The Go-to remedy for exhausted women – Sepia!


My favourite women’s remedy; and I always say that if I could take only one remedy with me to a desert island, it would definitely be Sepia. Ironically enough, though, I wouldn’t need to take this remedy with me, because this is the one remedy that I would be able to make myself because it is made from the ink of the cuttlefish, and is a thick brown dye that was used in the olden days by artists and photographers for painting and photography.

It is a wonderful women’s remedy (for all ages and for any time of life – including pregnancy). Just imagine the emotions of a woman stranded on a desert island – loneliness, depression, a need for company, moodiness – yet loving the solitude; lots of fears – of losing control, of going mad; lots of tears and irritability, anger, feeling worn-out and unable to cope; feeling like giving up; dislike of the cold (while sleeping under a coconut tree!).

In this hectic world where women have to do a juggling act with all the demands of family, work and home, I know there are millions of women out there who would benefit from Sepia.

Sepia will help with numerous weaknesses, disorders and ailments, and you can choose it even if only one of these descriptions matches how you feel :

• lots of emotional issues and moodiness, including sadness, depression, overwhelm, tearfulness, irritability; aggressive moods; she is easily offended, snappy,angry and argumentative (especially with husband and children and other family members) – This amazing women’s remedy has also saved many a relationship and marriage.
• feels over-burdened, desperate, unable to cope – that she is losing her mind – with a desire to run away from it all!
• indifferent to her loved ones; is averse to her job and everything that infringes on her sense of independence and identity;
• Fear is also a prominent emotion – the fear of going mad, of having some incurable dis-ease, or of impending doom!
• totally exhausted after prolonged stress and strain – tired and worn out, especially in the afternoons;
• swelling of the knees;
• restless legs;
• varicose veins;
• nauseous, with an intoxicated feeling – especially in the morning, before eating or when smelling food;
• constipation with abdominal bloating;
• heart palpitations;
• increase in blood pressure
• headaches with dizziness,
• hair loss;
• prolapsed organs including bladder and uterus with a clutching pain or bearing-down sensation in the bladder, vagina and uterine area;
• irregular periods that may be either late and light, or early and profuse with violent stitching pains in the vagina or vaginal pain or dryness;
• recurring cystitis; weak bladder (worse for coughing or sneezing)
• poor sleep – restless and unrefreshing;
• low libido and cannot stand to be touched;
• feels invigorates by exercise and possible loves a glass of wine (or three!)
• aches and pain in the hips, lower back and thighs; hot flushes with sweating;
• intolerance of the cold, feeling of chilliness, poor circulation, with cold hands and feet; (Raynaud’s dis-ease)
Goodness me – why would you not want a bottle!
(Easy to use mouth sprays – Take six times daily to get you back to your “normal” happy self!


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