Shocking case of severe eczema, healed naturally in only 2 months!

A desperate mother brought her 13 year old son to me recently. He presented with the most shocking and severe case of eczema that I have ever seen and I struggled to hide my horrified reaction. The skin areas at the front of his neck, groin, as well as elbow and knee bends were raw and bleeding and he told me that they oozed so much sticky liquid at night that his knees and elbows would be so glued together in the mornings that he “can’t walk properly until they tear apart”.

The itching was so severe that he would scratch these areas violently – especially at night – so that they were continuously raw and bleeding. He told me that the kids at school would tease him because he often could not walk or move properly due to the pain of his skin sticking to his clothing.

The boy’s mother reported that she has spent more than R20 000 recently taking him to different specialists to no effect. He has been given strong suppressive antihistamine drugs since childhood and they had tried all the usual prescription and OTC (over the counter) drugs and topical suppressive meds including cortisone and antibiotics to no effect. In fact, his symptoms had progressively worsened over the years. She was fed up and had stopped all suppressive meds.

The mother said she was now absolutely desperate, that his school marks were continuously dropping and that he was not doing well both academically and emotionally. I was able to determine that the boy was highly emotional, angry, permanently irritable, restless, aggressive, agitated and confrontational, tired and frustrated with low self-esteem, confidence and poor attention span. (some typical “ADHD” symptoms)

I ran some biofeedback tests on the boy to gain more underlying information; made up three specialised remedies of Vibrational Medicine; asked the mother to give him more organic foods if possible (though financial constraints were obvious) and asked her to come back in three weeks for a follow up.

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After 2 weeks she reported that the symptoms seemed worse. I encouraged her to persevere and explained that this sometimes does happen after many years of suppression of symptoms. Since symptoms are the body’s deliberate efforts to heal itself, my remedies are designed to actually ENCOURAGE SYMPTOMS TO COMPLETE THEIR DESIRED EFFECT ie the body has to be supported in the battle (by Vibrational Medicine) to achieve a victory (restoration of health) .

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A week later I saw the boy for a follow up appointment– ran biofeedback tests again; checked his skin symptoms – which seemed to have improved a little – gave three specialised remedies (including this time a remedy for extreme anger – which I believed was influencing his ability to heal and why he was scratching so violently at night).
Two weeks later … the mother said his school marks had improved by 3% and that he was doing well. His eczema was also improving.

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Two weeks later… I received a message from the mother and photographs: the boy’s skin was clear (totally healed).

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