Exam stress & performance anxiety – best 8 remedies

Exam stress

Exams, exams, and more exams – it’s the final hurdle for many students and their last chance to make their mark. With this great responsibility and pressure, comes lots of anxiety, self-doubt, overwhelm and even a feeling of losing it!.
Help yourself and loved ones to be calm, focused, confident and positive during this exam season – these 8 easy-to-use mouth spray remedies will assist with all the mental, emotional and physical trials – let the best formulas from The Remedy Shoppe do the rest of the work for you – naturally of course! Combine your own selection for maximum effect ..

  1. Lycopodium – Homeopath’s Cocaine for :
    • Motivation
    • self-confidence and courage
    • memory
    • concentration, mental clarity
    • self-esteem
    • performance anxiety, stage fright
    • hesitation, procrastination
    • self-doubt
    • anticipatory fears
    • fear of failure, fear of making mistakes
    • apprehension about forthcoming events
    • getting things done, hesitation,
    • constant fear of breaking down under stress
    • little things annoy, extremely sensitive (the family/friends are walking on egg shells!)
    • apathy, lack-lustre attitude
    • poor memory and failing brain power.
    • confused thoughts, mental block, getting words muddled up and mistakes in writing
    • mental fatigue
    • eloquence – fluency in language & expressiveness
  2.  Exam stress & performance anxiety formula
    For symptoms of exam stress, stage fright, performance anxiety, nervousness before a speech, presentation or practical. Promotes calm, clear-headedness, focus and mental clarity. Best used before and during the exam/ test/ etc. Some of the single remedies that make up this excellent formula include :
    Argentum Nitricum – (headless chicken behaviour) for a highly emotional state where fears are running high; anticipatory fears or apprehension; fear of forgetting your pens or calculator; fear of forgetting everything you have learnt; fear that you will not get to the examination location on time and feel overwhelmed with panic. You feel that time is running out and you must do everything in a great hurry.
    Gelsemium – (ostrich behaviour) especially helpful for a anticipatory fears before exams or interviews when you feel emotionally numb, can’t get yourself motivated to study or you feel inappropriately unconcerned about studying or the exams coming up and respond by burying your head in the sand like and ostrich! Perhaps if you ignore it, it will all go away?! Useful where fear is accompanied by trembling, muscular weakness, diarrhoea and the urgent need to urinate from emotional excitement or nervousness.
    Kali Phos– an essential brain, nerve, heart and lung nutrient and one of the greatest nerve remedies. For mental and/or physical exhaustion with anxiety brought on by excitement, overwork or worry. Improves symptoms such as anxiety, melancholy, panic, nervous tension, heart palpitations; shortness of breath, anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, mental & physical exhaustion, possibly accompanied by poor memory, irritability and dizziness. A great remedy for students.
    Mag Phos – helpful if you feel tired, lethargic and can’t think clearly. Also great for a tummy ache.
    Every home should have a good selection of remedies on hand for use during these stressful times. I remember one morning when one of our children was in headless chicken mode (which can be recognised by behaviours indicating high-speed panic, get out of my way, there’s too-little-time!) Three of our other children and I were already in the car ready to leave for school, waiting for the headless chicken who was due to sit the first of her year-end exams. She suddenly burst out of the back door, flew into the car and slammed the door on her youngest brother’s finger! The scream was bone chilling and we all flew OUT of the car in instant panic!
    So then we all rushed into the house to get help … Injury Rescue formula for the poor victim (includes Arnica and Hypericum for crushed finger nerves); a bandage and lots of sympathy of course; Grief, shock & trauma formula for the emotionally disturbed witnesses! And … before we finally got the show on the road, there was a huge scolding plus a very large dose of Argentum Nitricum for the headless chicken!
  3. Memory, concentration & mental clarity formula
    Improves both short- and long-term memory, concentration & mental clarity, promotes mental focus, information recall and clear thinking. Helps to improve a short attention span, especially during stressful situations. An excellent remedy to use when studying and writing exams or in preparation for a speech, presentation, practical, etc.
  4.  Confidence & self-esteem boost formula                                                                                                                          This formula helps to promote confidence and improved self-esteem in young and old alike. Helps with feelings of self-repression, self-doubt and lack of personal power. Promotes peace of mind, self-acceptance, self-approval, revitalisation, joyfulness, interest in life, and belief in oneself.
  5. Calm, joy & golden light
    Great for Moms & Dads! For highly emotional, tense, stressed-out states, where people are or ‘living on their nerves’. Encourages emotional calm, gives a sense of sunshine and joy. Soothes and encourages enthusiasm for life. Promotes a sense of relaxation. Helps one to feel positive and balanced. Calms an over-active mind.
  6. Anxiety, worry & fears formula
    This formula helps to relieve and overcome overwhelming and deeply ingrained feelings of anxiety and worry, unfounded fears, insecurity, apprehension, fear of the unknown, nervousness and phobias. Promotes enthusiasm, a sense of fun, emotional calm and wellbeing, revitalisation and joyfulness.
  7. Stress exhaustion & burnout formula
    For symptoms of exhaustion, burnout, mental and physical fatigue and exhaustion after prolonged stress. Assists with feelings of being overwhelmed, low energy levels, exhaustion and burnout. Improves adrenal function and the ability to cope with and respond to everyday stress. Promotes a sense of enthusiasm and renewed interest in life, and helps to restore emotional stability.
  8. Sleep easy formula
    This brilliant formula helps relieve symptoms associated with sleeplessness, insomnia and an overactive mind at bedtime or during the night. Gentle enough for infants, strong enough for hyper-stressed students and exhausted parents. This formula contains a combination of remedies known to have a soothing effect on the nervous system and is particularly indicated to assist with restless sleep; anxious dreams and much tossing about; sleeplessness caused by much mental activity and night terrors. Well-suited to the over-tired, overworked, exhausted or the over-anxious, who simply can’t switch off and rest.
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