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Acne, pimples, spots

Arnica – for acne where the spots are red/blue in colour and do not easily come to a head. Spots are usually distributed in a symmetrical pattern, i.e. appear on both sides of the face or body. Arnica will speed up the healing process and prevent any infection.

Berberis Aquifolium – to clear a complexion where there is pimply, dry, rough, blotchy or scaly skin – with eruptions particularly bad on the scalp, face and neck. Can be taken with any other skin remedy for improved results.

Calc Sulph – for spots, pimples or acne, especially on the face and neck, which do not heal easily, produce a yellow pus, and bleed if scratched or squeezed.

Hepar Sulph – for pimples or typical teenage acne which comes to a head, bleeds easily and is painful to touch.

Kali Bromatum – for acne of the face, chest and shoulders. This remedy is believed to work better if salt is eliminated from the diet.

Pulsatilla – this remedy suits acne and general skin problems that commence with puberty; or have been a problem since puberty.

Sepia – an excellent remedy for acne and spots in women which are associated with hormonal imbalances and menstrual disorders; eruptions occur on the forehead, neck and around the nose,  mouth and chin areas. Also helpful for acne that occurs around puberty.

Sulphur – for dry scaly, unhealthy-looking skin that itches and burns and produces a yellow pus. The surrounding skin area is very red and feels worse with the heat of the bed, and after bathing or contact with water.

Anxiety, apprehension, fears, worry, panic, worry, depression

Also see Emotional Disease: Bach Flower Remedies, Fears

Aconitum or Rescue Remedy – for intense fear, shock or panic (after an injury or accident and even if you have witnessed an accident), anxiety or emotional turmoil.

Argentum Nitricum (headless chicken type of behaviour) – for anticipatory fears or apprehension – when you panic or are feeling worried about a forthcoming event such as an exam, public appearance, speech, air flight or interview. You feel that time is running out and you must do everything in a great hurry. Possible craving for sweet things.

Arsenicum Alb (anal-type behaviour) – for a feeling of great fear, anxiety or panic accompanied by restlessness and exhaustion. Disturbed by untidiness, disorder or confusion. This remedy is for the perfectionist type who nit-picks, analyses, worries and panics about the minutest detail – making lists for lists, is fastidious, fussy, tiresome and infuriates and nauseates everyone around them!

Feels the cold easily and may develop shortness of breath, an upset stomach or loose stool. Oversensitive to pain, noise and odours. Often accompanied by feeling overly anxious about their health during times of stress. Fear of having some dreaded dis-ease. Worries to excess about germs and hygiene. First remedy for the hypochondriac.

Aurum – this remedy is made from gold and is an important remedy for depression possibly brought on by the loss of love, grief or severe emotional stress where a person becomes despairing, tired of life, discontented and has a profound sense of worthlessness; the person may be full of self-condemnation – always blaming him or herself, and is the epitome of gloom and doom, fearsome, worried, hurried and quarrelsome; cannot stand contradiction and is liable to outbursts of rage with subsequent remorse.

Aurum suits the person whose negativity is brought on or made worse by grey, cold, cloudy days, and is the homeopathic treatment for SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Gelsemium (ostrich type of behaviour) – especially helpful for exam nerves or anticipatory fears, interviews or stage fright where you feel emotionally numb, can’t get yourself motivated and respond by burying your head in the sand like an ostrich. Anxiety brings on a constant need to urinate, a loose stool or diarrhoea. Fear of failure is pronounced.

Kali Phos – an essential brain, nerve, heart and lung nutrient which calms the nervous system and improves symptoms of anxiety, general melancholy, panic, nervous tension, insomnia, depression and hyper-sensitivity.

Lycopodium – for lack of self-confidence and courage. Apprehensive about forthcoming events. Weak memory. Constant fear of breaking down under stress. Little things annoy; extremely sensitive. Melancholic. You may feel that your brain power is fading. Good for calming exam nerves.

Nux Vom – fussy about order and accuracy; likes tidiness and tends to overdo things; scheming; disposed to picking an argument and is highly impatient and irritable.

Talks, eats, walks quickly. Liable to sudden outbursts of rage during extreme stress and is unduly exasperated over contradiction and trifles – feels better after a good blow-up. Known as the workaholic’s remedy. Unlike Arsenicum Alb, this remedy suits the person that is not particularly worried about his or her health.

Good for those who are over-sensitive to and irritated by strong odours, noise, cold and draughts. For best results stop any coffee intake while taking this remedy. Impatiens (Bach Flower Remedy) is helpful for similar symptoms.

Sepia – for moodiness and depression (particularly in women) that includes tearfulness, anger, a desire to run away and escape, feeling over-burdened, desperate, unable to cope or about to lose control; totally exhausted after prolonged stress and strain, argumentative (particularly with loved ones).

Fear is also a prominent emotion – the fear of going mad, of having some incurable dis-ease, or of impending doom! This is my favourite women’s remedy, which has saved many a relationship and marriage.

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Backache, sciatica & spinal disorders

Aconitum – if your back feels numb, stiff or painful; your hip joint and thighs feel lame and you have been feeling anxious, fearful or stressed, then this remedy may help.

Calc Phos – this remedy is suggested for sacroiliitis where there is inflammation and pain of the sacroiliac joint located at either side of the very lower back which produces pain in the lower back, buttocks, groin and the back of the thigh.

Hypericum – an excellent remedy for injury to the back or coccyx with pains that radiate up the spine and down the arms or legs; the pain can be tingling, burning or neuralgic in nature. Good for any pinched nerves or numbness.

Rhus Tox – for pain and stiffness in the neck, lower back, hips, or sciatica pain from the lower back down either thigh, which is always worse during or after sitting or lying down, and feels better from moving about until the joints have loosened up. These symptoms are often brought on by sprain or strain, are worse during cold, damp weather and feel better for rubbing, movement and warmth.

Ruta Grav – another sprains and strains remedy where there is pain in the neck, lower back and thighs or when the spine and legs feel bruised. Lower back pain is always worse in the morning before getting out of bed and during cold weather.

Sepia – a helpful remedy where there is lower back pain; it feels like the back is breaking and is better for pressure with the hand or a small, hard cushion against the area; the limbs, especially the legs, feel weak, unsteady, lame, stiff, heavy or bruised. Pains are always made worse by bending, for example, when doing housework or sitting. Sometimes accompanied by pain under the heel.

Silica – try this remedy for sciatica, and pain and weakness in the hips, back and legs. Possibly accompanied by loss of strength in the legs and painful soles of the feet. Helpful after a spinal injury or where there is pain the coccyx. Gives strength to the bones and aids bone repair and development. (N.B. Silica should not be taken by anyone with breast, dental or other implants.)

Bites, stings, puncture wounds & abrasions

Apis Mel – for a bee sting or anything of similar appearance which swells up, is hot and red, stings, is painful to touch and feels soothed by cold applications.

Arnica – if the area is bruised or feels bruised. Also helps prevent infection. Calendula Cream – for minor bites, stings or abrasions to soothe the skin and promote healing. Acts as an antiseptic and helps prevent any suppuration (festering) or infection.

Echinacea – in a homeopathic strength, this remedy is fantastic for bites and stings in general; helps prevent and treat infection or any septic condition.

Hypericum – in the homeopathic strength, this remedy will assist with painful or bleeding stings, bites or open wounds on any nerve-rich area such as fingers, toes, palms, the lips, tongue and ears. Helps with shooting, neuralgic-type pain. Also for injured nerves from the bites of animals.

Hyper-Cal Solution – this is a mixture of Hypericum and Calendula in a liquid form. Spray directly onto a bite, sting, wound or abrasion. Acts as a painkiller and antiseptic.

Ledum – for bites, stings or puncture wounds that are pale and cold to the touch, but feel better for a cold application; especially mosquito, tick or animal bites.

Rescue Remedy – where there is much panic, fear or anxiety. Use together with another well-indicated remedy.

Silica – this remedy will help to push out caterpillar hairs; plant spikes, thorns and needles, and even dirt that is deeply imbedded in a wound.

Bladder irritations, cystitis & urinary tract complaints

Apis Mel – for a continuous urge to urinate, which does not improve after using the toilet. May be accompanied by soreness, stinging or burning pain when urinating. Urination may be involuntary. You may also notice that some parts of your body begin to swell due to water retention.

Belladonna – for acute urinary tract infection with frequent and profuse incontinence. No thirst with fever.

Berberis Vulgaris – for burning urination with the sensation that a few drops still remain after urinating. Pain down the thighs and loins when urinating. Wandering, radiating pains felt in the lower back and kidney region. This is a good kidney-drainage remedy helpful in cases of recurring bladder or urinary tract infections.

Cantharis – for an intolerable and continuous urge to urinate with unbearable cutting and burning pains before, during and after urination; you may only be able to pass a few drops of urine at a time. The urine may feel like it is burning the skin.

Colocynthis – for pains over the whole abdomen when urinating; also for itching, with intense burning pain.

Berberis Vulgaris & Cantharis make an excellent combination and can be alternated to bring relief for many kidney, urinary tract and bladder disorders.

Bloatedness, distention, flatulence, heartburn & indigestion

Abies Nigrum – try this remedy if you experience indigestion that feels like a hard-boiled egg is stuck somewhere along the oesophagus or before the stomach, or if you feel all plugged up

Arg Nit – use where belching and enormous distention of the abdomen accompanies gastric disturbances; you may crave sweets or sweet things, or symptoms may occur after eating sweets. This is a remedy especially for the nervous, fearful and hurried type of person.

Carbo Veg – helpful where the upper part of the stomach and abdomen feels bloated. Feeling of heaviness, fullness and indigestion after over-eating or drinking. Painful burning in the stomach may extend to the back and chest. You may feel that you must have air, and need to open all the windows. The abdomen is greatly distended/bloated and you cannot bear anything tight around your waist. Bloating is accompanied by lots of burping, which gives temporary relief. Crampy pains may cause you to bend double. Foul flatulence.

Lycopodium – very helpful where there is bloating of the lower abdomen after only a light meal or pastries, bread or other carbohydrates; you may experience heartburn and much flatulence. Symptoms are usually worse between late afternoon and early evening.

Nux Vom – for the person who is very irritable and fault-finding. There is pressure like a stone in the stomach several hours after eating. Heartburn. Heaviness and pain in the stomach. Bloatedness, distention and flatulence. You may want to vomit but cannot. This remedy is excellent after over-indulgence in rich, spicy foods and stimulants.

Bones, aching, injuries & fracture

Arnica – always the first remedy for any injury or bruising.

Bellis Perennis – use after deep tissue injury or surgery.

Calc Phos – assists in the formation of strong, healthy bones. Supportive in the healing of fractures and will complement other bone-healing remedies.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum – in any condition where there is a great deal of bone pain. Use for flu-like symptoms which include great soreness and aching of bones as well as muscles, accompanied by a great thirst.

Symphytum – this remedy will accelerate the healing of all fractures after they have been set by a doctor.

Burns, scalds, abrasions & grazes

Belladonna – use if the skin is red-hot, throbbing or swollen.

Calendula – first skin-healing remedy. Use in tablet form for accelerated healing of any skin burn, scald, abrasion or graze.

Cantharis – for pain and inflammation after any burns or scalds.

Hyper-Cal Solution – a mixture of Hypericum and Calendula in a liquid form. Spray onto a burn or abrasion. Acts as a painkiller and antiseptic.

Rescue cream/remedy – for minor burns and scalds, apply the cream or drops to the skin area as soon as possible.

Cold, runny nose & hayfever

Also see Flu

Aconitum – for a cold that starts suddenly, often at night and may have been caused by exposure to cold. Accompanied by chills, possibly fever, thirst and hot, dry skin.

Allium Cepa – for much sneezing with a watery nasal discharge which burns the upper lip and nostrils, with rawness in the nose. Eyes may also be watery but not burning. Also for sensitivity to odours and spring-time pollens.

Arsenicum – for excessive sneezing with lots of clear, watery nasal discharge which burns a red streak on the upper lip and nostrils. The person feels cold, anxious and restless, and symptoms may be accompanied by thirst, with a wheezy chest and tickling in the nose.

Dulcamara – for typical symptoms of hayfever where eyes are streaming and become puffy and swollen. Eyes may exude a thick yellowy discharge. Also for constant sneezing with profuse watery discharge from nose, which may also become blocked and swollen.Helpful for cold sores on the lips. This is a great remedy for symptoms brought on by freshly cut grass.

Euphrasia – for burning, watery eyes, a non-burning runny nose with sneezing. Absence of fever.

Ferrum Phos – use at the first sign of a cold or runny nose. Combine with other well-indicated remedies.

Hepar Sulph – nose may start running and then become stuffy and blocked-up with a thick, slimy yellow or greeny/yellow mucus. Person feels very sensitive and chilly. May be accompanied by sinus pain and painful cold sores.

Kali Bich – if your nose and/or sinuses are blocked up with a thick greeny/yellow, glutinous/stringy mucus, this remedy is great!

Nat Mur – for symptoms that start suddenly with violent sneezing, and streaming eyes and nose. Headache. Eyes are red, sore and itchy. Tickling in the throat. Loss of taste and smell. The person may have a desire for salty foods.

Sabadilla – for spasmodic and violent sneezing with blocked nostrils and copious watery discharge from the nose; watering from the eyes with redness and burning of the eyes and eye lids; snoring. May be accompanied by a dry sore throat with much tough phlegm which is difficult to move. The person may have the sensation of a lump in the throat causing a constant desire to swallow. No thirst. Desire for warm food and drink, which brings some relief.

Collapse, fainting & dizziness (vertigo)

Arg Nit – for dizziness and headache which may be accompanied by nervousness, anxiety, fearfulness and trembling/shaking, and buzzing in the ears.

Arnica – for dizziness and faintness as a result of trauma. The sufferer is pale with a weak pulse and may refuse help, insisting that he/she is okay.

Carbo Veg – for symptoms typical of fainting and collapse including cold perspiration on face – face is pale; lips possibly blue. The person needs air, i.e. wants to be fanned hard and have windows open. Dizziness with nausea and tinnitus (noises/ringing in the ears).

Will also assist with accompanying digestive disturbances. Helpful when a person has not fully recovered from a previous illness.

Cocculus – very helpful for dizziness and nausea, and symptoms typical of motion sickness.

Phosphorus – for dizziness with faintness especially after rising from a seated position, sometimes with numbness and/or tingling in the arms and hands. This remedy is especially helpful for dizziness and poor balance in the aged.


Bryonia – use if the stool is hard and dry, with a thirst for large glasses of cold drinks at irregular intervals. Person is often irritable.

Nux Vom – for constipation accompanied by frequent yet ineffectual urging to stool. Frequent, small evacuations. Irritability and impatience. Itchy, blind haemorrhoids may also be present.

Lycopodium – for constipation with ineffectual urging. Accompanied by bloating and much flatulence.

Nat Mur – for constipation where the stool is very dry and crumbling.

Sepia – for constipation where stools are hard, round dark-brown balls, glued together with mucus. Prolapsed rectum.

Silica – if you tend to pass a hard, dry stool only after much straining, and the stool seems to slip back. Great straining; rectum stings. For constipation which may be accompanied by fissures and haemorroids. Faeces remains in the rectum for a long time.

(N.B. Silica should not be taken by anyone with breast, dental or other implants.)


Aconitum – for a cough that starts suddenly, often at night and may have been caused by exposure to cold. Accompanied by chills, fever with hot, dry skin and possibly wheezing and a sore throat. Person may be very thirsty.

Ant Tart – for a rattling cough with glutinous white phlegm which is difficult to cough up and leaves one feeling exhausted and out of breath. The chest seems overloaded with mucus. Symptoms may be accompanied by a burning sensation in the chest as well as drowsiness.

Bryonia – for the typical dry, hacking cough that sounds tight and is accompanied by irritation/soreness in the throat and trachea (windpipe), with frequent desire to take a deep breath. Accompanied by hoarseness, headache and a big thirst for long cold drinks at infrequent intervals.

Drosera – for a spasmodic, dry, irritating cough with frequent and continuous coughing fits that take your breath away and may end with gagging, retching or vomiting. Cough made worse by talking, laughing or running around. Often worse after lying down. Any mucus may be yellowish. Cough and voice become very deep and hoarse. There is the sensation of crumbs or a feather in the throat. Often accompanied by sore throat and wheezing. No thirst.

Dulcamara – this remedy will help a teasing, tickling, loose, rattling cough that starts after exposure to cold, wet conditions, physical exercise or exertion. Phlegm is difficult to cough up, which causes hoarseness. May be accompanied by a blocked nose with thick, yellow mucus and symptoms of hayfever, including congestion and inflammation of the eyes.

Hepar Sulph – for a painful, hoarse, rattling, barking cough that brings up yellow-green phlegm. Croup. Person has an aversion to cold and wants to wrap up warmly. For croup in children, alternate with Spongia & Aconitum. Also see Croup

Ipecac – for an incessant wheezy, suffocating cough with shortness of breath. Croup. Chest sounds full of phlegm but does not yield to coughing. Hoarseness or complete loss of voice. Cough is accompanied by retching, vomiting and nausea. Little thirst.

Phosphorus – for a dry, hard, tight, hacking cough with chest pain and a tickling, painful larynx (voice box) that does not subside after using Bryonia. Accompanied by great hoarseness or complete loss of voice. It is difficult to talk. Person may experience a sweetish taste while coughing. Feeling of tightness or a big weight across the chest. Any phlegm may be rusty coloured or slightly blood-streaked. Person may have a continuous, intense thirst for icy cold drinks.

Pulsatilla – for a cough that is dry in the evening and at night, but is very wet and full of yellowy/green phlegm in the morning. Symptoms are often accompanied by nose, eye or ear congestion with a thick, creamy yellowy/green discharge. May be accompanied by tearfulness and the need for fresh air. You may want to sleep with lots of pillows. No thirst.

Spongia – for a suffocating, dry, burning, constricted, grating, sawing, barking, wheezing, asthmatic cough. Talking is difficult and symptoms may be accompanied by a dry, burning sore throat. Rapid pulse. Very helpful for croup in children – especially when the child (who may have awoken suddenly in the middle of the night) is having difficulty breathing, is extremely anxious and frightened, and feels as if he or she suffocating.

In this case, give Rescue Remedy immediately to calm the child. Croup is always improved with steam – so put the child into a steamy bathroom. Alternate Spongia with Hepar Sulph, Aconitum and further Rescue Remedy if necessary.


Also see Cough

Emergency steps for handling croup (a dry, barking, suffocating cough)

1. Give Rescue Remedy – children get very panicky when they struggle to breath and this will have a calming effect.

2. Give Aconitum 200c – immediately and again 5 minutes later.

3. Steam – turn on the hot tap of the shower and allow the bathroom to become steamed up. Hold the child on your lap in the bathroom (away from the hot steam) and allow him/her to breathe in the steamy air. Keep the door of the bathroom closed to keep the steam in.

4. Give Hepar Sulph 200c & Spongia 200c.  Alternate these remedies every 5 minutes until the child is breathing easily and is calm. When the child is relaxed, stop the steam treatment.

5. Thereafter, continue with the Croup Trio of Remedies which work very well together at any time for croup. These are Aconitum, Hepar Sulph & Spongia. At the first sign of croup (a dry, barking, suffocating cough) alternate with these three remedies, for example Aconitum at 1.00pm, Hepar Sulph at 1.30pm, Spongia at 2.00pm, Aconitum at 2.30pm, Hepar Sulph at 3pm, etc. If the symptoms change, stop using the current remedy and select another remedy that describes the new symptoms.

Cuts, sores, wounds, bruises

Aconitum – is known as the ‘Arnica for eye injury’ and can be given with Arnica.

Arnica – (taken orally in a homeopathic tablet, spray or pillule form) – the first remedy for all bruises and injury. Will speed up and assist the healing process of all injuries resulting from an impact to the body such as a blow, fall, graze or contusion (damage to the skin and underlying tissue) resulting in lameness, bruising, bleeding and pain that feels worse from the lightest touch and motion; the sufferer will have a great fear of being touched and not want anyone near the painful area. This remedy will also assist with preventing infection of an open wound. Works well with Aconitum.

Bellis Perennis – after deep tissue injury, surgery or any deep cut into muscle tissue.

Calc Sulph – for cuts, wounds and bruises which may be infected and discharging pus, and which are slow to heal.

Calendula (apply topically in gel, lotion or cream form, or take orally in tablet, spray or pillule form) – the first remedy for skin healing. Use for any open wound or sore to promote rapid healing. Especially helpful for the scalp and eye areas.

Hypericum – the first remedy for all cuts and open wounds, especially if located on an area rich in nerves, such as the face, lips, hands, fingers, toes and nails; also for intolerable pain.

Ledum Palustre – especially helpful for any puncture wounds, and animal or insect bites.

Staphysagria – excellent remedy for simple cuts and puncture wounds.

Symphytum – for bruises to the eye and any bony area. Use with Arnica.

Digestive disorders, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, food poisoning

Also see Dizziness (vertigo) & nausea

Arg Nit – for nausea, retching, vomiting with a painful spot over the stomach that radiates to all parts of the abdomen. With burping and flatulence. Colic, with enormous distension of abdomen. Great craving for sweets.

Arsenicum Alb – the first remedy for vomiting and diarrhoea. For cases of mild food poisoning with nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, anxiety, fever with cold sweats, feeling cold, weak, trembling and faintness. Possible burning sensation in stomach. Cannot bear the sight or smell of food. Great thirst for frequent small sips. Can alternate this remedy with Carbo Veg.

Carbo Veg – use when the stomach is extremely bloated and you need to burp constantly. You feel faint and short of breath and need lots of fresh air in spite of feeling cold. For constrictive pains in the stomach extending to the chest, with great bloating, flatulence and distention of the abdomen.

The pain makes you bend over double. Cannot bear anything around the waist – need to loosen your belt. Alternate this remedy with Arsenicum Alb if vomiting and diarrhoea are present.

Cocculus – the traveller’s remedy – helpful for symptoms of motion sickness that start after a plane, car or boat journey. A very useful remedy for symptoms of nausea and vomiting with dizziness; great disgust at the thought or smell of food; the abdomen feels bloated and is painful with any movement – feels full of sharp stones; the sufferer wants to lie down flat and not move.

Cuprum – the greatest remedy for nausea with severe colic/cramps, abdominal spasms. Spasmodic, watery diarrhoea. Giddiness often accompanies ailments.

Ipecac – for constant nausea and vomiting with a flow of excess saliva in the mouth (small children may dribble). No thirst. A clutching or cutting pain around the navel area. When lying down, the person will be stretched out and rigid (as opposed to doubled over with pain).

Nux Vom – for nausea, vomiting and much retching as a result of over-indulgence in food or drink. Weight and pain felt in the stomach with lots of gas and indigestion. Great feeling of bloatedness. Very irritable and fault-finding. See also for Hangover.

Phosphorus – particularly helpful for post-operative vomiting.

Pulsatilla – pain in stomach a long time after eating rich foods. The taste of food remains. There is weight in the stomach like a stone – food feels undigested. Bitter taste in the mouth. No thirst with dry mouth.

Dizziness (vertigo), vomiting & nausea

Also see Digestive disorders; Jetlag, travel sickness

Aconitum – for dizziness that is worse when rising in the morning or shaking one’s head. May be accompanied by feelings of anxiety, fear or worry. Headache may be of the bursting, burning type (feels like hot water in the head). Great thirst.

Arg Nit – for dizziness when you are feeling shaky and nervous, possibly with anticipatory fears.

Belladonna – for dizziness which comes on suddenly; feels as though you may fall over sideways or backwards. May be accompanied by a severe throbbing headache which is made worse by lying down flat. You cannot bear the slightest noise or movement.

Bryonia – for dizziness accompanied by nausea. Also for a bursting, splitting headache affecting the eyes, sinuses and back of the head and which is made worse by any movement. Great irritability.

Carbo Veg – for dizziness, faintness with nausea and possible ringing in the ears. Urgent need for fresh air and to be fanned. Nausea in the morning after over-indulgence. The smell of food is unbearable.

Cocculus – for dizziness, nausea, faintness and vomiting brought on by motion. The first remedy for motion (travel/car/sea) sickness. You need to lie completely flat and not move (as opposed to doubling over with pain). Moving your head can bring on these symptoms.

Cuprum – the greatest nausea remedy! Helpful where giddiness accompanies ailments.

Gelsemium – for dizziness and drowsiness which spreads from the back of the head, accompanied by a dull, heavy headache with heaviness in the eyelids. Muscular weakness, listlessness and tiredness. Need to lie down, be quiet and be left alone.

Ipecac – use in cases where there is much nausea and little or no vomiting and low thirst. Also helpful for a spasmodic coughing fit that ends in the vomiting of much mucus.

Petroleum – similar to Cocculus, this remedy will help symptoms of motion sickness or wherever there is great dizziness (especially on rising) which feels like seasickness, possibly accompanied by nausea with hunger – strangely, eating improves the nausea.

Sepia – a great women’s remedy for dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Helps with nausea in the morning before eating and possibly vomiting after eating. Cannot bear the smell or sight of certain foods. Particularly helpful in pregnancy. May feel moody, irritable and tearful.

Earache, pain, infection & disorders

Belladonna – for a tearing/throbbing pain in the middle and external ear. Swollen glands with fever. No thirst. Dry skin.

Calc Carb – for ear infection accompanied by lots of nasal mucus (clear or yellow), cracking noises in the ears; a good remedy for recurring ear infections in young children that never seem to clear up.

Chamomilla – for earache and ringing in the ears; person may feel angry and be difficult to please. Fever.

Ferrum Phos – for noises, throbbing and early stage of ear inflammation or infection. Hepar Sulph – use where there is a foul-smelling, greeny/yellow pus discharge with sharp sticking or stinging pains, whizzing or throbbing that extends to the temple and around the eye, together with noises and/or deafness; the ear is extremely sore to touch.

Possibly accompanied by sinusitis, eye inflammation or inflammation of the mastoid gland behind the ear. Especially suited to the person who feels chilly, extremely irritable, melancholic or miserable and is upset by the slightest thing.

Kali Sulph – use in the later stages of an infection where there is blockage of the Eustachian tubes and possibly a creamy yellow discharge from the ear. No fever.

Merc Dulcis – for most ear troubles. Ear infection with orange/coppery-coloured discharge, swollen glands, feeling feverish with chills, sweaty/clammy skin, excess salivation and possibly a sore throat and offensive breath. Great thirst.

Mercurius Sol – useful where there is a severe sticking pain in the ears, especially at night; possibly a yellow discharge from the ears which may be streaked with blood and be foul smelling; often accompanied by a sore throat, swollen glands, sweating and an intolerance of both heat and cold. Great thirst. Intolerant of extreme heat or cold. Can be taken with Merc Dulcis.

Nux Vom – for itching in the ears, especially accompanied by irritability.

Petroleum – a helpful remedy for eczema in and around the ears with intense itchiness, diminished hearing and blocked Eustachian tubes. All symptoms are worse in winter and may be accompanied by dizziness.

Pulsatilla – for earache or ear infection which may be accompanied by yellowish/green discharge with an offensive odour. Pain is often worse at night. May be accompanied by inflammation of the eyes showing a thick, yellow discharge and blocked nasal passages with a yellow-green discharge of mucus. Dry mouth with offensive odour. Moody and tearful. No thirst. Intolerant of heat in any form with a great desire to keep cool. Person feels better in the open air.

Ears – noises in the ear, sensitive hearing & deafness

Belladonna – for ringing of bells, throbbing.

Calc Fluor – for deafness, ringing or roaring in the ears.

Causticum – for echoing of one’s own voice.

Chamomilla – for earache and ringing in the ears; feeling angry and difficult to please.

Ferrum Phos – for pulsating, throbbing, humming in the ears.

Graphites – helpful for buzzing, hissing, ringing of bells; cracking or snapping noises; deafness.

Hepar Sulph – whizzing and throbbing in the ears with difficult hearing.

Kali Mur – snapping or cracking sounds when blowing nose; chewing, sneezing or swallowing.

Kali Phos – for humming and buzzing noises in the ears; possibly accompanied by mental and physical exhaustion.

Nux Vom – for sensitive hearing where loud noises are almost painful and make you irritable and angry.

Petroleum – helpful for deafness or diminished hearing with ringing and cracking noises in the ear and sensitivity to noise, especially when lots of people talk together.

Pulsatilla – a helpful remedy where hearing has weakened and ears feel stuffed up or filled with water.

Emergency, First Aid – QUICK REFERENCE

Abdominal cramps – Colocynthis, Cuprum, Mag Phos, Carbo Veg

Animal bite – Arnica, Ledum, Hypericum

Bee sting – Apis Mel

Bites & stings – Urticaria, Ledum, Arnica

Bleeding – Ferrum Phos, Hamamelis, Phosphorus

Bone fracture or bruising – Arnica, Symphytum, Ruta Grav

Breathing difficulty/shortness of breath – Carbo Veg, Aconitum, Spongia

Bruising – Arnica

Burns & scalds – Cantharis

Concussion – Arnica, Nat Sulph, Rescue Remedy

Cramps & spasms – Colocynthis, Cuprum, Mag Phos

Croup – Spongia, Hepar Sulph, Aconitum

Crushed or damaged nerves, fingers & toes – Hypericum, Arnica, Ledum

Cuts, deep into the muscle – Bellis Perennis, Arnica

Dizziness – Bryonia

Near drowning/period of lack of oxygen – Carbo Veg, Aconitum

Earache – Belladonna, Ferrum Phos, Hepar Sulph

Eye inflammation – Belladonna (if sudden), Euphrasia

Eye injury – Arnica, Aconitum, Symphytum, Ledum Fear – Aconitum, Arsenicum Alb

Fever – Belladonna, Ferrum Phos

Hangover – Bryonia, Nux Vom

Headache – Belladonna, Bryonia, Nux Vom

Head injury – Nat Sulph, Arnica, Rescue Remedy

Heart palpitation/pains near the heart – Aconitum

Inflammation & swelling – Arnica, Ferrum Phos, Aconitum, Belladonna, Apis Mel

Injury – Arnica, Aconitum

Nausea – Cuprum, Ipecac, Cocculus, Carbo Veg

Nosebleed – Phosphorus, Arnica

Oxygen, lack of – Carbo Veg, Aconitum

Pain – Arnica, Hypericum, Mag Phos, Chamomilla

Panic – Aconitum, Rescue Remedy

Post-operative disorders – Phosphorus Rash – Rhus Tox, Urtica Urens

Sciatica – Mag Phos; Rhus Tox; Colocynthis

Shock – Aconitum, Arnica, Rescue Remedy

Sprains & strains – Rhus Tox, Arnica, Aconitum, Ruta, Symphytum

Stings & bites – Ledum, Urtica Urens, Apis Mel

Sunburn – Ferrum Phos, Belladonna, Cantharis

Sunstroke – Belladonna, Glonoinum, Bryonia

Toothache – Chamomilla, Mag Phos, Arnica, Ferrum Phos

Travel sickness – Cocculus

Vomiting – Arsenicum Alb, Ipecac, Cocculus, Carbo Veg, Aconitum (with or after panic)

Wounds (bleeding) – Arnica, Hamamelis, Phosphorus, Hypericum

Wounds (puncture) – Ledum, Hypericum

Emergency, First Aid Kit at home

It is advisable to always have the following remedies available at home (see Emergency First Aid for uses):

Bach’s Rescue Remedy or Aconitum


Arsenicum Alb


Carbo Veg





Mag Phos


Rhus Tox

Emergency, First Aid, Injury

Aconitum – for shock, panic attack, intense fear. This remedy is of special value for heart palpitations and pains near or around the heart area; it is good for eye injuries and has been described as the ‘Arnica for the eye’. Use for a suffocating asthma attack or a violently dry, croupy cough with great anxiety and restlessness. (For croup or a severe, dry, barking cough, alternate with Hepar Sulph & Spongia & Rescue Remedy). Very useful for generalised pain or inflammation with a huge thirst.

Apis Mel – for bee stings, or any swelling or inflammation that is similar to a bee sting which feels hot and sensitive to the touch, has a burning or stinging pain, and where heat cannot be tolerated in any form.

Arnica – for wounds that bleed profusely; bruises; traumatic injuries; concussion; post-operative disorders such as bruising and bleeding; sprains and strains. A remedy for preventing infection or sepsis. For puncture wounds caused by bites, needles, thorns, nails, splinters and glass, take Arnica as the first remedy, as well as Ledum.

Arsenicum Alb – for nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever with chills; any symptoms of food poisoning or severe gastroenteritis.

Belladonna – for high fever (without thirst), sunburn or sunstroke; toothache; headache; general inflammation including sudden eye inflammation; sudden patches or widespread hot/burning rash or red inflammation of the skin.

Bellis Perennis – from the same family as Arnica, encourages and speeds up the repair of any deep tissue injury.

Bryonia – for a bursting, splitting frontal headache that affects the eyes, which are sore to move; pain is also experienced at the back of the head and neck; will also help with dehydration (with a big thirst), nausea, dizziness, irritability and a desire to be left alone.

Cantharis – for burns, scalds, sunburn, acute cystitis.

Carbo Veg – known as the ‘corpse reviver’ – extremely helpful for fainting; collapse; near drowning; when there is an obvious lack of oxygen (blue-ish tone to the skin, especially the lips) with a cold sweat on the head and face; the person wants lots of air or to be fanned; also for abdominal cramps with nausea and vomiting that forces the person to double over with pain.

Chamomilla – for teething, toothache, pain, anger, extreme restlessness.

Colocynthis – the first remedy to try for severe abdominal pain, cramps and spasms.

Cuprum – for cramps and spasms anywhere in the body; nausea.

Euphrasia – for any eye irritation, inflammation, infection, or allergic reaction (e.g. to cats and dogs) that has a severe effect on the eyes.

Ferrum Phos – this is the first remedy for any sign of inflammation, fever or bleeding, and can accompany another well-indicated remedy.

Glonoinum – for headache and symptoms of sunstroke.

Hamamelis – for traumatic inflammation with bleeding; of great value in assisting with open, painful wounds and where there is weakness from loss of blood, including profusely bleeding haemorroids.

Hepar Sulph – a remedy that accompanies Spongia & Aconitum in the treatment of croup. For many parents, croup is a very scary respiratory disorder that might often be treated as a crisis, but it is surprisingly easy to treat with the right remedies. Also see Croup

Hypericum – the ‘Arnica for the nerves’ – for crushed fingers and toes, or compressed nerves in the spine; coccyx injury; damage or painful scratches to the nerves of the face especially the lips, inner mouth, ears and palms. Also for injured nerves from animal bites.

Ipecac – especially helpful for constant and severe nausea that is not relieved by vomiting; for severe morning sickness in pregnancy.

Ledum – for insect bites, puncture wounds.

Mag Phos – use as a general painkiller; for toothache where anything cold is unbearable and warmth reduces or stops the pain; for abdominal cramps or spasms where the sufferer bends over double with pain, which is improved by a warm application (such as a hot water bottle, or a warm bed); for sciatica, especially down the right leg.

Nux Vom – an excellent hangover remedy which is great for associated symptoms (whether you have overindulged or not!) such as headache, nausea, dizziness, an upset stomach, constipation, irritability, and feeling stressed and impatient. Also a remedy for digestion disorders resulting from over-indulgence.

Nat Sulph – for head injury or concussion. Phosphorus – for a profuse nose-bleed or to reduce any bleeding.

Rhus Tox – for sprained or strained joints, muscles or tendons; for a widespread intensely itchy red rash (urticaria or dermatitis) that is either speckled (measles-looking), blistering, scaly, or where the skin appears red and inflamed. Thirsty.

Ruta Graveolens – for sprained or strained muscles or tendons, especially of small joints (e.g. fingers); eye strain.

Spongia – for a suffocating, dry, grating, sawing, barking cough that may bring up a little orange coloured phlegm. First remedy for croup or a severe dry, barking cough in children – especially when the child wakes after midnight and is extremely anxious and feels as though he or she is suffocating. In this case, first give Rescue Remedy to calm the child. Alternate with Hepar Sulph & Aconitum.

Symphytum – to speed up the healing of an eye injury or bone fracture; encourages bone repair.

Urtica Urens – for insect, animal and plant stings, (e.g. stinging nettles, blue bottles, wasps).

NOTE: In all cases of emergency, give Bach’s Rescue Remedy together with other well-indicated remedies.

Emotional dis-ease: Bach Flower Remedies

Dosage: Put two drops in a glass of water and sip at intervals. In an emergency take two drops under the tongue or directly into the mouth. For more chronic emotional dis-ease, I suggest 10 drops of each remedy (you can mix up to 7 remedies together) in a one-litre bottle of water. Carry it around with you and sip throughout the day.

Agrimony – Suffers in silence, hides emotional distress and turmoil behind a brave face. Does not want others to know of their suffering. Internal torture. Cannot bear confrontation or upset of any kind.

Aspen – Fears of unknown origin which sufferer cannot speak of because it is difficult to explain. Fears that are not clearly understood or recognised. Feels a sense of apprehension or foreboding. Typical fears of young children.

Beech – Intolerant. Critical. Passes judgements. Lacks humility. Nothing is right. Lacks understanding and sees only the worst in others.

Centaury – Weak-willed. Too easily influenced and willing to serve. Submissive. Imprudent in giving to others. Helpful after a prolonged illness.

Cerato – Knows his own mind and can make decisions but there is distrust of self. Doubts own ability. Seeks confirmation, advice or reassurance from others. Foolish. Talkative. Has definite opinions. Persistent questioning.

Cherry Plum – Fear of death. Fear of losing mental control and of doing frightful things. On the verge of a nervous breakdown – suicidal, depressed.

Chestnut Bud – Fails to learn from experience. Lacks observation. Needs repetition. Tends to forget the past.

Chicory – Possessiveness. Self-love. Self-pity. Tyrants. Always correcting others. Emotional toxicity.

Clematis – Day-dreamer. Inattentive and indifferent. Pre-occupied with thoughts rather than actions. Reflects constantly on fantasies and finds it hard to come down to earth. Escapes reality. Apathetic. Mediumistic. Heavy sleepers.

Crab Apple – Self-disgust. Self-condemnation. Just don’t like themselves. Cleanser. Despair. Over-concentration on trivia/unimportant details. Despondency. Restores a sense of proportion.

Elm – Occasional feelings of inadequacy. Exhaustion from over-striving for perfection. Excessive ambition and enthusiasm. Responsibility is proving too weighty and inadequacy is creeping in.

Gentian – Doubt, despondency, discouragement. Negative outlook. Refuse to believe their own lack of faith. Easily discouraged. First stage of hopelessness.

Gorse – Hopeless despair. Lost heart. Good in long illness. Feels incurable and that suffering is inevitable. ‘I’ll try it, but what’s the use?’ Needs sunshine. Intermediate state of hopelessness.

Heather – Self-centred. Self concern. Poor listeners. Need to talk – about ailments, self, trivia.

Holly – Hatred, envy, jealousy, suspicion. For all that is not love. Insecurity. Aggression worse from hatred.

Honeysuckle – Mind is enslaved by the past whether memories are of happier days or full of regrets and sorrow. Nostalgic. Homesick. Removes regrets and sorrows.

Hornbeam – Tiredness, weariness. Mental and physical exhaustion. Can’t face the day. Doubts ability yet finds the strength to carry on. Gives backbone.

Impatiens – Impatience, irritability, extreme mental tension. Prefers to work alone and does not like to be hindered by others who are slow. Active, nervous, does everything quickly. Seems to be in a race.

Larch – Lack of confidence. Expects to fail and therefore makes no attempt. Feels less capable than others. False modesty in admiration of others.

Mimulus – Fears of a known origin. Fears and anxiety about all the hazards of difficulties of everyday life. Fear of any definite thing or situation. Shy. Hides anxieties. Afraid or nervous of demanding situations.

Mustard – Black depression. Melancholy. Gloom. Hopeless despair for no reason. All thoughts are of self. A cloud across their sun.

Oak – Despairing yet never ceases efforts. Inner strength is beginning to fade yet still gets on with life. Courageous and does not mind that others know of their trials. Discontent from poor health interfering with work. Reliable. Dependable. Likes to help others. Restores the natural fighting spirit.

Olive – Complete exhaustion. Mental fatigue. Long-suffering under adverse conditions. Mind and body are utterly weary and drained. Everything is an effort. Helpful in convalescence.

Pine – Self reproach. Feelings of guilt. Never content with achievements. Too humble and apologetic. Feels guilty for own errors and is even prepared to blame self for others’ mistakes.

Red Chestnut – Excessive fear. Anxiety for others. Fears the worst and anticipates others’ misfortunes.

Rescue Remedy (a mix of Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem – Use for any kind of emergency.

Rock Rose – Terror. Panic. Extreme fright. Frightened for others who are sick or injured.

Rock Water – Self-repression. Self-denial. Martyrdom. Strong opinions. Strict. Sense of spiritual pride. Hard task-masters. Scrupulous.

Scleranthus – Uncertain, indecisive, hesitant. In two minds. Finds it difficult to say yes or no. Cannot choose or make decisions. Swayed between two things or possibilities. Experiences extremes. Unreliable.

Star of Bethlehem – After-effects of physical or mental shock. Trauma and suppressed trauma. Ailments with no apparent cause.

Sweet Chestnut – Extreme mental anguish. Hopeless despair at limit of endurance. Utter despair and anguish. Feels utterly alone.

Vervain – Strain, stress, tension, over-enthusiasm, over-effort. Will is too strong for body and the person ‘lives on their nerves’. Time seems to be working against you. Feels tense and frustrated. Strong opinion imposed on others.

Vine – Dominating, forceful, ambitious, efficient, strong-willed. Quick-thinkers in emergency. Like to lay down the law and want things done their way. No desire to convert others, just expect obedience.

Walnut – Need to break free from past influences but unable to adjust to new surroundings or conditions of life. Helps with change and to move on. Oversensitive to ideas and influences. Definite ideals and ambitions, yet can be swayed by stronger personality.

Water Violet – Proud, quiet, gentle. Great inner peace and serenity. Shows little emotion and prefers not to become involved in the affairs of others. Goes their own way. Aloof. Bears grief in silence. Condescending.

White Chestnut – Persistent unwanted thoughts; mental arguments and internal conversation. Insomnia from thoughts. Obsession.

White Oat – Uncertainty, despondency, dissatisfaction. Talented. Definite characters. Uncertain of how to proceed. Never knows what he wants.

Wild Rose – Resignation. Apathetic with no set ambition. Does not complain. Believes in fate and accepts his lot in life. No joy or pleasures. Surrenders to ‘life as a struggle’. Makes little effort. Believes if it’s going to happen, it will happen.

Willow – Resentment, bitterness. Blames everyone but himself for everything. Feels life has been very unfair. Feels unjustly singled out. Has a chip on his shoulder because life has treated him badly. Takes without giving. Self pity – ‘poor me’.

Exam nerves & mental focus

Kali Phos – one of the greatest nerve remedies. For mental and/or physical exhaustion with anxiety brought on by excitement, overwork or worry. Brain fag, possibly accompanied by poor memory, irritability and dizziness. A great remedy for students.

Gelsemium – useful where fear is accompanied by trembling, muscular weakness, and possibly diarrhoea from emotional excitement or nervousness.

Lycopodium – especially helpful with apprehension, poor memory and failing brain power. Also helpful in cases of confused thoughts, forgetfulness, getting words muddled up and mistakes in writing. Improves self-confidence and reduces the fear of breaking down under stress.

Mag Phos – helpful if you feel tired, lethargic and can’t think clearly.

Silica – suits the nervous and excitable type who is sensitive to all influences; is faint-hearted, anxious and full of apprehension – too timid to undertake things. The person is lethargic and wants to sit or lie down all the time. Gives a sense of courage; improves confidence and mental clarity. Helpful where there is a lack of oomph or grit!

(N.B. Silica should not be taken by anyone with breast, dental or other implants.)

Exhaustion – Mental/physical fatigue

Kali Phos – one of the best brain, nerve, heart and lung remedies. For mental and/or physical exhaustion brought on by excitement, overwork or worry. Brain fag. Poor memory, irritability, dizziness, shortness of breath on exertion, anxiety or feeling of panic; disinclined to socialise or go out.

Nat Mur – use for a general feeling of tiredness, weakness and weariness (especially in the morning in bed) accompanied by lightheadedness; headaches and irritability/emotional tension.

Mag Phos – this remedy is excellent for general muscular weakness.

Eye inflammation/strain, conjunctivitis, styes, injury, blocked tear duct

Aconitum – known as the ‘Arnica for eyes’ – consider for all eye injuries accompanied by emotional trauma, upset or fearfulness. Also use for a black eye or injury to the eyeball. Use as soon as possible after injury.

Arnica – for any bruising to the eye or surrounding eye area; also for sore, strained eyes after prolonged study or computer work.

Aurum – a good stye remedy or where there is extreme pain in the bones around the eye with pain in the eye and into the eyeballs; sticking pains moving into the eyes. May be accompanied by pains in the head and bones of the forehead extending to the face and facial bones; inflammation of the mastoid gland behind the ear. Will also help a feeling of self-condemnation, worthlessness, despair or depression. Person may be greatly irritated by contradiction.

Belladonna – helpful for pink or red eyes or inflammation accompanied by burning pains, dilated pupils and hypersensitivity to light.

Calendula – encourages rapid healing after any eye injury. Can be used in lotion and/or tablet form.

Euphrasia – an excellent remedy for many eye troubles including dry, burning, scratchy, irritated eyes. Use in cases of conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis or hayfever where lids are swollen and the edges of the lids are red and sore; possibly with a thick sticky discharge. Eyes water constantly.

Ferrum Phos – for the early stages of inflammation where the eyes appear inflamed or feel irritated and sore.

Hepar Sulph – an excellent remedy for conjunctivitis where there is a profuse discharge of yellowy/green pus; eye and eyelids are red, cracked, inflamed and extremely sore to touch or when exposed to the slightest draft; the eyeballs themselves feel painful; there may be a boring pain in the bones surrounding the eye and eyebrow area. The sufferer feels chilly, extremely irritable, melancholic or miserable, and is upset by the slightest thing.

Kali Bich – this remedy is very helpful if the eyelids burn and are swollen and the eyes ooze with a stringy/ropy, yellow discharge; particularly when accompanied by sinus congestion or nasal mucus of a thick, yellow stringy consistency.

Ledum – the primary remedy for a black eye. Can be taken together with Arnica for bruising and/or any puncture wound.

Pulsatilla – for eyes that are inflamed and ooze a thick yellow discharge. Also for eyes that itch, burn and water profusely. Eyelids are glued together in the morning, and lids are inflamed. Styes.

Ruta Grav – this is your best eye-strain remedy in cases where the eyes are red, hot, sore and tired as a result of lengthy reading or computer work. Often accompanied by headache.

Silica – use for a stye or to clear a blocked or swollen tear duct.

Staphysagria – the first remedy for styes.

Symphytum – use with Calendula for painful and traumatic injuries to the eye area and eye.

(N.B. Silica should not be taken by anyone with breast, dental or other implants.)

Tip: For a stye, rub a gold ring vigorously on a piece of cloth – this energises the ring – and quickly place the ring on the stye. Repeat often. An old wives’ tale but effective because the frequency of gold that is emitted from the gold ring during rubbing is the same frequency captured in the homeopathic remedy Aurum (made from gold), which is useful for pain and inflammation of the eyes and surrounding areas! For eye injury, alternate Symphytum with Arnica.

Fears, travel nerves & fears

Also see Emotional Dis-ease: Bach Flower Remedies; Anxiety

Aconitum – for a sudden and intense feeling of panic, anxiety or worry. Feeling fearful of almost anything especially sudden death, crowds, driving, injury, etc. Accompanied by heart palpitations, dizziness and possibly even nausea. This is your typical ‘panic attack’ remedy.

Arg Nit – for fear of heights or high places, flying, claustrophobia, high walls and buildings falling on you. Helpful if you feel hurried and that the time passes too slowly. This is the typical ‘headless chicken’ remedy. Symptoms may be accompanied by dizziness and an intoxicated, light-headed feeling.

Arsenicum Alb – for fear of robbers, death, ghosts, of being alone, or while alone. Helpful for fears and worries about physical safety and security – for the person who needs to keep checking that the doors are locked, etc. The person is very sensitive to disorder and confusion, and wants things neat, tidy, organised, detailed and pre-planned in order to feel more relaxed and in control.

Borax – for fear of downward motion such as in a lift or escalator; when putting a child down to sleep they cling to you with sudden panic.

Bryonia – this is helpful in cases where there is great fear of poverty or financial ruin and where the person cannot stop talking or thinking about work or business.

Gelsemium – for anticipatory fears such as the fear of falling, public places or failure. Helpful for occasions where a person feels numb with fear.

Lycopodium – for fear of having a break-down under stress; fear of making a speech or appearing before a large gathering; fear of public speaking; fear of failure; fear of being alone yet fear of people.

Phosphorus – for fear of lightening or thunderstorms.

Pulsatilla – for fear or anxiety about separation which leads to clinginess, tearfulness and emotional changeability. Fear of a loved one being harmed.

Silica – fear of needles, pins or injections.

Also try Rescue Remedy for feelings of fear, panic, terror, shock, etc.


In all cases of high fever (39°C or above) that does not seem to be coming down – seek help immediately. Consult your homeopath, health practitioner or GP as soon as possible.

Aconitum – in the case of a rapidly rising, very high burning fever/temperature with excessive thirst; dry, hot skin; restlessness; anxiety and no sweating, this remedy should be your first consideration.

Arsenicum – for a fever with great thirst but the person only wants to sip small amounts of water at a time. Person feels chilly and wants to keep warm.

Belladonna – use with the sudden onset of a rapidly rising and high fever; skin is hot and dry (with little perspiration) and the person feels drowsy or irritable and excitable. Temperature gets highest at night, with moaning or groaning during sleep. Thirst is minimal (person may display an abhorrence of liquids which is unusual for a feverish state); loss of appetite; a sensation of throbbing and pulsations in the body; much heat is felt in the body; dry, hot, red burning skin (with only little perspiration on the head); flushed face but extremities (arms and legs) may feel icy cold; pupils dilated. The person is extremely sensitive to anything touching the skin (even the bed sheets).

Bryonia – if you have a fever with a great thirst for long gulps of water, and you are irritable and want to lie still and be left alone, then this remedy would be helpful. Especially good if there is also a bursting/splitting frontal headache with pain over the eyes or pain/stiffness in the neck, muscles or joints.

Ferrum Phos – should be given at the first sign of fever. Give with either Belladonna or Aconitum (whichever is more suitable) if fever rises rapidly and becomes high. Can be taken with any other fever remedy.

Gelsemium – consider this remedy if you have fever with flu symptoms including tiredness; weakness and heaviness of the body; hot skin with chilliness, shivering or shakiness; general achiness with headache and heavy sensation in the eyes. No thirst.

Pulsatilla – use this remedy for a fever with chills; person wants to be in the open air (out of a stuffy room), cannot tolerate heat and desires company. No thirst.

Rhus Tox – for a fever accompanied by an unquenchable thirst, great restlessness, possibly flu-like symptoms, and a desire to keep warm.

For fever, alternate Belladonna with Ferrum Phos.

Fever blisters, cold sores, mouth ulcers, chapped lips

Arsenicum Alb – a helpful remedy for ulcers in the mouth that feel worse at night, especially after midnight.

Calendula – use in tablet form for rapid healing of mouth ulcers and any open skin wound.

Cantharis – best for a blister on the lips brought on by sunburn.

Dulcamara – for painful cold sores on the lips, especially if accompanied by symptoms of hayfever – this has always been my first choice.

Hepar Sulph – for cold sores or ulcers at the corner of the mouth, ulcers in the mouth, on the soft palate or roof of the mouth and on the lips; chapped, dry and cracked lips or cold sores that are extremely sensitive to touch, and that burn, sting or bleed easily.

Mercurius Sol – a remedy for mouth ulcers which are extremely painful and bleed easily; there is excessive saliva in the mouth and bad mouth odour; pain is worse at night.

Nat Mur – use this remedy when lips and the corners of the mouth are dry, ulcerated or cracked; for large, blister-like fever blisters on the lower lip with swelling of the lip itself and burning pain; a deep crack in the middle of the lower lip. Mouth looks very dehydrated.

Nitricum Acidum – if you have ulcers on the soft palate that give a short, sticking pain when touched, this remedy can bring relief.

Rhus Tox – a good remedy for fever blisters around the mouth area and chin; cold sores where the corners of the mouth are ulcerated. Important remedy where cold or flu symptoms are also present.

First Aid

See Emergency


See Heartburn, indigestion & flatulence


Also see Cold, runny nose & hayfever

Aconitum – this remedy is best taken at the first sign of symptoms which start suddenly (often as a result of exposure to the cold), including fever alternating with chilliness; a hot flushed face; red, burning eyes; earache; dry and burning sore throat with unquenchable thirst; hoarse, dry croupy cough; stiffness in the neck.

Arsenicum – streaming nose; excessive sneezing.

Bryonia – use this remedy if you have symptoms of flu including irritability; a bursting, splitting frontal headache; eyes are sore when you move them; a sore/stiff neck; dizziness; a dry throat which is sore on swallowing. Also works well when alternated with Rhus Tox.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum – this is a great gastric-flu remedy where bone-pain and muscle-ache is predominant. Also for sneezing; and soreness in the chest with hoarseness and a loose cough. May be accompanied by fever, nausea and vomiting. Great thirst.

Gelsemium – use if you are feeling feverish and tired, with general weakness and heaviness of the body; hot, dry skin with chilliness, shivering or shakiness; general achiness with headache and heavy eyelids – you can hardly keep your eyes open; you feel exhausted all the time and must lie down; no thirst.

Rhus Tox – if you feel intensely ‘battered and bruised’ with lots of muscle soreness, hot and cold, a dry teasing cough; aching in the bones with a need to move about in order to find a comfortable position; eyes sore and inflamed; pain in the ears, headache, sore neck, sneezing, swollen glands and sore throat; abdominal pain with diarrhoea; symptoms may be accompanied by a red itchy rash; no appetite but great thirst with a need to keep warm. Also works well when taken with Bryonia.

Ipecac – this is another gastric-flu remedy for shortness of breath with tight chest, suffocative, wheezing cough that may cause gagging or vomiting; asthma; croup; loss of voice. Accompanied by nausea; vomiting or diarrhoea. No thirst.

Grief & hysteria

Also see Anxiety; Emotional Dis-ease: Bach Flower Remedies

Aurum – this remedy is made from gold and is an important one for depression possibly brought on by the loss of love, grief or severe emotional stress. The person becomes despairing, tired of life, discontented and has a profound sense of worthlessness; is full of self-condemnation – always blaming themselves, and is the epitome of gloom and doom; fearsome, worried, hurried and quarrelsome; cannot stand contradiction and is liable to outbursts of rage with subsequent remorse.

Ignatia – best used where the emotions are in great turmoil after shock, grief, loss of love or disappointment, and where symptoms of worry, anxiety or hysteria are most pronounced. This emotional state may be accompanied by symptoms such as hiccoughs, a lump in the throat, sighing, trembling and twitching or even hysterical vomiting, diarrhoea or insomnia. Moods may vary from sadness, silence and sobbing to total uncontrollable or inconsolable hysteria; brooding or bottling up of emotions; person may chew the inside of the mouth.

Nat Mur – for the long-term ill effects of grief (and even fear or anger) where the person will not let go of the pain easily, still feels emotional hurt, bears grudges, feels resentful and dwells on past emotional upsets such as separation, divorce, betrayal, financial difficulties, lack of parental love, and where the emotions have been suppressed for various reasons. Such suppressed emotions may lead to physical symptoms such as headaches/migraines or digestion weaknesses that are described in this book under Nat Mur. This remedy will suit the person who appears ‘in control’, is irritated by consolation and prefers to cry alone. Where a friend or loved one seems almost too brave and stoic under dire circumstances, Nat Mur will ease their suffering.

Growing pains

Calc Phos – this remedy can be given to children with pains in the joints, knees or bones of the legs, where there seems no obvious explanation for the pain other than rapid growth.

Causticum – for pain and stiffness in the knees.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum – for any condition where there is a great deal of bone pain, especially in the arms or legs.

Phosphorus – a good remedy for children or teenagers with ‘growing pains’ or pains in the legs or knees.

Haemorrhoids (piles)

Aesculus – for blind haemorrhoids (those that cannot be seen) with an absence of constipation; lots of pain but only a little bleeding; the anus feels raw and sore with burning pain and chills up and down the back.

Aloe Socotrina – this remedy is a God-send for haemorrhoids that protrude like grapes, are extremely painful and sensitive, and accompanied by constipation and burning pain in the anus and rectum.

Collinsonia – where there is itching and pain in the rectum like sharp sticks with painful, bleeding piles – this remedy is of great value.

Hamamelis – for haemorrhoids which bleed excessively; the anus feels sore and raw. This remedy also has special action where there is a tendency to varicose veins. Hypericum – helpful where piles are bleeding, painful and tender.

Nux Vom – for itching blind haemorrhoids with a constant yet ineffectual urging for a stool. Accompanied by typical irritable bowel symptoms.

Silica – use in a case where haemorrhoids are accompanied by fissures (painful tears in the anus) after great straining for a stool; may also be accompanied by diarrhoea.

(N.B. Silica should not be taken by anyone with breast, dental or other implants.)

Hair, scalp & hair loss

Arsenicum Alb – for circular patches of hair loss on the head; scalp itches with dry flakes; dandruff with nightly burning sensation and itching.

Kali Mur – your typical dandruff remedy.

Kali Sulph – use for bald spots and dandruff.

Lycopodium – try this remedy for hair loss; premature balding or greying, particularly in men.

Sepia – this remedy will help with hair loss as a result of hormonal changes such as after childbirth or in a menopausal woman. Roots of the hair may feel sensitive; pimples may appear on the scalp near the hairline, near the forehead or on the back of the neck.

Also try our combination Hair loss, balding and early greying formula which is a potentised solution of homeopathic remedies known to assist with hair loss, bald spots, circular patches of hair loss on the head; an itchy scalp with dry flakes; dandruff with nightly burning sensation and itching, premature balding or greying, particularly in men and with hair loss as a result of hormonal changes such as after childbirth or in a menopausal woman.


Bryonia – this will suit the irritable ‘grumpy bear’ hangover ‘victim’ who wants to be left alone to nurse his nausea, dizziness and bursting/splitting headache that starts at the back of the head, becomes frontal and develops over the brow; even the eyes are too sore to move and are very sensitive. May need to vomit; has an excessive thirst. Wants to lie quietly and not move!

Nux Vom – for the seasoned party animal with a hangover that brings extreme irritability and sensitivity to the slightest noise, odour or light; nausea and great abdominal discomfort including heartburn or indigestion that feels better for vomiting (or making oneself vomit); headache at the back of the head, top or front of the head. Eyes are photosensitive (may need to hide behind dark glasses!) Diarrhoea may ensue. Tends to wake up in the early hours of the morning (from 3am onwards) and cannot go back to sleep.


Allium Cepa – for symptoms that include lots of sneezing with a profuse watery nasal discharge that burns the top lip and nose; watering eyes (that do not burn); rawness and tickling in the throat with hoarseness; frontal headache. Feels worse in a warm, stuffy room.

Arsenicum Alb – similar to Allium Cepa & Euphrasia – this remedy will help in instances of headache; unrelenting sneezing; watery, burning nasal discharge as well as burning and puffiness of the eyes. The sufferer feels anxious and restless, and the chest feels wheezy or even asthmatic.

Dulcamara – nose is blocked up and person cannot breathe; profuse thick, yellow mucus in the nose and thick yellow discharge from the eyes which are very puffy and swollen. The sufferer feels worse in the open air and better indoors – away from the cold and damp, and is particularly irritated by newly cut grass. Also helps tickling in the throat; cold sores or fever blisters.

Euphrasia – symptoms are opposite to those that need Allium Cepa, i.e. burning, watery, puffy, irritated, red eyes with profuse nasal discharge (which does not burn the skin); lots of sneezing. A remedy where the eyes are most affected.

Gelsemium – sneezing with a hot face; feeling of great heaviness and tiredness in the whole body. Lots of sneezing and tingling in the nose with watery, burning discharge. Strange feeling from the throat up to the left nostril like a stream of burning water. Head feels dull and heavy; eyelids are heavy and you can hardly keep them open. Itching and tickling at the back of the mouth and throat; shaky with general muscular weakness.

Hepar Sulph – helpful for a stuffy nose and sneezing that comes on every time you walk into a cold environment. There may be hoarseness with loss of voice; wheezy chest; yellowy/green nasal mucus. Person feels cold and emotionally sensitive and needs to keep wrapped up warmly.

Nat Mur – try this remedy for hayfever that begins with violent and incessant sneezing with a streaming watery discharge from the nose and eyes. Loss of taste and smell with a tickling cough that comes from a post-nasal drip and scratching at the back of the throat. Frontal headache with sensitivity to light. Feels worse in the hot sunshine and better for a swim in the sea!

Ranunculus – for a stuffy nose that is worse in the evenings, with pressure at the root of the nose and tingling and crawling inside the nasal cavity; lips burn and are sore; eyes sting and itch; hoarseness.

Sabadilla – great for spasmodic sneezing with runny nasal discharge; nose may also be blocked and it may be impossible to breathe through the nose, causing snoring during sleep; itching in the nose; severe frontal pressure and redness of the eyelids.

Headache & migraine

Belladonna – this is an excellent remedy for the classic throbbing headache that comes on suddenly, either in the forehead, or at the back of the head/neck or temples; feels worse when lying down flat and better when sitting or raised on lots of pillows. You feel hot but not very thirsty and have an aversion to noise and light.

Bryonia – headache begins in the back of the neck and moves to the front of the head, remaining over the forehead and eyes. Head feels like it is bursting or splitting, is very sore to move and eyes feel painful and worse for the slightest movement. May feel dizzy and even nauseous with a great thirst for long drinks.

Gelsemium – for a headache which makes you feel dizzy, weak and heavy-headed; or it feels like a band around the head; a dull heavy ache with heaviness of the eyelids; pain in the head extends from the temples to the ears or chin. Neck and shoulder muscles may also be sore.

Glonoinum – a very effective remedy for a pulsating, throbbing headache accompanied by extreme irritability. Accompanied by throbbing in the ears. Cannot tolerate anything hot near the head – a cool, damp face cloth might help. Excellent for a headache after sitting in the sun too long.

Nat Mur – for the typical migraine-type headache; can be severe and varied and may be throbbing, beating, pressing or hammering in nature; it is either frontal or one-sided. May be accompanied by nausea and vomiting with a need to lie quietly in the dark and sleep. Headache may begin with tingling in the tongue, lips or nose. May have been caused by emotional upset, delayed eating, eye strain, dehydration, or too much heat or sun. Might also feel giddy and off balance. Eyes feel very sore to move and you may see fiery zigzags in front of the eyes.

Nux Vom – great option for headaches that result from modern-life excesses; the typical hangover-type or over-indulgence headache. Headache is frontal, seated over the eyes or at the back of the head and neck. Brain feels like it is swirling. May be worse in the morning (especially if over-indulgence is the cause). Accompanied by hypersensitivity and irritability, impatience, light sensitivity of the eyes and an intolerance of noise or odours.

Silica – pain begins at the back of the neck and spreads forward over the whole head, affecting the eyes. Feels as if the head might burst. May have sharp pains moving through the eyes, causing blurred vision, sensitivity to light, dizziness (especially when looking up). Cannot tolerate alcohol. Person feels anxious and nervous and cannot stand noise or cold air. Might want to tie something tight around the head for relief.

(N.B. Silica should not be taken by anyone with breast, dental or other implants.)

Heartburn, indigestion & flatulence

Arsenicum Alb – for heartburn and burning pain in the oesophagus and stomach; accompanied by nausea and anxiety; the sight or smell of food is unbearable; food feels stuck in the oesophagus; shortness of breath; big thirst, but will only sip a little at a time.

Carbo Veg – if your stomach feels bloated and you have to belch/burp to gain temporary relief, feel short of breath and long for fresh air. If you have much flatulence; burning in the stomach or heartburn that extends to the spine or back; symptoms come on especially after eating or drinking; gas feels trapped in the abdomen, you feel short of breath and need to loosen your clothing.

Lycopodium – especially helpful for heartburn that comes on after eating carbohydrates such as bread, pies or pastries; much gas which causes bloating and pressure in the stomach. Burning stomach acid which rises to the back of the throat and burns for hours. Abdomen feels bloated and full – flatulence is excessive. Can be alternated with Carbo Veg.

Nux Vom – for over-indulgence in food and/or drink (particularly spicy food) where you feel nauseous; your face feels flushed; you have flatulent distension and feel that you want to burp or vomit but cannot.

Pulsatilla – consider this remedy if heartburn or dyspepsia comes on after eating rich, creamy foods and the food sits undigested like a stone in your stomach. Acid rises and the taste of food lingers and repeats on you.

Hoarseness, loss of voice & laryngitis

Also see Cough

Aconitum – for a hoarse, dry, constricted and possibly burning throat accompanied by a croupy cough that comes on suddenly after exposure to cold (also see Cough) and great thirst.

Belladonna – for hoarseness or loss of voice or dryness of the throat that may be painless, or with a painful larynx and/or accompanied by a throbbing headache, fever or a tickling, short, dry cough which is worse at night.

Bryonia – this remedy will bring relief to a dry irritated throat with hoarseness, possibly accompanied by tough mucus in the throat that is only moved by much hawking, and perhaps a bursting, splitting headache.

Causticum – for hoarseness or loss of voice, possibly with raw throat; paralysis of the vocal cords – symptoms caused by overuse especially in people such as teachers, singers or public speakers. Larynx (voice box) may be painful when speaking.

Drosera – if your throat is very dry and tickling; the voice is deep and hoarse, possibly accompanied by a dry, irritating cough which is made worse by laughing, talking or singing, and lying down.

Hepar Sulph – for hoarseness, wheeziness and even loss of voice that comes on after exposure to cold.

Kali Bich – consider this remedy if you have to keep clearing your throat, lungs and nasal passages of tough, stringy phlegm; your throat is becoming raw and your voice is weakening.

Merc Sol – for a complete loss of voice, accompanied by more severe symptoms such as a painful, burning sore throat that extends to the ears; difficulty swallowing; fever with cold chills; intense thirst; sneezing, nasal congestion, sinusitis or cough with yellow-green mucus.

Phosphorus – for intense tickling in the larynx (voice box) especially while speaking, hoarseness with loss of voice and rawness of the throat which is worse in the evening.

Pulsatilla – for hoarseness that comes and goes, possibly with a dry cough at night and a loose, phlegmy cough in the morning.

Rhus Tox – helpful for an over-strained voice; also for hoarseness accompanied by general flu symptoms with a thirst.

Spongia – this is an excellent remedy where there is a great dryness and burning of the throat, larynx and lungs; severe hoarseness – can hardly talk, with a need to clear the throat constantly; possibly accompanied by a dry, tight, barking cough or croup.

Tip: Alternate the trio of remedies Aconitum, Hepar Sulph & Spongia until the hoarseness or wheeziness improves. Continue with Hepar Sulph alone if symptoms change to a nasal discharge or a cough which produces a greeny/yellow phlegm.

Insomnia & sleeplessness

Aconitum – a very helpful remedy for restlessness; anxious dreams and much tossing about always accompanied by anxiety or a sense of fear with a need to keep cool.

Arsenicum Alb – similar to Aconitum, this remedy assists with restless sleep that is full of anxiety and fear. However, there is a desire for warmth.

Coffea – for sleeplessness caused by much mental activity; flow of ideas; when you just can’t switch off.

Kali Brom – for restless sleep, with grinding of teeth or night terrors/bad dreams.

Kali Phos – select this remedy if you are suffering from mental or physical exhaustion and yet cannot sleep well; sleep is full of anxiety.

Passiflora – this remedy has a soothing effect on the nervous system and brings about peaceful sleep – particularly suited to the over-tired, overworked, exhausted or the over-anxious.

Pulsatilla – if you experience sleepiness in the afternoons yet find yourself wide awake near bed time – give this remedy a try.

White Chestnut Bach Flower Remedy – for insomnia from obsessive thoughts (you might even jump out of bed to write down ideas or things to remember!), internal conversation and arguments – when you simply can’t switch off and rest.

Jet lag, travel/motion sickness & night work

Also see Dizziness (vertigo) & nausea

Belladonna – taken before a flight, this remedy will prevent the ill effects of air travel, including a sudden feeling of nausea, dizziness and vomiting. Also an important remedy for preventing and alleviating the fears and imaginings that might build up suddenly in the mind of a nervous traveller.

Cocculus – the best known of all traveller’s remedies, this is particularly suited for prevention or cure of symptoms of nausea (and when you can’t stand the smell of food), dizziness, faintness, headache (that is worse at the back of the head), vomiting; legs feel weak, and you feel better for lying flat on the bed or floor.

Petroleum – for typical symptoms of motion sickness including an intoxicated sensation, dizziness (especially on rising), nausea (which feels better after eating), deafness, ringing or noises in your ears; you feel particularly low in spirits and upset by the smallest concerns.

Joint inflammation & pain, gout & arthritis

Arnica – for that beaten and bruised feeling where joints ache and even the slightest touch is feared and cannot be tolerated. Helpful for all joint pain such as gout, arthritis or influenza-type aches and pains.

Belladonna – when joints suddenly become swollen, red and inflamed with burning pain, this remedy will ease the problem.

Benzoic Acidum – for rheumatic gout, especially where there is painful swelling in the wrists, knees and the bunion area of the big toe.

Bryonia – for gout, arthritis or pain and stiffness in the joints, especially of the knees where any touch or movement is unbearable.

Causticum – a typical arthritis-type remedy where there are tearing and drawing pains in the muscles, fibrous tissue around the joints, and in the joints and bones, possibly with contracted tendons that are made worse by cold, dry weather. Pain is always improved with warmth.

Ledum – for gouty, arthritic pains that shoot through the joints, especially the knee, elbow, ankle or shoulder, and other smaller joints such as the big toe where there is much swelling and heat, but the sight of pain remains pale. The soles of the feet may be painful to step on. The pain feels worse at night and from any heat such as being in bed, and better for cold applications or soaking in cold water.

Lycopodium – for tearing pains in the elbow or shoulder joints or pain under your heel that feels like you are standing on a small stone; the pain is improved by gentle movement and a cool environment. Especially effective if joint pain is accompanied by urinary or kidney weakness and pain.

Rhus Tox – a helpful remedy for ‘rusty-gate’ type symptoms where joints, ligaments and tendons are painful, swollen, inflamed and seem to stiffen or seize up during rest (i.e. while sitting, lying down or sleeping). Symptoms feel worse with the first movement but improve with continued movement, walking, warming up and stretching out the limbs until they loosen up. Joint pain is made worse by cold, damp weather and better by rubbing.

Urtica Urens – for typical gout symptoms brought on by high uric acid levels, particularly in the feet, ankles and wrists; especially good at helping gout symptoms that come on after eating shellfish.

Legs – restless, fidgety or aching

Causticum – for restless legs that are particularly bad at night and during cold, dry weather; symptoms improve with warmth (i.e. as you climb into bed and warm up). Other symptoms may include numbness, tearing pains in the joints and bones; general muscular weakness or a tightening of the tendons causing motor or movement disturbances.

Lycopodium – try this remedy for numbness and a drawing sensation in the legs, which starts as soon as you are resting or sitting; especially noticeable in the evening or at night. Will also give relief for tearing pain in the legs.

Rhus Tox – a very useful remedy for a tingling, crawling, uneasy feeling in the legs, possibly aching or even with a numb or ‘dead’ feeling, accompanied by a desire to keep warm and a need to constantly move about or change position.

Sepia – helpful for restlessness, a lame or stiff feeling in the legs, and where symptoms feel better for movement or exercise.

Zincum Metallicum – for a creeping uneasiness in the legs that is hard to describe; you feel you cannot keep your legs still and must keep moving, fidgeting or shaking them to find relief.

Lower back pain, lumbago & sciatica

Arnica – this well-known remedy is always better taken internally (in tablet form) in cases where the lower back feels bruised or battered, sprained or dislocated, and the sufferer cannot stand up straight and fears even the slightest touch or movement. Sufferers are likely to say that they are okay even though they are bent over in agony. Also helpful for a more restful night’s sleep.

Colocynthis – for sciatica with a tearing/cramp-like pain in the hip that may extend down either thigh (particularly the left one) to the knee, which is improved by firm/hard pressure, warmth, and made worse with gentle touch. Muscles and tendons in the area of the lower back, hip or thigh feel too short and tightened. Pain may be present in the left knee joint.

Mag Phos – for muscular pain or weakness in the lower-back region; sciatica with a darting pain that runs from the lower back or hip down through the leg (especially the right side); pain is relieved by warm or hot applications or a hot bath and pressure on the painful area. (This is opposite to Arnica symptoms, which can’t stand the slightest touch.)

Rhus Tox – try this remedy for pain and stiffness in the lower back that comes on after rest or feels worse as you stand up from a chair or get out of bed. The pain and stiffness improves as you gently start to move and stretch and finally loosen up and move about. Will also relieve sciatica or tearing pains down the thighs that are worse in cold, damp weather or at night. All aches and pains are improved by lying on something hard, warmth, gentle and continued movement, rubbing, changing position and stretching. This is also a good general sprains and strains remedy.

Ruta Grav – for lower backache that is worse in the morning before getting out of bed; lower back, hips and thighs feel bruised and weak; and sciatica is worse when lying down at night; better for pressure.

Menopausal symptoms & hot flushes

Agnus Castus – a remedy for both men and women; helpful with mental depression coupled with a low libido or diminished sexual desire, and even abhorrence of sexual intercourse; erectile dysfunction; impotence.

Calc Carb – for hot flushes and night sweats, especially on the head, neck and chest, that leave you feeling chilly. This remedy suits the person who dislikes the cold in any form.

Ferrum Phos – a helpful remedy for hot flushes, vaginal dryness and night sweats; restless sleep.

Lachesis – for flashes of heat with hot perspiration; heart palpitations; increase in blood pressure; anxiety or depression; headache on the top of the head; chronic/recurring sore throat; heat in any form may bring on all symptoms or make them worse. Can’t stand heat in any form. Swollen legs with varicose veins. Valuable remedy for preventing venous congestion, clot formation or thrombosis. Person may feel very emotional, irritable, jealous and exhausted. Most symptoms are left-sided.

Lycopodium – this remedy will give a much welcomed boost to vitality and virility in men; assists with erectile dysfunction, enlarged prostate and urinary disorders, hair loss and early graying. Also very helpful for a weakening digestive system with much bloating, flatulence, heartburn/reflux or dyspepsia.

Nux Vom – take this remedy if your periods are irregular; you are often irritable, impatient or short tempered; cannot bear to be touched; irritated by noise, light or odours; constipation; headaches; hot flushes especially after eating.

Pulsatilla – for tiredness; tearfulness with mood swings; headache with neuralgic pains and dizziness; pain in the lower back, hips, thighs, legs and heels; legs may feel heavy like lead; knees may be swollen; nausea; extreme burning heat at night; no thirst; cannot tolerate heat or warmth and long for fresh air. Sleep is restless.

Sanguinaria – this remedy is for everything hot and burning – palms, soles, feet; a flushed face, burning ears, eyes and cheeks; throat can be dry and burning; intense flashes of heat; unquenchable thirst; skin may also be itching and blotchy; neuralgic pains around the jaw. Most symptoms are right-sided.

Sepia – my favourite woman’s remedy. Helpful for symptoms such as hot flushes (that tend to move upwards) with sweating; this remedy especially suits the woman who cannot tolerate the cold (opposite to Lachesis), has poor circulation, with cold hands and feet. Lots of emotional issues including sadness, tearfulness, irritability; she is easily offended, snappy (especially with husband and children); feels that she can’t cope or is losing her mind; tired, especially in the afternoons; lower back pain (especially while sitting); pain the heels; swelling of the knees; restless legs; varicose veins; feels exhausted; nauseous, especially in the morning before eating or when smelling food; constipation with abdominal bloating; heart palpitations; increase in blood pressure; headaches with dizziness, nausea and an intoxicated feeling (especially in the morning); hair loss; prolapsed organs; irregular periods; vaginal pain or dryness; recurring cystitis. Sleep is restless and unrefreshing. Has low libido and cannot stand to be touched.

Muscle-ache & weakness, stiffness & lactic acid build-up

Arnica – the sportsperson’s remedy – muscles feel bruised and battered, sprained or dislocated. Muscular wear and tear; exhaustion after strenuous exercise; lameness. Symptoms suiting Arnica are usually worse for any touch – even emotionally, the person will not like to be ‘touched’ and will contest that they are fine and don’t need help – they just need to lie down and rest. Arnica will also encourage healing at an emotional level after emotional trauma, bruising and battering, and should therefore accompany any other well-indicated remedy.

Gelsemium – use if there is a muscular weakness anywhere, loss of muscular power or even a relaxation or weakening of the muscular system; muscles feel bruised and sore, especially in the back, hips and lower extremities and neck; there is shaking or trembling and every little movement causes fatigue; if symptoms have been brought on, or made worse by, bad news, emotional excitement or even just thinking about something upsetting – this remedy should bring relief.

Mag Phos – for general muscular weakness, cramps or spasms. Take before excessive exercise for prevention of these symptoms.

Nat Phos – to relieve a lactic acid build-up after exercise resulting in aches and stiffness in the muscles. Take before exercise for prevention of these symptoms.

Rhus Tox – one of the most important sprains and strains remedies; will help aches, pains and stiffness in all fibrous tissues including muscles, tendons and ligaments, especially if symptoms are worse at the first movement and improved by loosening or limbering up.

Nails, nail biting, dry skin, cracking on fingers & Ingrowing toenails

Fluoricum Acidum – excellent if your nails crumble easily and the finger joints are inflamed.

Graphites – try this remedy for finger nails that are brittle and crumbling; finger or toenails are thick and crippled and distorted/deformed in shape; skin at the end of the fingers may be dry, cracked or fissured; fingers may be painful or sore.

Nat Mur – if the fingernails or skin near the nails is dry or splitting, peeling or in layers, this remedy is marvellous at restoring hydration balance; also helpful in assisting with nail biting where there is anxiety.

Petroleum – very helpful extremely dry, splitting, cracked, leathery skin on the fingers, which is worse in damp or cold weather.

Silica – adds strength to your nails (and hair); corrects an ingrowing toenail and reduces white spots on the nails.

Thuja – for misshapen, crippled or ridged nails that have been distorted by a fungal infection.

(N.B. Silica should not be taken by anyone with breast, dental or other implants.)

Nightmares & night terrors

Also see Insomnia

Aconitum – if you feel generally worried, anxious, restless, fearful or panicky and are experiencing frantic or crazed nightmares; restless sleep with much tossing about; long anxious dreams or sheer sleeplessness with a feeling of fear and panic at night, this remedy will bring relief. Especially helpful for symptoms brought on after a shock, fright or bad news.

Arnica – for sleeplessness and restlessness when over-tired; anxious dreams or terrifying nightmares.

Arsenicum – for disturbed, restless, anxious sleep where dreams are full of detail about daily concerns or business, fears or worries.

Calc Carb – a remedy frequently used for night terrors; dreams of the dead; frequent waking possibly with excess perspiration on the head, neck and chest; dreams are full of fears.

Cina – especially helpful for night terrors in children where symptoms may include talking, shouting or even screaming during sleep, grinding of teeth; jerking of fingers, hands, legs or feet. Awakens feeling frightened.

Kali Brom – a reliable remedy for horrible dreams, night terrors and teeth grinding. This remedy is believed to work better if you eliminate salt from your diet.

Kali Phos – for restless, anxious sleep during times of mental and/or physical exhaustion, excitement, overwork or worry.

Zincum – for all sorts of strange behaviours during sleep which the person is unaware of, including grinding teeth, shouting out or screaming, jerking body, fidgety feet and great restlessness.


Arnica – for the typical blood nose after a bump, blow or injury.

Bryonia – this remedy is always indicated where there is dryness and will help with a nosebleed that results from excessive dryness of the nasal passages or during hot, dry weather.

Phosphorus – the best remedy for a person who tends to have frequent blood noses or bleeds easily.

Period pain, menstrual disorder & premenstrual tension (PMT)

Cimicifuga Racemosa – for sharp, piercing, electric-like, crampy pains that extend across the pelvis, from hip to hip, and down the front of the thighs that makes the sufferer bend double; ovarian and uterine pain; menstrual flow may be profuse; pain in the muscles of the back and neck; lower back pain; general muscular soreness or a feeling of heaviness in the lower extremities.

Colocynthis – for agonising, cutting or cramping pain in the abdomen, across the hips and down the legs that makes you bend double and feels better for pressure and warmth (hot water bottle or under the covers); symptoms are accompanied by an extremely angry or irritable mood.

Mag Phos – similar to Colocynthis with shooting, cramping, radiating pains that are less intense; symptoms are improved by bending double and warmth; accompanied by a general feeling of chilliness with abdominal bloating and general muscular weakness.

Nux Vom – helpful for irregular periods that come on too early and last too long. This remedy eases a hyper-sensitive emotional state of irritability and impatience; an intolerance of loud noises, odours or bright light; and even being touched! Light-headedness, dizziness and headache will also be relieved.

Pulsatilla – a great remedy for restoring order to the menstrual cycle where periods are either erratic and changeable, delayed or have ceased completely. Will ease tiredness, tearfulness and a highly unpredictable emotional state before and during menstruation. Suits the person with a mild and yielding temperament who dislikes heat in any form.

Sepia – for irregular periods that may be either late and light, or early and profuse with violent stitching pains in the vagina or uterus; a snappy, tearful, aggressive or irritable mood (especially with family members!); accompanied by headache, nausea (especially in the morning or when smelling food), a feeling of chilliness, aches and pain in the hips, lower back and thighs; a clutching pain or bearing-down sensation in the vagina and uterine area; prolapsed organs.

Thlaspi Bursa Pastoris – this remedy works miraculously by restoring a severe menstruation disorder that includes profuse or heavy, dark periods with expulsion of large, dark clots during the first few days. This may have progressed for many years resulting in an iron deficiency; general physical weakness and severe headaches. If you feel that you have barely recovered from one heavy period and the next one is upon you with a vengeance – this remedy may be your saving grace! Also known to assist with the reduction of uterine fibroids.

Post op – after an operation or surgical procedure

Arnica – (to be taken orally) offers excellent support after any physical trauma including surgery or anaesthetic resulting in bleeding, bruising, sprains, strains, aches or pains; feeling emotionally bruised and battered. Speeds up the healing process and minimises the effects of shock to the system; prevents infection.

Bellis Perennis – for sprains, bruising and pain, especially where there is deep-tissue damage after injury or surgery, especially in the pelvic area. Helpful after a hysterectomy, bladder or prostate operation, for example.

Causticum – for all troubles after surgery and catheter-use where there is bladder weakness or urinary disorders.

Phosphorus – to alleviate vomiting and assist with bleeding after anaesthetic.

Scars, keloid scars, stretch marks, Stretch marks

Calc Fluor – calcium fluoride is the essential element of elasticity throughout the body and helps to reduce symptoms such as varicose veins, haemorrhoids, prolapsed organs, dry or cracked skin, fissures, brittle bones and teeth; helps reduce the formation of stretch marks.

Fluoricum Acidum – helpful in preventing and reducing keloid scarring.

Silica – well known for its ability to assist with the body’s re-absorption of scar tissue and reduction of keloid scarring.

(N.B. Silica should not be taken by anyone with breast, dental or other implants.)

Shock, trauma, violation, disappointment & hysteria

See also Emotional Dis-ease: Bach Flower Remedies; Fears; Anxiety

Aconitum – another form of ‘rescue remedy’ for intense feelings of fear, shock, worry, anxiety, mental anguish, trauma or panic with restlessness; symptoms may be accompanied by intense thirst and increased urination.

Arnica – an essential remedy to have in your cabinet and always better in tablet form (rather than as a cream to rub on); excellent support after any physical trauma, bleeding and bruising, sprains, blow or impact injury, muscle-ache. Helpful during and after any mental or emotional strain, shock or disappointment (i.e. feeling emotionally bruised or battered). Also very helpful in preventing or healing septic conditions (with, or without injury) such as boils. Arnica suits the sufferer that cannot bear to be touched, massaged, manipulated, rubbed or soothed in any way. The person who needs Arnica wants to be left alone and will often say they are okay (contrary to obvious symptoms!)

Aurum – a wonderful remedy to help with a feeling of utter self-condemnation, worthlessness and depression; especially helpful after loss of love, a relationship break-up, disappointment or rejection; possibly accompanied by wild outbursts of anger and a feeling of great restlessness with a need to hurry everything. Used successfully in cases of Seasonal Affective Disorder brought on by a lack of sunshine.

Ignatia – an important remedy for a highly emotional, hysterical state, particularly after shock, grief, sorrow, disappointment, resentment, injured feelings or a sorrowful event. Emotions and behaviour may be erratic, changeable and contradictory with a sudden switching of emotions (e.g. laughter to tears, desire for solitude to craving company); may include shaking, trembling or twitching; for a highly excitable and nervous state where emotions may be bottled up and suppressed, as in sighing, sobbing, melancholic, sad, tearful, introspective and brooding.

Staphysagria – the person who will benefit from this remedy is desperately trying to control his/her feelings and suffers in silence; silently broods over wrongs but rages and fumes within; feels that he/she is falling to pieces; does not want others to know of their suffering; suffers from poor concentration and memory, can’t make any effort at work or social interaction; has an attitude of indifference towards everything; depressed. Very effective in helping rape victims or victims of acts of violation or aggression.

Rescue Remedy – can be taken with any of the above remedies to soothe the nerves and calm the emotions during and after any emergency or traumatic event.


Also see Cold, runny nose & hayfever

Hepar Sulph – for symptoms that may begin as a typical cold with clear nasal discharge and much sneezing, progressing to what seems to be infected sinuses with lots of smooth, pus-like, greeny/yellow nasal discharge accompanied by pain at the root of the nose, right temple and bones of the face; blocked nose; blocked ears or accompanying ear infection; headache and dizziness; hawking up of much mucus from deep in the throat, which may cause hoarseness or a gruff voice; person feels sensitive to the cold and is emotionally hyper-sensitive.

Kali Bich – first remedy for typical sinusitis without fever, characterised by clear or yellowish-green stringy, gluey stubborn phlegm that is difficult to expel from the sinuses; accompanied by dizziness, severe headache and frontal pain over the eyebrows; pain behind the eyes (especially right-sided); small spots of severe pressurised pain (above or below the eyes, forehead area or nose); nasal passages may be totally blocked and discharge may change to profuse and watery at times with violent sneezing. The need to constantly clear the throat of very stringy, sticky stubborn mucus causes hoarseness or a tickling throat.

Merc Sol – for a sinus infection where symptoms include swollen and painful nasal bones; smelly yellow-green pus-like nasal discharge with some blood present; sneezing; sweating and fever (with body temperature alternating between hot and cold); offensive breath; puffiness around the eyes; aching in the facial bones; headache with dizziness; glands of the throat and neck may be swollen and painful.

Pulsatilla – for sinusitis symptoms that include pain above and below the eyes and in the nasal bones; pressing pain at the root of the nose; yellow/green nasal discharge that is especially bad in the mornings; green scales in the nose; nose is blocked; ears are blocked up or infected; dizziness with headache, especially over the right temple; all symptoms are made worse by warmth or in a stuffy room, and sufferer feels better in the outdoors with fresh air.

Silica – this is known as the ‘homeopath’s scalpel’ and is excellent for encouraging the body to expel infected pus or tissue from the body; it will encourage the sinuses to open up. Also assists with the healing of a perforated septum in the nose.

Thuja – for sinusitis symptoms that include the presence of thick green mucus, blood and pus; dryness of the nasal cavity; pain in the teeth when blowing the nose; painful pressure felt at the root of the nose; accompanied by a headache that feels like the head is being pierced by a nail. Also helpful for nasal polyps. Has an anti-bacterial action.

Skin rash, eczema, urticaria, hives, psoriasis, skin inflammation

Apis Mel – for a skin rash that is intolerably itchy but too painful to touch, with burning and stinging pain; skin looks inflamed (red, puffy); any heat in the form of hot application, a hot bath, a stuffy room or warm clothing causes severe aggravation.

Belladonna – try this remedy where the skin is red, dry and burning hot, alternating with areas of skin that are pale and cold; a helpful sunburn remedy; symptoms may be accompanied by fever but no thirst.

Borax – for eczema, psoriasis, skin rash or unhealthy skin that appears after taking antibiotics, possibly accompanied by other symptoms such as thrush or candida.

Bovista – for urticaria brought on by excitement; moist eczema (especially on the back of the hands) that forms thick crusts; pimples or herpetic eruptions over the entire body; itchy feet and legs. Skin becomes itchy with any warmth and is worse for bathing.

Nat Mur – very helpful for all sorts of skin disorders including blistery eruptions or pustules on the hands, hair line and scalp; urticaria in large red blotches that itches and burns; crusty eczema behind the ears, along the hairline, and in the bends of the limbs; eczema that appears red, raw and inflamed; warts, especially on the palms; spots and blistering on the nose, face, ears and around the mouth; hives which appear or are made worse by exercise or heat; herpetic eruptions on the arms, thighs or in the bends of the elbows and knees. A craving for salty foods may be evident. All skin disorders are made worse by heat and exercise.

Nat Sulph – try this remedy for raw, sore palms which exude a watery discharge, or for psoriasis of the palms.

Psorinum – symptoms that are improved by this remedy are similar to those of Nat Mur, but this person needs warmth and is very disturbed by cold and draughts. The person needing Nat Mur cannot tolerate excess heat in any form. Skin conditions are intensely itchy and ooze a sticky liquid. Especially helpful in cases where the individual suffers from hayfever or asthma. An excellent remedy for cradle cap in babies or for any condition where the scalp discharges a humid, crusty substance which mats the hair.

Rhus Tox – helpful for many inflamed and intensely itchy skin rashes, including nettle rash/urticaria/hives characterised by itchy weals (white or yellow lumps surrounded by an area of red inflammation); vesicular/blistering rash; blotchy, speckled or raised rash.

Sepia – try this remedy for acne, especially around the mouth and chin, hairline, neck or eczema that appears at puberty or that is associated with menstrual or hormonal disorders; also for circular patches of eczema that look like ringworm; eczema or psoriasis that is worst in the bends of the knees and elbows and which itches and burns when scratched. Irritability, snappiness and tearfulness with general mood swings often accompany skin symptoms. This remedy suits the person that cannot tolerate the cold, although skin symptoms are often made worse by heat.

Urtica Urens – for a blotchy red rash or typical urticaria that burns and stings and causes violent itching with intolerance of the cold or of a cold application.


Also see Sinusitis and Hayfever

Kali Sulph – for a blocked nose and inflammation of the nasal passages causing open-mouthed breathing or snoring. Also helpful for a loss of smell.

Nux Vom – for a blocked or stuffy nose that is worse at night and is brought on by over-indulgence in food or drink.

Sore throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis & tonsilitis

Aconitum – best taken at the first sign of a red, dry, constricted, burning, stinging sore throat that starts suddenly, especially after exposure to the cold, accompanied by other cold or flu-like symptoms including a burning, bursting headache, blocked nose, dry croupy cough, red face, possibly with fever alternating with chills; unquenchable thirst; mood includes one of fear, anxiety and restlessness. (This remedy is similar in action to Belladonna but Belladonna suits the person who has no thirst.)

Apis Mel – for a stinging, burning, swollen sore throat that feels like there is a fishbone or stick lodged in the side of the throat; throat is fiery-red and tonsils are swollen; intolerance of heat or touch in any form (need to keep cool). The person has sudden stabbing and stinging pains in the throat which feels like it is closing up; little or no thirst.

Baryta Carb – particularly suited to the person who gets tonsillitis with every cold; tonsils are inflamed and very painful and the pain is made worse with empty swallowing – can only swallow liquids (trying to swallow solids makes the person gag and choke); stinging pain in the tonsils with a feeling of a plug in the pharynx (back of the throat). No fever.

Belladonna – for a sore throat that is painful, throbbing and constricted with enlarged tonsils; throat and tonsils are red, very dry, shiny and angry-looking; no thirst (which is strange considering the dryness of the throat); constant inclination to swallow with the sensation of a lump in the throat; accompanied by high fever where the skin on the body feels dry and hot (as opposed to sweaty), but hands and feet feel icy cold; swollen glands, especially those around the neck; throbbing headache; dry barking cough; stiff and painful neck; red, flushed face and a red, ‘strawberry-looking’ tongue.

Ferrum Phos – take for the first stage of colds or flu or at the first sign of any discomfort, inflammation or pain, to relieve symptoms of sore throat. Tonsils are red and swollen; mild fever; ears feel blocked up. Take after surgery on the throat or nose areas to relieve pain, inflammation and bleeding.

Hepar Sulph – for a sore throat that begins with the feeling that you have a splinter or something stuck in your throat, together with sneezing, runny and/or blocked nose, a stitching pain (like razors) in the throat that extends to the ears when swallowing and you feel chilly (hot drinks and warmth bring relief); post-nasal discharge with hawking up of greeny/yellow phlegm; tonsils may be enlarged and septic; boring/bursting headache; if you are easily irritated or upset and feel miserable – this remedy should be your best helper.

Kali Bich – the back of the throat and tonsils look red and inflamed; tonsils are ulcerated and there is much difficulty hawking up a tough stringy yellow/clear mucus; uvula may be swollen; hot fluids bring some relief; no fever – feel better for warmth and being tucked up in bed.

Merc Sol – this remedy will help with extremely painful throat symptoms and inflammation of the tonsils, where there is ulceration and pus forming on the tonsils, lots of saliva produced in the mouth which is extremely painful to swallow, and pain shoots to the ears; all pains are worse at night; symptoms may be accompanied by a foul odour from the mouth, sweating and an intolerance of both heat and cold. Great thirst. Will also assist with pain in the ears or ear infection.

Phytolacca – general glandular remedy excellent for tonsillitis or throat inflammation and can be taken with other well-indicated remedies. Pain in the throat extends to the ears and it is so sore to swallow that it causes a clenching or grimacing action of biting the teeth together. Cannot swallow anything hot. Glands under the jaw and ears, and at the back of the head, may be enlarged. Symptoms may include a post-nasal drip, which causes a build-up of tough grayish/white or yellow mucus that is difficult to clear from the throat.

Rhus Tox – for a sore throat and sticking pains when swallowing, accompanied by swollen glands in the throat area with an intense thirst; sneezing with nasal congestion; aching joints; eye inflammation with sensitivity to light; earache; a great feeling of restlessness with a need to continuously shift about and change position in order to get comfortable.

Sabadilla – For a dry sore throat with much tough phlegm which is difficult to clear. Sensation of having a lump in the throat causing a constant desire to swallow. May be accompanied by much spasmodic and violent sneezing with nostrils blocked and copious watery discharge from the nose; watering from the eyes with redness and burning of the eyes and eyelids; snoring. No thirst. Desire for warm food and drink, which bring some relief.

Sprains, strains to muscles, ligaments, tendons & joints

Arnica – the sportsperson’s remedy. Although this remedy is known more for a blow or impact injury, it is the first remedy for bruising, sprains, dislocation and muscular wear and tear. Symptoms suiting Arnica are usually worse for any touch – even emotionally, the person will not like to be ‘touched’ and will contest that they are fine and don’t need help. Arnica will also encourage healing at an emotional level after injury or shock and should therefore accompany any other well-indicated remedy for this purpose.

Bellis Perennis – for sprains and bruising, especially where there is deep-tissue damage after injury or surgery.

Rhus Tox – for all ailments brought on after a strain, over-lifting, sprain, tear or twist to any fibrous connective tissue of the body including joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, such as in the neck, back, hips and extremities; damage to the sheaths and fascia (such as is seen in plantar fasciitis – pain and tenderness under the heel or sole especially in sportspeople); painful area may appear red and inflamed. All pain feels better for rest, changing position and gentle motion, warmth, rubbing and stretching out the limbs.

Ruta – an important remedy for sprains and strains of tendons; aching pain in the Achilles tendon; hamstrings feel shortened; all aches and pains feel worse when lying down; spine and limbs feel bruised; lower back pain may extend down the hips and thighs (sciatica) which feels worse in bed before rising; legs give out when rising from a chair, and hips and thighs feel weak when standing; pain and stiffness in the wrists, hands, bones of the feet, and ankles. Similar to Rhus Tox symptoms – there is a great feeling of restlessness but symptoms are not improved by rubbing or gentle touch and movement.

Symphytum – for injuries to any tendons or ligaments and joints, especially when accompanied by possible bruising or bone damage.

Stomach-ache, abdominal pains & cramps, colic, tummy-ache

Belladonna – for symptoms that come on suddenly; uncontrollable vomiting with nausea; high fever with abhorrence of liquids (surprising lack of thirst with fever); loss of appetite; a sensation of throbbing and pulsations in the body, particularly in the abdominal area with cutting pains; abdomen feels tender, hot and swollen. Much heat is felt in the body; dry, hot, red burning skin with a flushed face, but extremities (arms and legs) may feel cold and dry (very little perspiration on the head); pupils are dilated. Skin is extremely sensitive to the slightest touch (even the bed sheets).

Carbo Veg – distress usually comes on half an hour after eating (or over-indulgence in rich foods or wine!); abdomen is greatly distended with excessive belching, and flatulence with putrid odour and feeling of obstruction in the digestive tract; sufferer must loosen their belt to gain relief; nausea with burning pain in the stomach, extending to the back and spine; constrictive pain extending to the chest and a sensation of wind being caught under the ribs; crampy pains forcing the person to bend double; great desire for cool air (wants all the windows open) or to be fanned.

Colocynthis – an excellent remedy which can be taken frequently and added to any other well-indicated remedy listed under this section – fast acting for agonising cutting pains, spasms or cramp-like pains that make you double over in pain; sensation of stones being ground together in the abdomen; agonising contractions that come and go; sufferer feels very irritable and angry; pains may start after an emotional outburst.

Cuprum – this is an excellent remedy for colic, cramps or spasms anywhere in the body; extremely helpful for nausea and diarrhoea.

Mag Phos – similar in its action to Colocynthis, this remedy helps with indigestion, flatulent colic and abdominal pains that force the sufferer to bend double; relief is obtained by rubbing and pressure on the abdomen, warm application (e.g. hot water bottle); a bloated sensation with lots of belching; must loosen the clothing and move about to find relief.

Nux Vom – has an element of copper in it (the Latin name being Cuprum) and is therefore helpful for similar symptoms. Symptoms are often as a result of over-indulgence in wine, rich foods, and stimulants such as coffee and alcohol. Symptoms come on after a few hours or even the next morning; nausea or biliousness, abdominal distention with cramps and spasms possibly accompanied by a hot flushing sensation in the face; diarrhoea or constipation; difficult belching of gas; a desire to vomit but this is also difficult; heartburn; colic with upward pressure in the abdomen causing shortness of breath and desire for stool; symptoms typical of irritable bowel syndrome.

Pulsatilla – this remedy helps when food repeats on you and the taste of the last meal remains in the mouth; food seems to sit undigested in the stomach like a stone for some time. Heartburn with a pain in the stomach an hour after eating; food feels like a weight in the stomach, even the next morning. Painful distention or bloating of the abdomen with loud rumbling.

Sunburn, sunstroke, heat fatigue & dehydration

Belladonna – use when the skin looks and feels red hot, possibly swollen and you experience throbbing pain.

Cantharis – for sunburn where the skin feels hot, with burning pain and inflammation. Will prevent the formation of blisters if taken early enough and will speed up the healing of blisters if already present. Use in combination with Nat Mur for rehydration.

Ferrum Phos – for the first sign of any inflammation or fever; hammering/thumping headache.

Glonoinum – for a throbbing or pulsating headache brought on by excessive heat or sun exposure; head feels enormously large as if the skull is too small to contain the brain and might burst; accompanied by extreme irritability; dizziness and a sense of confusion may also be experienced.

Nat Carb – for sunstroke, heat fatigue and exhaustion caused by excessive sun exposure. Use in combination with Nat-Mur for dehydration.

Nat-Mur – for dehydration, exhaustion and headaches caused by excessive sun exposure. Use in combination with Nat Carb.

Thrush & fungal infection

Borax – an excellent remedy to alleviate the symptoms of thrush or fungal infection especially as a result of having taken antibiotics; there may be a white fungus-like growth on the tongue or a thick white coating seen especially at the back of the tongue; mouth feels hot and tender, mouth ulcers may also be present which bleed when touched or when eating; offensive, loose stool or diarrhoea; vaginal thrush where there is a discharge like the white of an egg which itches or burns; the sufferer feels extremely anxious.

Kali Mur – for thrush or a fungal infection that shows as a white or gray coating at the back of the tongue; white ulcers in the mouth; helpful for vaginal thrush where there is a milky white discharge of mucus that does not cause much irritation.

Sepia – a helpful remedy for vaginal thrush where there is a yellow/greenish vaginal discharge which causes much itching and discomfort.

Toothache, teething, dental pain, tooth abscess & gumboils

Arnica – for anyone feeling emotionally and physically battered and bruised after dental treatment; for painful gums, jaw muscles or bones; pain after tooth extraction; aching, pain or sensitivity after orthodontic treatment or having had braces fitted or tightened; can be taken before any dental treatment to reduce nervousness and fear of pain; prevents infection and reduces pain during treatment, and bruising or infection after treatment. Use after any injury to the teeth, gums, jaw or face.

Belladonna – excellent for a throbbing pain in the teeth and gums; obvious gumboil (swelling on the side of the gum) or deep abscess; also helpful in bringing down a fever which may result from an infection.

Chamomilla – for extremely painful toothache that is made worse if anything warm touches the tooth; person is driven to distraction from the pain which seems worse at night; excessive salivation; glands around the throat and jaw may feel sore and swollen; great irritability, anger and impatience; fever. A long-trusted remedy for teething babies.

Mag Phos – for toothache where pains are shooting or neuralgic in nature; pains are made worse by cold food or drinks and improved by hot liquids.

Merc Sol – for toothache or an abscess where the tooth feels painful, tender and elongated (too long); there is excessive saliva in the mouth; pains are worse at night; an important remedy for spongy and receding gums that bleed easily; tongue feels heavy and thick; also for mouth ulcers; all symptoms are accompanied by a foul odour from the mouth.

Warts, moles, skin tags

Calc Carb – for warts, especially on the face and hands, and where a person suffers from excessive perspiration on the head and hands.

Causticum – try this remedy for small warts that occur all over the body, including the nose, fingers and eyebrows.

Dulcamara – helpful for large, smooth, fleshy warts especially on the back of the hands.

Nitric Acid – for large, jagged warts, and seedy warts that bleed or ooze easily and have a sticking-type pain if touched.

Ruta Grav – for flat, smooth warts that may be painful when touched.

Thuja – this is the first remedy to consider for any type of warts. Should be taken orally in tablet, spray or pillule form – the mother tincture can be applied topically to the skin area to speed up the departure of any warts!

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