My catarrh has virtually gone

29 October – After many years of problems with Catarrh; blocked nose/sinuses and a temporary loss of smell, J booked a remote consultation with Eugénie for both both herself and her dog B who was suffering from a dry cough.

After changing their diets to organic foods and using the remedies recommended by Eugénie we received the following feeedback

My catarrh has virtually gone. I can breathe through both nostrils. now. Blossom mutch better. Still has the cough occasionally, usually when she gets up suddenly. Think I need to hoover. Got parts of hoover out and washed as I didn’t think it was picking up well enough. Butcher knows me now and put me meat aside every week. I mix mostly with organic potatoes and other veg plus free range eggs and organic whole milk and yoghurt for some variety for her. Thanks x

J – England 21 Nov 2020

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