You are a miracle worker

8 Sept – Hi Genie! I’m sorry to message you so late. I took Floki to the vet yesterday because he’s been licking his foot and I was worried that there might be something stuck like a grass seed etc. The vet said that it looks like he was possible stung by something and I must soak his foot in savlon which I’ve been doing but it looks as though it’s getting worse. I can’t take a photo because he wriggles so I took a video

13 Sept – Also Floki’s foot is much better I need to take a photo for you. You are a miracle worker   Lisa, Johannesburg


I am starting to feel like an all new person!

4 Sept 2018 – “I just wanted to give you some feedback after my appointment last week. I am starting to feel like an all new person! I seem to have more energy, less exhaustion and just overall feeling better” Amy, Johannesburg

“I have not had a single stomach cramp since I went to her.. been so great!”

R after I asked her about how she is feeling after her session with you ……

“I have not had a single stomach cramp since I went to her.. been so great! Didn’t want to jinx it Haha but was going to chat to you about it!”

“Genie thank you so much for the remedy!!! It has helped me so much!”

Genie thank you so much for the remedy!!! It has helped me so much! Last night I slept the night through and since January I haven’t been able to sleep the first two nights of my cycle, thank you! Have a wonderful day.

PCOS & Hormonal imbalance….

3 Sept 2018 – “Things are definitely improving – I got my period for the first time since January…So thank you!”  C, Johannesburg.

“Your help is so valuable to me”

4 Sept 2018 – “Thank you so so much. I am extremely grateful, really thank you. I will do all you have advised…..You are so appreciated and your help is so valuable to me” N, Kenton on Sea

You truly have a gift, thank you for helping me.

Hi Genie, thank you for seeing me yesterday. Both J and X are very pleased and happy to have met you…they didn’t believe me that you are amazing and now they can’t stop talking about how great you are. You truly have a gift, thank you for helping me.

Severe Canine hives/urticaria, almost gone in 12 hours!

Kacey, a cross Jack Russel/Pug, also known as a “Jug” developed lumps and round bumps/spots all over her body which were terribly itchy and very uncomfortable for her. She was given our Hives/Urticaria formula and within 12 hours the lumps and bumps were almost gone; 2 days later there was no visible sign of any spots.


Severe Canine urticaria/hives

Urticaria completely gone, 2 days after using our Hives/urticaria formula

Your work is admirable

[05/23, 19:21] Hello Genie, I just wanted to say a big thank you for all the work you have done with us lately! Especially last night with V. I truly appreciate all your support, guidance and help! Things have been very unsettled but it is always settling to know where you can turn to. Your work is admirable and I’m so grateful you are so passionate and determined! I know it can sometimes feel like an uphill battle but you are so gifted! Lots of love to you and Simon.
Also a big thank you to Simon – it’s always so nice to see his friendly face in the reception and to have all our interesting chats whilst I wait for the session! You make a great team the two of you. B

Serious kneecap injury healed by Eugenie’s remedies

6 April: B fell on Sunday 25th and took all the skin/flesh off his kneecap; he had to have it stitched back by a plastic surgeon, who had to stitch back layer by layer. When we went back for our checkup yesterday, the piece of skin  that has been actually stitched back is quite discoloured, quite dark and according to the surgeon not getting enough blood supply so I was hoping this would be something you could help out with.

The surgeon says if it doesn’t heal he’ll need a skin graft

Eugenie treated him on 6th April – recommended Manganese, known as the wound healer and specifically good for the knee cap injuries and cartilage – also an Anti bacterial remedy made up for B to assist with prevention of infection and Post Op healing specifically for him.

Treated again on Sat 7th and again on Mon 9th.

Had appointment with plastic surgeon on Tues 10th.

Treated again on Tues 17th

Its looking much better thanks Genie, Vast improvement

17 April: Thanks a million Genie

23 April : It is so much better thank you Genie


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