“You are an excellent Homeopath…”

I know you say that Homeopathy must take the credit for cure BUT it takes a good Homeopath to know what remedy and potency to give for the right results. And you are an excellent Homeopath.     E, Johannesburg

really appreciate all u do for us!!

10 Oct – Thanks so much Genie- really appreciate all u do for us!! XxL

Cough, asthma, sick for a year – three treatments later, healed..

Sept 26 – I live on the North Coast of KZN. A year ago I developed sinusitis and a bad cough. I was given pills, sprays and all sorts of cough medicine but the cough just would not go away. I had to sit up in bed otherwise I coughed all night. In March this year I had one of my coughing fits and had to be rushed to hospital as I couldn’t breathe. I spent a week in hospital, 3 days in ICU. Again I was given drops, pills and sprays and was told I would have to take them till the end of my days. Well the cough continued and it was suggested I go to an ENT specialist which I did. Back to hospital I went to have my sinuses drained but still the cough continued. A week after I came out of hospital I had shortness of breathe and was diagnosed with asthma. I received steroid injections and had to use an asthma pump but still the cough continued. I was now still sitting up in bed or spending the night in a chair coughing the whole night, I actually dreaded the nights as I could not sleep. My daughter suggested I visit Genie as she had treated my granddaughter with great success. I flew up to see Genie and three treatments later and using Genie’s sprays my cough has gone, I can sleep lying down, have no shortness of breath and am getting my life back on track after not sleeping properly for a year. Thank you Genie for all the time and care you gave me to help me get better and for all the wonderful work you do.    Lynn, KZN

The cholera is much better……

25 Sept – Some more amazing news for you. My maids Granny has been discharged from hospital. The cholera is much better. Apparently my maids mom had asked the nurse if she could give the remedy and the nurse said as long as the doctor didn’t see. But you have performed yet another health miracle in Zimbabwe.

His health is soooo much better and the rashes on his body are going away.

18 Sept – Good morning to you. I have a very happy story to tell. Remember you gave me the liver remedies for my maids brother in July/August? Well he has been taking the religiously and my maid told me today he is eating like a horse. His health is soooo much better and the rashes on his body are going away. I said to my maid that I must tell you what a difference you have made to a family in a small town in Zim. Shame her Gran has cholera so I’ve found her one of your gastro remedies to send up. Apparently there is a bit of an epidemic up there now. E, Johannesburg


21 June – Good morning Genie. I wonder if you could please help. My Maid has a brother in Zim that works in the mines. He gets rashes on his skin and then it turns to scars. She says they have a lot of mercury in the mines and they think that is causing it. He also has a bad cough and its not TB. He was tested. I would love to be able to buy her a remedy to send home if you think there is anything that could help…she says he is very tired and has no appetite. He works on a gold mine….

Treated with Eugénie’s Liver support formula

….always feel grateful to know that my health is under your care

17 Sept – Dearest Genie…thank you so much for yesterday… I love my time with you and always feel grateful to know that my health is under your care………Thank you and much love G, Johannesburg

You are changing lives….

11 Sept – Thanks so much genie feeling MUCH better today, have a lovely week! Thank you for all the work you do! You are changing lives.                         B, France

You are a miracle worker

8 Sept – Hi Genie! I’m sorry to message you so late. I took Floki to the vet yesterday because he’s been licking his foot and I was worried that there might be something stuck like a grass seed etc. The vet said that it looks like he was possible stung by something and I must soak his foot in savlon which I’ve been doing but it looks as though it’s getting worse. I can’t take a photo because he wriggles so I took a video

13 Sept – Also Floki’s foot is much better I need to take a photo for you. You are a miracle worker   Lisa, Johannesburg


I am starting to feel like an all new person!

4 Sept 2018 – “I just wanted to give you some feedback after my appointment last week. I am starting to feel like an all new person! I seem to have more energy, less exhaustion and just overall feeling better” Amy, Johannesburg

“I have not had a single stomach cramp since I went to her.. been so great!”

R after I asked her about how she is feeling after her session with you ……

“I have not had a single stomach cramp since I went to her.. been so great! Didn’t want to jinx it Haha but was going to chat to you about it!”

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