Great remedies for good digestion

All vibrational remedies boost the immune system by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms and strengthening the body’s natural resistance to dis-ease. Help yourself to good health! 


Beat fatigue

Worn out, wiped out, drained, shattered, beat, weary, tired, exhausted, fatigued, done in, dog-tired, useless, pooped! Most of us living in this hectic world know what it is to feel exhausted. A bombardment of mental, emotional and physical stressors in the long term results in adrenal gland burnout or fatigue, and leads to chronic exhaustion, mild anxiety or depression, reduced coping ability, poor blood sugar regulation, headaches, digestion disorders, unexplained hair loss, low libido, sleep disorders, water retention, weak memory, and many more ailments.


The healing powers of colour

Add a little colour to your Christmas stocking or use as a pick-me-up any time of the year.

Colour remedies are available from The Remedy Shoppe Online (Symphony range) or call our Health Line on 076 130 8058)


Mercury poisoning

Q: Is there a remedy to detox the body of excess mercury?

A: You could either take Merc Sol (in our Maestro range), or our Heavy metals detox formula (Symphony range). Heavy metal toxicity and poisoning has been linked to a wide range of health issues including:


Back-to-school blues

Many children experience some fears and anxiety as each new school year begins. A few late nights or fluttery tummies in the days before school begins are often signals not only of nervousness, but also of excitement at seeing old friends and meeting new ones. It is perfectly natural for your child to be nervous, excited, anxious and eager all at the same time leading up to, and during the first days of, school. However, for some children the beginning of a new school year or starting at a new school brings on a sense of terrific anxiety and stress.


Alcohol in our remedies

Q: What about the alcohol in your remedies? Is it safe for Muslims (who don’t drink alcohol for religious reasons) and pregnant and breastfeeding women?


Is there relief for osteoporosis?

Q: I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis which stems from an old injury and two spinal fusions when a teenager. I also have strong suspicion that my mother also had osteoporosis as she broke her leg a number of times late in life. I was put on to Protos which did not agree with me and made me very irritable. I also put on weight after 3 months of taking it, and have been off it since December. I am still bloated but not so irritable.Of late the pain is getting worse.


Polycystic Ovaries and excess facial hair

Q: Will your Polycystic Ovaries formula assist with excess facial hair?


Ritalin or not?

Q: My doctor says that I should put my two sons on the generic of Ritalin, which is either Doulgas or Addaphen.  What do you think of these two? Secondly, what is the difference between the  generic or Ritalin and ADHD formula? I just don’t know what to do.


Hayfever: Not to be sneezed at

What is hayfever?

Any dis-ease or disorder in the body is caused by internal or external stressors which come from many sources such as  toxicity, trauma, pathogens, emotional factors (fear, anxiety, anger), pollution, poor nutrition, heredity factors, poor living conditions, lifestyle issues, lack of sleep, overwork, stress and environmental changes (temperature, altitude, damp, dryness, etc.) The symptoms that we see or feel are the body’s efforts to heal itself. Hayfever is, quite simply, an overreaction to something in our environment such as cat hair, grass, pollen and dust. Encourage your body’s healing mechanisms, restore balance, and your symptoms will disappear.


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