I can’t believe the remarkable progress that S has made…

S, a six year old girl had been struggling at school; distracted, hesitation, difficulty listening and following instructions, dreamy, spacy, and poor literacy. Educational Psychologist recommended she go to a remedial school.

Her Mother gave the following feedback after 3 consultations with Eugénie…

“Just a little update from Sienna’s Speech & Language Therapist on her progress, which I thought I would share with you. It most certainly isn’t from just the “home program” and mostly your work and remedies Eugenie…so a HUGE Thank you to you 💐🙏😘”

“I wanted to let you know that your work With S at home and the implementation of the home program has made the HUGEST impact! Truly! I can’t believe the remarkable progress that Sienna has made. In this week’s session she was able to sound out and read three letter words – a few weeks ago that would never have been possible.

This week I started working on her ability to manipulate sounds in a word (e.g. Taking away the first sound and substituting it with something else) and it’s coming along nicely. Even that would have been too difficult a few weeks ago but she’s managing so well with it now. The hard work is most certainly paying off!

A Johannesburg 23 Nov 2020

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