The Liver Flush


After a long festive season, your liver is probably crying out for a detox. Feel healthy, lighter and better with the Liver Flush mix. Easy to make from ingredients at home.


6 Natural Remedies for Renewed Energy


If you’re getting enough sleep at night but still experience a sluggish, drained feeling throughout the day, don’t reach for that coffee or energy drink just yet. Often these caffeine, sugar-laden drinks will give an initial boost, but you’re left more tired than before once the effects have worn off. Here are 5 natural remedies to give you some renewed energy.


What can you do against herbicides?

The modern consumer is very aware about the importance of a balanced nutritional diet laden with fresh fruit and vegetables, but simply going to the shop and purchasing any fresh produce from the shelves isn’t enough anymore.



What are herbicides?

Today’s farming involves the use of herbicides, a poisonous chemical which is sprayed on crops in an effort to kill any unwanted plants. They come in a variety of strengths and types, with some designed to target certain types of plants; some only effective when in contact with plants and others designed to be drawn up from the roots, killing the entire plant. One of the biggest concerns surrounding herbicides today is the use of glyphosate, an active ingredient being used in Monsanto’s flagship weedkiller, Roundup. Glyphosate is a chelating agent which can bind with soil nutrients, preventing their absorption into plants. They also act as an antibiotic and are believed to be leading to an imbalance in soil bacteria, as well as upsetting human and animal intestinal flora.


Herbicide, pesticide & fungicide antidote – Food & drink spray

Exciting new product !


Herbicide, pesticide & fungicide antidote formula –
spray directly onto your food and drink before consumption      

Watch this short video – Eugénie tells us more about her innovative formula :


Alternative medicine in Johannesburg

alternative medicine

There is an upwards trend in the number of people turning towards alternative medicine and treatments for holistic healing options. Although conventional medicine is not necessarily seeing a dip, people are open to alternative options that seek to treat the underlying cause rather than just curing the symptoms with drugs. And Johannesburg is not getting left behind. There are a number of alternative healing offices opening up across the city, offering residents spiritual, mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Here are some of the alternative healing options found across Johannesburg.


The benefits of homeopathy


Many people have heard homeopathy mentioned but few actually have an understanding of what it really is. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), homeopathy is now the second largest system of medicine in the world, growing annually by 20 to 25%. With such dominance in the alternative healing market, it’s worth uncovering exactly why people are turning to homeopathy.


Natural Remedies for Winter Ailments

natural remedies for winterAs winter approaches so does the frequency of illness and other conditions related to the colder weather, from dry chapped skin to the flu, winter brings along a bunch of unpleasant ailments. For many reasons, you don’t want to rush to the doctor at the slightest hint of a snotty nose, here are 10 simple natural remedies that can be used to prevent and treat some of the most common ailments experienced during the upcoming chilly months.


Natural Remedies for Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Hand foot mouth

Recently there has been an outbreak of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease in schools and crèches. The illness is characterised by fever, sore throat, reduced appetite and blisters or sores in the mouth, on the palms and feet. These blisters sometimes only occur a few days after the fever has begun. Little ones become very sore, itchy and uncomfortable.


Eugenie speaks to Africa on Radio 702 about Natural Remedies

The Best of Weekend Breakfast with Sam and Africa

Some great home remedies for colds & flu

Eugenie Rowson speaks to Africa on Radio 702’s Best of Weekend Breakfast show on Saturday 18th June about natural home remedies for coughs and other alternatives that can fight colds and flu without breaking the bank balance.


Essential remedies for travel and holiday time – Eugenie Rowson speaks with Shado Twala onSAfm

Essential remedies for travel and holiday time.

Eugenie Rowson discusses some essential remedies for travel and holiday time  with Shado Twala of SAfm on Tuesday 27th October 2015, all of which are offered by The Remedy Shoppe…


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