy and select another remedy that describes the new symptoms.

If the remedy does not appear to be helping – re-evaluate the choice of remedy by reading again through the A-Z descriptions carefully for the Maestro Range or from the remedy descriptions for the Symphony Range in order to select a remedy that more accurately describes the symptoms. Always try a remedy for at least 24 hours. Only if it does not seem to be helping, or the symptoms have changed, should you select a new one.  If symptoms persist always seek the professional advice of your healthcare provider.

Always seek the advice of a doctor or healthcare provider if there is any question, doubt or concern as to an individual’s health.

Are there any side effects or risks of Vibrational medicine?

Our remedies have no known side effects or negative interaction with any other medication. Never stop taking the medicine prescribed by your GP or specialist without his or her consent.

NOTE: If symptoms are severe, do not waste time – seek the help of a healthcare provider immediately.

Use your instincts and common sense. If symptoms show no improvement, seek professional help.

How is Vibrational medicine made?

Vibrational Medicine is made by charging an alcohol & water solution electromagnetically with the vibration of an element.  Everything in existence pulsates with energy and vibrates at its own specific and unique frequency – and we can now measure the frequency of thousands of elements including plants, metals, biological substances, herbs, flower remedies, biochemic tissue salts, gases, etc. as well as the frequency of colours, light, sound, gem stones and minerals, etc.

Highly sophisticated technology has been developed where we can charge an alcohol and water solution electromagnetically to produce a solution that resonates at the same frequency of a specific element – we call this vibrational medicine.

How do I take a remedy?

All our remedies are created in a Mouth Spray and should be sprayed directly into the mouth.

Some helpful information…

Treating the whole person

Vibrational Medicine has one main principle: it promotes the healing of the whole person, including mind and emotion. It is amazing how quickly a person will heal physically if their emotional healing is given priority. We know that words are energy or vibration and we should never underestimate the power of a kind word – which is the best catalyst for another’s healing.

A person’s bedside manner and genuine concern for another is very powerful! Vibrational Medicine is so effective because it gives priority to the ‘mind’ symptoms that accompany the physical ailments. Consider these well when choosing a remedy – they are important. If you or a loved one is obviously anxious, you should first find the best remedy for this emotional dis-ease, and then focus on the physical ailments! Go to the Inside the Book tab to find the remedies for hundreds of ailments.

How the body heals

There is something called direction of cure, which refers to the fact that the body heals itself in a specific direction or order – not just in any old higgledy-piggledy order. The body heals itself in order of priority, from the top down, and from the inside out. Mind and head first and then downwards; internal organs before skin.

Therefore, if the body is in a state of healing, we should feel or observe an improvement of symptoms in this direction – for example, a person should notice initially that they feel better emotionally, and that their state of mind (and issues that relate to the mind such as mood/emotion, appetite) is improving before there is a noticeable improvement with symptoms lower down in the body, such as digestion.

Based on direction of cure, a fever will improve before a skin rash; nausea and vomiting will improve before diarrhoea. It is also advisable to focus on prioritising the symptoms in this direction – e.g. concern yourself with treating nausea and vomiting before diarrhoea, because this is the order in which the body is inclined to heal itself. Of course, it would be best to find a remedy that helps with all three – but if the remedy is working, then the nausea and vomiting should improve first.

Be positive and patient.  Persevere.

Vibrational Medicine works as a catalyst to the immune system and this can take time especially if it has been compromised in the past by suppressive medicines.  Be positive and patient – a positive, patient and determined attitude overcomes much adversity. A limited mind attracts limits, while a positive mind will always find a positive way! Above all – a remedy can’t work if you don’t take it!

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