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Over the many years that I have been involved in self-help homoeopathy using Vibrational Medicine, I have never ceased to marvel at the endless number of disorders and dis-eases, both chronic and acute, that this incredible system of medicine is able to heal – rapidly, gently, effectively and permanently – without side effects! I have had ample opportunity to put Vibrational Medicine to the test. At home, I have used nothing but Vibrational remedies to self-treat every imaginable ailment that I, my husband and our five children have experienced. Using Vibrational Medicine in my practice, I have assisted thousands of people with their health problems and continue encourage thousands more to good health through the pages of my book: There’s a remedy for that! and my monthly newsletter. Without a doubt, this experience has given me the invaluable understanding necessary to develop an extensive range of incredibly effective combination formulas for all sorts of ailments which are now available to everyone – individuals and health practitioners, through our retail outlet: The Remedy Shoppe and online shop at

Featured Formulas


Change Of Season + 1 Pack

3 essential remedies for those who suffer from hayfever and allergies, especially during the change of season, plus a free remedy…

Sinusitis, rhinitis & post nasal drip formula
Allergies & hayfever formula
Cold, flu & viral infection formula
Free – Aconitum


Menopause Trio + 1 Pack

3 essential remedies to help with emotional and physical wellbeing during the “change of life”, plus a free remedy…

Menopausal symptoms formula
Hot flushes & night sweats formula
Memory, concentration, mental clarity formula
Free: Sleep easy & sweet dreams formula


Stress Trio + 1 Pack

3 essential remedies for burnt-out, busy executives, stressed students and worn-out moms, plus a free remedy…

Depression formula
Grief, shock & trauma formula
Stress, exhaustion & burnout formula
Free: Neck & shoulder tension formula

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