Life In the fast lane ? You need Nux Vom !

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Nux Vom is an incredible natural remedy for all the ills of life in the fast lane – this just about describes most of us in the Gauteng area! When I ask my patients what score they would give their stress level – those from Gauteng mostly respond immediately with “ 7 out of 10” – those from the Cape always seem confused by the question and then say “ oh, I see ..1 or 2” ! It’s awful but true that stress can change our personality – do you sometimes remember yourself as a much nicer person – I certainly do! Nux Vom can help you restore a sense of proportion in your life and those around will love you for taking it! Nux Vom can be used to restore order to the mind, emotions and body including :

• Hurried – can’t stand to be kept waiting
• Fault finding – do you do the “5 second scan” when you get to the office or arrive home to find all the problems that you must reprimand or berate someone for!
• Very irritable – easily agitated and annoyed
• Intolerant of noises, light and certain odours – intolerant of everything!
• Stressed beyond belief!
• Impatient
• Frantic about time running out and keeping to deadlines
• Don’t suffer fools lightly – beyond frustrated and angry with slow (possibly slouching) and lethargic people. Even friendly people are irritating to you if they are slowing you down or holding you back!
• Do the “Sunday drivers”*, drive you mad! (ie : those who drive or live their lives “slowly, as for leisure or sightseeing purposes”) – great Road Rage remedy!
• Suffer from headaches; neck and shoulder pain & tension
• Jaw clenching or grinding your teeth
• Irritable bladder – frequent urination
• Diagnosed with dyspepsia or GERD (gastro intestinal reflux disorder), Irritable bowel (IBS) or suffer numerous other digestion disorders; constipation or diarrhoea, reflux, bloating, abdominal cramps & spasms. Constant use of anti-acid meds, headache meds, liver support meds; anti spasmodics.
• Desires stimulants eg: Caffeine – possibly in copious amounts. May also desire spicy foods which upsets the poor digestion even further!
• Fast lane diet – no time to worry about what you are eating – the poor body must just get on with it and sort it out!
• Sleep disorder – can’t switch off, and then wake between 2-4 am – can’t get back to sleep so you get out of bed and start working!
• Workaholic
• Always hungry
• Possibly needing an alcoholic drink (or four) to relax you in the evenings
• Itchy skin rashes
• Suffer from low libido or sexual dysfunction – too tired for that!
Get a bottle of Nux Vom and feel like your good old self again. Available in a handy mouth spray bottle – EASY & QUICK TO USE – and you won’t waste time feeling better!

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