Health evaluation by hair sample – for People & Pets!

Get a sample of your hair analysed by Eugenie Rowson (Founder of The Remedy Shoppe & Natural Health Practitioner) whilst she talks to you by WhatsApp to discuss your health issues. She will also make up 3 specialised remedies to assist.

Watch the video below to find out more:


Your hair sample will be evaluated for any possible weaknesses or imbalances in the following areas :

Endocrine & Adrenal function
pH / hydration / mineral balance
Nutrient absorption
Vitamin or mineral deficiencies
Blood analysis
Bacterial, viral, fungal, parasitic issues

System function :
Digestion, respiratory, muscular, cardiovascular, neurological, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, kidneys, liver, sensory.

Main issues or irregularities will be reported by email within 3 working days, so that further investigation / follow-up may be recommended if necessary. Please book an appointment with Eugenie Rowson for further assistance on 082 771 2292

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