I feel normal again

Hi Eugenie,

I can’t thank you enough  – I feel completely  different today it is like a mist has lifted and I feel normal again. more…

Sleeping soundly

Hi Eugenie,

I am feeling much better! I can even sleep now without taking sleeping tablets. more…

There’s a remedy for that! – thank you

Hello Eugenie,

I am a second year student of Homeopathy in Canada and bought your book “There’s a remedy for that!” at a seminar. more…

Calm and joy

Hello Eugenie,

You recently gave me one of your Calm, Joy & Golden Light Formula. I used it once or twice, but forgot about it.

My young son started playing a new instrument this term and at very late notice was asked to perform at his school music night. With less than a week to go he was given a piece to practice and by the afternoon of the performance he had not yet played it through perfectly. He got himself quite worked up, worrying about making a fool of himself; he was tearful and anxious. I suggested he stop practicing, go and have a long bath and then I remembered the ‘calm & joy’. Every ten minutes I gave him a spray. By the time we were in the car to go, he was happy and joking around. He performed quite near the end of the evening and played his piece perfectly for the first time! I really was astounded at the power of the formulation to cut through his anxiety and fear.

Thank you again for always empowering our family.




The Remedy Shoppe – great service!

I am always so impressed with your service!!!

Thankful for The Remedy Shoppe

Dear Eugenie,

I would like to say a big thank you!!!

I have found such a wonderful solution to a big problem of mine, my daughter lives in the UK and we chat on Skype often and when she is not feeling well she always asks me for advice. Being into natural cures up until now I have been feeling helpless as to how to help her…  But last week I ordered homeopathic remedies online from the The Remedy Shoppe, they were delivered to my daughter’s doorstep 2 days later. She started spraying straight away and within a day or two was feeling much better; when I spoke to her last her words were, “Thank you so much… my energy is back!” more…

Reaping the rewards with Vibrational Medicine

Dear Eugenie,

Thank you a million times for my last treatment and mouth spray remedies, and most of all for reminding me to be patient as I had run my body down so drastically. I am finally reaping the rewards despite my chronic nicotine addiction…

No more shingles!

I have been struggling on and off, for many years with a re-occurring shingles-type of infection on my right hip.

The first one was about 20 years ago, then five years ago and gradually they started to appear more frequently… more…

My sick daughter recovered in 2 days thanks to Fever remedy and others

Hello Remedy Shoppe,

My daughter, Leigh has been quite ill with high temps, croup & flu again & I started all your remedies including the Fever & inflammation formula ASAP … I’ve never seen her recover so quickly!!… more…

Bradley’s rash – cleared in 4 days!

Bradley had a terrible rash on his back. After one appointment and specialised remedies to treat the issue (and any underlying issues), the rash had cleared within four days! more…

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