“You really changed my family’s life…we all live a better life because of you. Thank you”

“You really changed my family’s life…we all live a better life because of you. Thank you”
Always- been growing my own veggies over lockdown. Kids haven’t been sick for years now! Last time they saw anyone was you. You really changed my family’s life…..thank you, you are a gift. Everyone should see you just for the info on an organic diet alone….I cannot believe how your advise and non invasive healing helped me to make better decisions.

We all live a better life because of you. Thank you

A Johannesburg 27 June

“Feel so much better today”

Thank you! Feel so much better today. And just so you know all my remedies arrived at 09:00 (next day courier delivery to Cape Town)! Amazing!

D Cape Town 23 June 2020

You are a magician!

After a Remote Treatment for Anger, Anxiety, depression during lockdown, feedback from this young Man’s mother ….

Hi, just to let you know that 2 hours after your treatment on G he cheered up 100% and was whistling by himself and cracking jokes with his siblings! You are a magician

C Johannesburg 17 June 2020

Severe eczema / rash for 4 years….

J had a severe eczema / rash on her legs for 4 years, after consultations and Eugenie’s remedies her eczema / rash has improved dramatically.

“…the brilliant Homeopath you are…”

Hello Genie, just wanting to let you know that the remedies arrived in double quick time and they are having a hugely positive effect already! I am so grateful for every one of these miraculous remedies that you have created for me, for your extraordinary talents and the decades of tirelessly dedicated work you have put into becoming the brilliant homeopath you are. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I so look forward to my next appt with you the week after next. Much love.

K – Stellenbosch – 7 May 2020

Fractured knee from ski accident healed.

G had a ski accident and fractured her knee in France on 5th Jan this year and subsequent botched surgery. Then a 2nd operation in SA on 20 Jan.

Had a remote consultation with Eugenie on 14 Jan and started using a specialised Injury/post op recovery formula as well as a Shock & trauma/anxiety worry fears formula.

After a second consultation with Eugenie on 13 March the Surgeon and Physio were both happy with her healing progress.

On 11 May G had another consultation with Eugenie who made up a specialised Knee post injury / opp rigidity, immobility, stiffness with scar reabsorption formula and gave this feedback..

“…in a nut shell, my scar has healed incredibly well,Genie you can’t believe it, I’m going to send you a photo. I’ve had a few x-rays, the last one was about 4 weeks ago and the surgeon was very happy with the bone healing so I’m really chuffed about that; he said that in about a year I’ll be able to take all the metal out, which is fantastic. The hurdle that I’ve hit now is that my range of movement is limited so in extension I can only get to 10 degrees…..when I bend my knee, flexion is only at 15 degrees and in order to have a normal life so I can walk up stairs etc you obviously need to bend you knee more…..Doctors are not sure if I’ve over-produced scar tissue so another operation is suggested. I’m sending you pictures of my scar, you’ll be so impressed and I’m certain its from your remedies, I really am. Thank you so much.”

My ear infection is so much better…

Thank you so much, my ear infection is so much better; after my consultation with you, I used your remedies and I am so much better now – Thank you!

A – Johannesburg 26 Apr 20

Chronic fatigue since appendix removed.

Just some feedback, I can’t believe the difference in C – since his treatment on Mon, and the Potassium/Magnesium citrate – he’s like a new child, he’s got energy, he’s got a smile on his face – he says he can’t believe the difference, he feels so different – it’s just amazing – thank you so much, I haven’t seen him like this for a long time.

J – Johannesburg 27 Feb 2020

J is seeming so much better thanks to your therapy, advice and boost.

J has come out in a rash which is growing and we have a sneaky feeling that he may be having an allergic reaction to something…and I’m not sure if its a food type or clothes washing liquid…he is really cranky and very itchy

After 1 distance consultation with Eugenie Rowson and a recommendation of remedies as well as a change of his diet from GM milk, J’s mother gave us this feedback…

J is seeming so much better thanks to your therapy, advice and boost. We even noticed a tooth coming through so she was right about him teething! Thanks again

D – England 21 Jan 20

The pain in my groin has all but vanished

Hello, this is T from Maputo. The pain in my groin has all but vanished . God Bless you.

T Maputo – Mon 20 2020

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