Cough, asthma, sick for a year – three treatments later, healed..

Sept 26 – I live on the North Coast of KZN. A year ago I developed sinusitis and a bad cough. I was given pills, sprays and all sorts of cough medicine but the cough just would not go away. I had to sit up in bed otherwise I coughed all night. In March this year I had one of my coughing fits and had to be rushed to hospital as I couldn’t breathe. I spent a week in hospital, 3 days in ICU. Again I was given drops, pills and sprays and was told I would have to take them till the end of my days. Well the cough continued and it was suggested I go to an ENT specialist which I did. Back to hospital I went to have my sinuses drained but still the cough continued. A week after I came out of hospital I had shortness of breathe and was diagnosed with asthma. I received steroid injections and had to use an asthma pump but still the cough continued. I was now still sitting up in bed or spending the night in a chair coughing the whole night, I actually dreaded the nights as I could not sleep. My daughter suggested I visit Genie as she had treated my granddaughter with great success. I flew up to see Genie and three treatments later and using Genie’s sprays my cough has gone, I can sleep lying down, have no shortness of breath and am getting my life back on track after not sleeping properly for a year. Thank you Genie for all the time and care you gave me to help me get better and for all the wonderful work you do.    Lynn, KZN

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